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  New Hope Recovery Center - Chicago    
Our innovative 28-day program is designed to successfully treat not only the symptoms of addiction but also its underlying causes including self-destructive behaviors, family dynamics, etc.  
  Weyland Consultation Services    
Weyland Consultation Services provides a discreet outpatient treatment in San Jose and Walnut Creek California. We offer addiction recovery services.  
  Cirque Lodge, Sundance, Utah    
Exclusive drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Effective experiential and cognitive therapy in a healing environment offering recovery and hope in the privacy and serenity of the mountains.  
  Treatment for Teen Addictions    
Free resources for parents of troubled teens. It includes listing of schools, treatment programs for troubled teens and free booklets for troubled teens.  
  Stepping Ahead Drug and Alcohol Program    
We offer women group therapy, transport to AA/NA meetings and a 12 step based community that aids in the development of a healthy support system for long-term sobriety in Palm Beach, FL.  
  National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA)    
provides access to information, research and commentary on tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse issues, including prevention, treatment and cost data. Yahoo! Directory  
  Addiction Counseling    
Effective motivation enhancement counseling for alcohol and drug problems; gambling, Internet and nicotine addictions; prescription abuse; and burnout and stress. Newport Beach, CA.  
  Drug Addiction and Alcoholism    
Solve your loved one or your drug addiction problems once and for all. Cost efficient program with a high success rate. (U.S. citizens advantageous exchange rates.) Narconon Montreal.  
  Chemical dependencies treatment Spanish    
Alcohol and Drug Addiction treatment Spanish language.  
  Sober Living by the Sea Treatment Center    
Offering an entire spectrum of treatment services for addiction problems in beautiful Newport Beach, California.  
  Hypnotherapy - Phone and Office Sessions    
Christopher Bathum, a Hypnotherapist with a practice in Los Angeles, uses hypnosis to break addictions.  
  American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP)    
professional membership organization. Includes the American Journal on Addictions. Yahoo! Directory  
  European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) Yahoo! Directory  
  Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, The    
resources, treatment, research, and education concerning the addicted and mentally ill. Yahoo! Directory  
  Del Amo Hospital    
Specializing in inpatient treatment for addiction, detox and substance abuse, utilizing 12-step model of treatment. Most insurance plans accepted, including Medicare.  
  Addiction on eBay    
Find Addiction items at low prices. With over 5 million items for sale every day, you'll Find all kinds of unique things on eBay - the World's Online Marketplace.  
  Brown University - Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies    
promotes the identification, prevention and effective treatment of alcohol and other drug use problems in our society through research, publications, education and training. Yahoo! Directory  
  Center for On-Line Addiction (COLA)    
provides internet addiction training workshops and corporate seminar series for counselors and employers. Yahoo! Directory  
  Heal Your Addiction - $9.95    
The self help book Emotional Freedom teaches an acupressure technique to stop addictive behaviors. It is simple, safe, and usually fast. Motivation required. affiliate.  
  Drug Rehab Treatment Alternative, NY    
Permanent addiction solutions. A residential program for the permanent recovery from alcohol or drug abuse. 95% permanent success rate.  
  Internet Addiction    
resource for information about the theorized disorder. By Dr. John M. Grohol. Yahoo! Directory  
  Addiction Treatment    
Spencer treatment programs are covered by most insurance. If you are troubled by drug or alcohol abuse please call 24 hours a day for information on drug and alcohol treatment.  
  Caffeine Addiction Quiz Yahoo! Directory  
  Recovery Works Resource Center Yahoo! Directory  
  Addiction Rehab Center - Hope by the Sea    
Hope by the Sea: a quiet and professional facility in Laguna Niquel, CA for addiction treatment. We provide a safe and confidential environment while you achieve your recovery goals.  
  Get Addiction Help    
American Mental Health Alliance. Confidential. Therapist locator, search by concern, location, type of therapy. Licensed mental health professionals. National enrollment open.  
  Addiction Search    
offers articles, statistics, population studies, and links about addictions, prevention, treatment, and harm reduction. Yahoo! Directory  
  Serial Addiction    
offering product reviews, articles, and news. Yahoo! Directory  
  The Tao of Sobriety: Recovery Philosophy    
Address addiction through Western science combined with the wisdom of the East. Drug abuse recovery through the fascinating study of Taoism, Buddhism and deconstructionism.  
  Wired: The Quest to End Game Addiction    
examines the condition of gaming addiction and its effects on players and the people around them.,1882,48479,00.html Yahoo! Directory  
  Compare Prices for Books - Addiction    
The NexTag price comparison guide helps you find low prices, including tax and shipping, on books, CDs, DVDs, computers and electronics. Read our merchant reviews before you buy.  
  R. Hunt, Ph.D. Treatment for Addiction    
Providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families in the San Francisco Area. Relationships, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, stress, life transitions, or drug use.  
  Free Yourself From Addiction Now    
With the Sedona Method you will learn to overcome the urges and feelings that cause addictive actions and behavior. Proven effective in treating any addiction. Free tape available.  
  PsychiatryMatters.MD: the No. 1 Resource    
Stay updated with actual developments on addiction and psychiatry. News, Pubmed, drug database, diagnoses and treatment tools, webzine. Registration required.  
  Abuse, Addiction and Recovery Gifts    
Network 12 is a shopping mall featuring recovery stores and businesses offering a complete line of 12 step and recovery gifts. Find a gift for a loved one, sponsor, or friend in recovery.  
  Addiction Recovery Center    
Sunrise Recovery Ranch, located in the majestic Southern California foothills area, is an addiction recovery and residential treatment facility.  
  Family Interventions for Addiction    
Family interventions for families confronted with addiction.  
  Addiction Video w/ Francis Seeburger    
"Addiction and Responsibility" - Many other in-depth videos from the national public television series. Free U.S. shipping.  
  Buy Addiction Books and Save!    
Would you like to save on addiction books at Amazon and other stores? Compare prices at! Our site continually proves that online shopping can be fun!  
  California Addiction Treatment-no Steps    
We get addicts to seek help, long-term, over 70% graduate success, mountain setting, legal help and more.  
  BOOM! Mall for Baby Boomers    
Freebies & discounted mall for Baby Boomers: addiction - books.  
  How to Overcome Addiction    
Break the physical and psychological bonds of addiction using subliminal tapes. A Future World affiliate.  
  Alternative treatment - drug addiction    
Alternative treatment - drug addiction  
  Research Addiction at Questia    
Questia online library has over 400,000 books, journals and articles. Subscribe now to read the full text online and gain access to a suite of writing tools.  
  Who Is the Coming Christ?    
Find out who is the coming Christ.  
  What Lies Ahead for America?    
What does the Bible tell us about the future of America? What does Christ reveal? To understand read the free Good News magazine (a free subscription is required) or read it online.  
  Explore Christ's Love    
Questions and responses about God and Christ, faith and spiritual issues, explored from an open-minded and accepting Christian perspective.  
  Centered Systems - Home    
... and ordering information see the Pricing and Order pages. About CenteredSystems Centered Systems is a small independently owned software development company ...founded in 1989. At Centered Systems  
  Patient-Centered Guides    
offers a mix of medical, practical, and emotional information, told by people who have been there. Yahoo! Directory  
  Don Norman -- human-centered design    
Norman's jnd website User Advocacy and Human-Centered Design The Nielsen Norman Group Jakob Nielsen & Bruce ("Tog") ... technology, to make it disappear from sight, replaced by a human-centered web sites, or, why my site has few graphics.)  
  Strong, Stretched & Centered    
trade school that prepares students for careers as personal trainers, lifestyle consultants, or aerobics instructors. Yahoo! Directory  
  Serving Christ Together    
The Crosiers invite you to see how we serve Christ together! Visit our chat room, discover God's plan for you - find out how you can serve Christ!  
"God Today" is an exciting new book testifying how God revealed to John Sun and gave him specific instructions in the preparation of "God Today" for His coming and the end of the world.  
  Ariel Performance Centered Systems, Inc.    
management consulting and software development company that has expertise with all forms of Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS). Yahoo! Directory  
  King's Singles, About Christ Page    
Learn about Christianity. What it is. Why become one. Proof of God, how to become a Christian and being born again. Bible reference tool for each lesson.  
  Design of Sites: Patterns, Principles, and Processes for Crafting a Customer-Centered Web Experience    
a desk reference book for web designers, producers, and marketers. By Douglas K. van Duyne, James A. Landay, and Jason I. Hong. Yahoo! Directory  
  Christ-Centered Mall    
mall and resource center featuring unique Christian stores and services. Yahoo! Directory  
  Christ-Centered Art    
offers an online gallery featuring religious art prints. Yahoo! Directory  
  Centered Yoga Retreats    
yoga retreats, pranayama, and meditation in Ireland and Thailand. Certified teacher training programs also offered. Yahoo! Directory  
  NY Centered Genealogy & More Yahoo! Directory  
  Family Centered Care    
offers a variety of care programs focusing on children's issues. Yahoo! Directory  
  Client-Centered Therapy/Person Centered Approach Chat Room Yahoo! Directory  
  Faith Centered Resources    
featuring faith-based books, tapes, videos, CDs, DVDs, and bibles. Yahoo! Directory  
  Person Centered Software    
aid in developing person centered annual planning, includes teaching methods to promote a self-sufficient life choice. Yahoo! Directory  
  Client-Centered Philosophical Inquiry    
philosophical discussion in which the agenda is set by the client's interests. Yahoo! Directory  
  Make Your Christian Book Purchase Count    
Buying Christian books make a difference for God's kingdom - part of the proceeds go to Christian Ministries. Let's change our world together. Internet Discount prices. - Rapture of Christ    
Christ will rapture us before the great Battle of Armageddon. See endtime bible prophecies concerning the last days and a detailed timeline of the Book of Revelation.  
  TeamLinux - Kiosk Centered Results!    
TeamLinux is an internationally recognized design, development, manufacturing, and support group specializing in interactive information and transaction devices (kiosks), web-enabled products, leading edge networked devices, and related e-commerce  
  Tabor College: Christ-centered Education    
400 South Jefferson Hillsboro, Kansas 67063 (620) 947-3121 (800) TABOR 99 Welcome to Tabor College Online Monday, August 6, 2001 Tool Time is July 13-14 Tool Time at Tabor 2001 is July 13 and 14. This is an opportunity for you to help spruce up the  
  Free Christian Web Page Hosting from Christian Web Host    
christian web host christian web host christian web hosting Home Hosting Options Order Online Member Login Community About Us Contact Us Help free christian web pages free christian web page hosting Recommend Truepath and Win $10,000!!!    
A popular Christian mega site featuring a wide variety of resources for today's Christian. We feature a friendship section, graphics, e-cards, Bible trivia, web listings and Bible search.  
  Religious Christmas & Easter Ornaments    
ChristmasHawaii creates and sells handmade wooden Christmas ornaments, collectibles, decorations, Santas, angels, reindeer, nativities, religious, Easter, holiday and sports gifts.  
  Northwestern College: Bible-based, Christ-centered, Liberal-arts    
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  The Home Page of "The Earth Centered Universe" Astronomy Program    
Home Page of "The Earth Centered Universe" A Planetarium and Telescope Control Program for Windows 3....than its competion. It costs only $75US or $110US bundled with Earth CenteredUniverse! Earth Centered Universe" (ECU) here. ECU'  
  Find Ancestors and Create a Family Site!    
Find your Christ ancestors now. Search the world's largest online genealogy service and start building your family tree.  
  PCDF Home Page    
... College. Unless otherwise indicate, materials posted to the People-Centered Development Forum Web page may be freely reprinted or reproduced in print, photocopy, or electronic form with appropriate credits. No prior permission is required.  
  Constantine & Lockwood, Ltd. Home Page - The Usage-Centered Design    
usage-centered design resource Sponsors of forUse Newsletter: Subscribe. Browse the August! Register early for the November training; save $500! Usage-centered design. Put usage-centered design into practice. Register early for the  
  2003 ChristianBest Resource Index - Recovery    
2003 ChristianBest Resources - Recovery by Dick B. Alcoholics Victorious - Kansas City, MO - network of Christ-centered 12 Step support groups for recovering addicts Beacon of Hope - Alexandria, VA  
  Psychotherapy Groups in New York City    
Group therapy. Explore one of the most affordable and most dynamic ways of resolving inner conflict, gaining insight and improving your self-esteem and relationships.  
  Group - Risk Free Trial    
Get a subscription to "Group" magazine for as low as $4.33 per issue. uSubscribe offers subscriptions to over 1489 of your favorite magazines. U.S. only. Pay by major CC or check.  
  Group Magazine Subscription    
Your authorized source for low Group magazine subscription rates. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. is your subscription headquarters.  
  Group-Low Price Guarantee    
Low price, 100% money back guarantee. 28% off, $25.95. New, renewals or gift - free gift card. USA orders only. Over 1,500 magazines and newspapers available.  
  Subscribe to "Group" Magazine    
Save on your subscription to "Group" Magazine at We have over 1400 magazines at low legal prices. Money-back guarantee. No credit card required.  
  Find the Books You Want at    
Save up to 50% on new and used books including "Groups." Bestsellers, textbooks, medical books, children's books and more. Free shipping offer on site.  
  Reunite with Old Friends and Lost Loves    
Every day people use to find old friends and lost loves. Reunite with your frields from The Group High School.  
  Hotels In Washington, DC    
Group accommodations in Washington, DC. A free service to groups visiting the nation's capitol.  
  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints    
official site. Yahoo! Directory  
  Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)    
official page of this contemporary Christian denomination. Yahoo! Directory  
  Christ Church    
one of Oxford's largest colleges, founded in 1525 by by Cardinal Wolsey. Yahoo! Directory  
  Campus Crusade for Christ Yahoo! Directory  
  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Information    
offers resources and more about the faith. Yahoo! Directory  
  United Church of Christ    
resources on worship, prayer, spirituality, evangelism and social justice. Yahoo! Directory  
  Campus Crusade for Christ International    
is an interdenominational ministry committed helping to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations. Yahoo! Directory  
  Christ The King Presbyterian Church    
multicultural congregation dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Services in English and Portuguese. Yahoo! Directory  
  Church of Christ, Scientist    
official denomination home. Yahoo! Directory  
  Christ's College    
founded in 1505. Yahoo! Directory  
  Christ Unlimited Ministries    
source for Bibles and Christian literature. Also offers Bible answers to life's challenges, a prayer room, and more. Yahoo! Directory  
  Community of Christ Yahoo! Directory  
  International Churches of Christ    
information about the origin and current events of this church. Yahoo! Directory  
  Frontline: From Jesus to Christ    
chronicles the lives of the first Christians and offers a portrait of Jesus' world. Yahoo! Directory
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