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  New Hope Recovery Center - Chicago    
Our innovative 28-day program is designed to successfully treat not only the symptoms of addiction but also its underlying causes including self-destructive behaviors, family dynamics, etc.  
  Weyland Consultation Services    
Weyland Consultation Services provides a discreet outpatient treatment in San Jose and Walnut Creek California. We offer addiction recovery services.  
  Cirque Lodge, Sundance, Utah    
Exclusive drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Effective experiential and cognitive therapy in a healing environment offering recovery and hope in the privacy and serenity of the mountains.  
  Treatment for Teen Addictions    
Free resources for parents of troubled teens. It includes listing of schools, treatment programs for troubled teens and free booklets for troubled teens.  
  Addiction Counseling    
Effective motivation enhancement counseling for alcohol and drug problems; gambling, Internet and nicotine addictions; prescription abuse; and burnout and stress. Newport Beach, CA.  
  Addictions Counseling    
Addictions Counseling - Capella University, Addictions Counseling Degree Programs.  
  Exclusive Online Offers - AT&T Wireless    
Get the freedom and convenience of AT&T Wireless with unlimited access to featured sites on the wireless Internet. Get terrific deals on select plans when ordering online.  
  Get SBC Yahoo!® DSL - $34.95/Month for One Year    
It's lightning-fast. Get 11 user accounts each with customizable ID, home page, mailbox and much more. It’s Internet that logs onto you. See if you’re in an SBC area and sign up!  
  Quality Internet Access at 1/2 the price of AOL    
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Expand your search for addiction on the web at  
  Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Days!    
Discover the most effective weight loss system over the Internet! Start losing weight faster then ever with body weight loss! Results Guaranteed!  
  Drug Addiction and Alcoholism    
Solve your loved one or your drug addiction problems once and for all. Cost efficient program with a high success rate. (U.S. citizens advantageous exchange rates.) Narconon Montreal.  
  Chemical dependencies treatment Spanish    
Alcohol and Drug Addiction treatment Spanish language.  
  Online Privacy Software    
Detects and removes Spyware, Adware, trojans, browser hijackers and key loggers; blocks popups, SPAM, BHOs and dialers; and erases Internet history, cookies, temp files, index.dat and more!  
  Sober Living by the Sea Treatment Center    
Offering an entire spectrum of treatment services for addiction problems in beautiful Newport Beach, California.  
  Hypnotherapy - Phone and Office Sessions    
Christopher Bathum, a Hypnotherapist with a practice in Los Angeles, uses hypnosis to break addictions.  
  Del Amo Hospital    
Specializing in inpatient treatment for addiction, detox and substance abuse, utilizing 12-step model of treatment. Most insurance plans accepted, including Medicare.  
  Addiction on eBay    
Find Addiction items at low prices. With over 5 million items for sale every day, you'll Find all kinds of unique things on eBay - the World's Online Marketplace.  
  Heal Your Addiction - $9.95    
The self help book Emotional Freedom teaches an acupressure technique to stop addictive behaviors. It is simple, safe, and usually fast. Motivation required. affiliate.  
  Drug Rehab Treatment Alternative, NY    
Permanent addiction solutions. A residential program for the permanent recovery from alcohol or drug abuse. 95% permanent success rate.  
  Addiction Treatment    
Spencer treatment programs are covered by most insurance. If you are troubled by drug or alcohol abuse please call 24 hours a day for information on drug and alcohol treatment.  
  Addiction Rehab Center - Hope by the Sea    
Hope by the Sea: a quiet and professional facility in Laguna Niquel, CA for addiction treatment. We provide a safe and confidential environment while you achieve your recovery goals.  
  Get Addiction Help    
American Mental Health Alliance. Confidential. Therapist locator, search by concern, location, type of therapy. Licensed mental health professionals. National enrollment open.  
  The Tao of Sobriety: Recovery Philosophy    
Address addiction through Western science combined with the wisdom of the East. Drug abuse recovery through the fascinating study of Taoism, Buddhism and deconstructionism.  
  Compare Prices for Books - Addiction    
The NexTag price comparison guide helps you find low prices, including tax and shipping, on books, CDs, DVDs, computers and electronics. Read our merchant reviews before you buy.  
  R. Hunt, Ph.D. Treatment for Addiction    
Providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families in the San Francisco Area. Relationships, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, stress, life transitions, or drug use.  
  Free Yourself From Addiction Now    
With the Sedona Method you will learn to overcome the urges and feelings that cause addictive actions and behavior. Proven effective in treating any addiction. Free tape available.  
  PsychiatryMatters.MD: the No. 1 Resource    
Stay updated with actual developments on addiction and psychiatry. News, Pubmed, drug database, diagnoses and treatment tools, webzine. Registration required.  
  Abuse, Addiction and Recovery Gifts    
Network 12 is a shopping mall featuring recovery stores and businesses offering a complete line of 12 step and recovery gifts. Find a gift for a loved one, sponsor, or friend in recovery.  
  Addiction Recovery Center    
Sunrise Recovery Ranch, located in the majestic Southern California foothills area, is an addiction recovery and residential treatment facility.  
  Family Interventions for Addiction    
Family interventions for families confronted with addiction.  
  Addiction Video w/ Francis Seeburger    
"Addiction and Responsibility" - Many other in-depth videos from the national public television series. Free U.S. shipping.  
  Buy Addiction Books and Save!    
Would you like to save on addiction books at Amazon and other stores? Compare prices at! Our site continually proves that online shopping can be fun!  
  California Addiction Treatment-no Steps    
We get addicts to seek help, long-term, over 70% graduate success, mountain setting, legal help and more.  
  BOOM! Mall for Baby Boomers    
Freebies & discounted mall for Baby Boomers: addiction - books.  
  How to Overcome Addiction    
Break the physical and psychological bonds of addiction using subliminal tapes. A Future World affiliate.  
  Alternative treatment - drug addiction    
Alternative treatment - drug addiction  
  Research Addiction at Questia    
Questia online library has over 400,000 books, journals and articles. Subscribe now to read the full text online and gain access to a suite of writing tools.  
  internet technology    
The source for computing and technology at  
  Center On Addiction and Substance Abuse    
... Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University on release of Teen ... A. Califano, Jr., Chairman and President The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University is neither affiliated with, nor  
  Welcome to - Your Guide to Information On The Internet    
arf™ .org '); is currently under construction. These are some of the most popular places on the internet and are updated daily. We invite you to check back again for our new site and for new links. Stocks • Travel • Gifts • Fitness • 123 Domains  
  American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)is the nation's medical    
to enter ASAM Online American Society of Addiction Medicine Click to Enter ASAM Online "The nation's medical specialty ... CiteLineAwd.gif (5212 bytes) The Mission of the American Society of Addiction medicine as a specialty recognized by  
  Better Internet Experience, Lower Price    
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  Internet Access - Half the Price of AOL    
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  Direcway High-Speed Internet Satellite    
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  Get 1/2 Priced Internet Access in 2 Mins    
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  $6.49/Mo Unlimited Internet Access    
New technology. 200% faster connects, one line for Internet and phone. Toll-free tech support, no ads, no banners, no busy, no set-up fee. Joi Internet is provided by Hawk Communications.  
  Ambitlink Internet    
Reliable dialup service. Over 7,700 numbers in 50 states. Search by state, city, area code. 100% Money back guarantee. 10 e-mails. No pop-up ads. As low as 11.96/mo.  
  DSL - Internet Services    
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  AT&T Broadband and Comcast Have Combined    
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  Internet Business $39,700 U.S    
Own highly rated Internet Business. $39,700 U.S. investment. Complete training and support. Home or office based. Proven system. 700 franchises in 87 countries. Serious inquiries.  
  Mobile Internet Satellite - Car/Truck/RV    
Direcway satellite dish automatically points and connects to the Internet from anywhere you park your vehicle, truck or RV. True broadband connection for $99 month. Installers nationwide.  
  Center for Online and Internet Addiction - Help and Resource for    
Home Sitemap Search Opinion Poll Read our Welcome Message Healthcare Innovations for the Millennium  
  CAMH:Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, Canada    
the Centre About AddictionCommunity Health & Education Research CAMH The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) is a public hospital providing direct ...patient care for people with mental health and addiction and Mental  
  RPK Offers Broadband Internet    
RPK offers the Vroomservice Broadband Internet solution with speeds of up to 10 Mbps. RPK also offers Voice over IP products.  
  Internet Service Directory    
Searchable directory of ISPs offering dial-up access in each city in the United States and Canada.  
  Biggdog: Nationwide Internet Access    
10 e-mail accounts w/ 20mb storage per account, unlimited access, 24x7 free technical support, instant messaging, no contracts, no set-up fee, Web mail, filtered service (optional). - Internet offers valuable information to those who wish to increase the traffic to their own Web site. Learn these effective techniques from a successful Internet entrepreneur.  
  AOL 8.0 - 1,045 Free Hours    
Get the latest AOL 8.0 - 1,045 hours free for 45 days. Unlimited Internet, Instant Messaging, You've Got Pictures, seven e-mail addresses and more. Start your free trial now.  
  Internet Hosting Server from ISPserver    
We offer virtual dedicated servers and full-functional dedicated hosting for a cost of shared hosting. You gain root access to your ISP VDS. Pre-installed SMTP, POP, IMAP and Web-mail.  
  Internet - mySimon    
Internet on mySimon. This great comparison shopping site, offers you excellent product and pricing information across the Web, plus a directory of links.  
  GreaterBayNet Internet Access    
Ready for faster V.92 Internet access with all the benefits of the Web? Greaterbaynet provides Web access, e-mail and personal Web space without annoying advertisements. Sign up today.  
  Internet - Tech Depot    
Find over 60,000 of the latest computer products and services from top manufacturers. Technology deals delivered right to your door.  
  Domain Name (Web Address) Registration    
InterNIT provides domain name services for top-level .com, net, and .org domian via ICANN-accredited registrar. Get free search on internet registry and register available URL addresses.  
  Internet Web Design, Marketing, Hosting is a Golden Web Award Winner in design skills. Located in Phoenix, AZ, we offer Web design, programming, marketing and hosting - nationwide. Call for free consultation.  
  Internet's Ad Resource Center provides the tools you need to run successful web, email and domain name advertising. Geographic targeting. Flexible ad packages. Sign up now.  
  MaGlobe Global Dialup Internet Access    
MaGlobe, Inc. provides small businesses and individuals with dialup Internet access in over 100 countries plus low cost 800 access in the U.S., Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska.  
  Products for Internet Business    
Get products you need to make money at home for your Internet business. Affiliate.  
  Realtor E-Mail: Internet Realtor Kit    
Realtor start-up kit: Realtor business card e-mail address and access for $18.95. Market your business with every e-mail you send. I-Mep e-mail address, start your business the right way. - Internet    
Dataday Computer Solutions Sandpoint custom pc workstations and server repair, upgrade netwoking, cable, wireless, training and software.  
  Is Internet addiction real?    
APA Monitor (Apr 2000) article reveals that more research is being conducted to Volume 31, No. 4, April 2000 Is Internet addiction real? More research is being conducted to explore the way  
  Web of Addictions  
  Center for Online and Internet Addiction - Help and Resource for Internet Addicts, Healthcare Professionals, and ...    
Welcome to and the Center for Online Addiction - Resources for Home Sitemap Search Opinion Poll INTERNET ADDICTION: THE EMERGENCE OF A NEW CLINICAL DISORDER Kimberly S. Young  
  The Nature of Internet Addiction    
The Nature of Internet Addiction: Psychological Factors in Compulsive Internet Use David N been used, including Internet abuse, Internet Addiction, and Compulsive Internet use, each with    
INTERNET ADDICTION: THE EMERGENCE OF A NEW CLINICAL DISORDER Dr. Kimberly S. Young University of to identify and monitor cases of Internet addiction are discussed. Internet Addiction: The  
  Psychology online counseling seasonal affective disorder depression winter blues internet addiction internet    
LinkExchange Member Please scroll down for "Internet Addiction." I have decided to keep the SAD on SAD. They are available in the bookstore. Internet Addiction You have no doubt heard the term  
  THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet    
...) 107th Congress: House Directories Senate Directories Congressional Internet Services: House - Senate Library of Congress GPO - GAO - CBO AOC - OTA - More Library of Congress Web Links: Legislative Executive Judicial State/Local The  
  Cyber Patrol - Internet Filter Software for Home, Education, and    
Cyber Patrol Home Education Business Highlights Important information for Gateway customers Cyber Patrol Support © Copyright, SurfControl, Inc.  
  The Internet Movie Database (IMDb).    
...UK USA Translated sites * Italiano * Deutsch * English (All AKAs) The Internet Movie Database Prepare yourself for the biggest, best, most award-... | Trailers | New Releases | In production Copyright © 1990-2002 Internet Movie  
  An Internet web site design, marketing and promotion company    
Internet web site design, marketing, promotion, advice and production From start up Internet website projects to re-building of established business web sites ...Providing Internet website projects to re-building of  
  Bigfoot - Tools For The Internet    
You need to enable frames!  
  NotMyKid.Org Parent Articles: Internet Addiction provides helpful information and resources concerning Internet Addiction and more. or she logs back on What is Internet Addiction? Internet Addiction is a growing concern in the
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