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  New Hope Recovery Center - Chicago    
Our innovative 28-day program is designed to successfully treat not only the symptoms of addiction but also its underlying causes including self-destructive behaviors, family dynamics, etc.  
  Weyland Consultation Services    
Weyland Consultation Services provides a discreet outpatient treatment in San Jose and Walnut Creek California. We offer addiction recovery services.  
  Cirque Lodge, Sundance, Utah    
Exclusive drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Effective experiential and cognitive therapy in a healing environment offering recovery and hope in the privacy and serenity of the mountains.  
  Treatment for Teen Addictions    
Free resources for parents of troubled teens. It includes listing of schools, treatment programs for troubled teens and free booklets for troubled teens.  
  Addiction Counseling    
Effective motivation enhancement counseling for alcohol and drug problems; gambling, Internet and nicotine addictions; prescription abuse; and burnout and stress. Newport Beach, CA.  
Expand your search for addiction on the web at  
  Drug Addiction and Alcoholism    
Solve your loved one or your drug addiction problems once and for all. Cost efficient program with a high success rate. (U.S. citizens advantageous exchange rates.) Narconon Montreal.  
  Chemical dependencies treatment Spanish    
Alcohol and Drug Addiction treatment Spanish language.  
  Sober Living by the Sea Treatment Center    
Offering an entire spectrum of treatment services for addiction problems in beautiful Newport Beach, California.  
  Hypnotherapy - Phone and Office Sessions    
Christopher Bathum, a Hypnotherapist with a practice in Los Angeles, uses hypnosis to break addictions.  
  Del Amo Hospital    
Specializing in inpatient treatment for addiction, detox and substance abuse, utilizing 12-step model of treatment. Most insurance plans accepted, including Medicare.  
  Addiction on eBay    
Find Addiction items at low prices. With over 5 million items for sale every day, you'll Find all kinds of unique things on eBay - the World's Online Marketplace.  
  Heal Your Addiction - $9.95    
The self help book Emotional Freedom teaches an acupressure technique to stop addictive behaviors. It is simple, safe, and usually fast. Motivation required. affiliate.  
  Drug Rehab Treatment Alternative, NY    
Permanent addiction solutions. A residential program for the permanent recovery from alcohol or drug abuse. 95% permanent success rate.  
  Addiction Treatment    
Spencer treatment programs are covered by most insurance. If you are troubled by drug or alcohol abuse please call 24 hours a day for information on drug and alcohol treatment.  
  Addiction Rehab Center - Hope by the Sea    
Hope by the Sea: a quiet and professional facility in Laguna Niquel, CA for addiction treatment. We provide a safe and confidential environment while you achieve your recovery goals.  
  Center On Addiction and Substance Abuse    
... Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University on release of Teen ... A. Califano, Jr., Chairman and President The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University is neither affiliated with, nor  
  Get Addiction Help    
American Mental Health Alliance. Confidential. Therapist locator, search by concern, location, type of therapy. Licensed mental health professionals. National enrollment open.  
  The Tao of Sobriety: Recovery Philosophy    
Address addiction through Western science combined with the wisdom of the East. Drug abuse recovery through the fascinating study of Taoism, Buddhism and deconstructionism.  
  Compare Prices for Books - Addiction    
The NexTag price comparison guide helps you find low prices, including tax and shipping, on books, CDs, DVDs, computers and electronics. Read our merchant reviews before you buy.  
  R. Hunt, Ph.D. Treatment for Addiction    
Providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families in the San Francisco Area. Relationships, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, stress, life transitions, or drug use.  
  Free Yourself From Addiction Now    
With the Sedona Method you will learn to overcome the urges and feelings that cause addictive actions and behavior. Proven effective in treating any addiction. Free tape available.  
  PsychiatryMatters.MD: the No. 1 Resource    
Stay updated with actual developments on addiction and psychiatry. News, Pubmed, drug database, diagnoses and treatment tools, webzine. Registration required.  
  Abuse, Addiction and Recovery Gifts    
Network 12 is a shopping mall featuring recovery stores and businesses offering a complete line of 12 step and recovery gifts. Find a gift for a loved one, sponsor, or friend in recovery.  
  Addiction Recovery Center    
Sunrise Recovery Ranch, located in the majestic Southern California foothills area, is an addiction recovery and residential treatment facility.  
  Family Interventions for Addiction    
Family interventions for families confronted with addiction.  
  Addiction Video w/ Francis Seeburger    
"Addiction and Responsibility" - Many other in-depth videos from the national public television series. Free U.S. shipping.  
  Buy Addiction Books and Save!    
Would you like to save on addiction books at Amazon and other stores? Compare prices at! Our site continually proves that online shopping can be fun!  
  California Addiction Treatment-no Steps    
We get addicts to seek help, long-term, over 70% graduate success, mountain setting, legal help and more.  
  BOOM! Mall for Baby Boomers    
Freebies & discounted mall for Baby Boomers: addiction - books.  
  How to Overcome Addiction    
Break the physical and psychological bonds of addiction using subliminal tapes. A Future World affiliate.  
  Alternative treatment - drug addiction    
Alternative treatment - drug addiction  
  Research Addiction at Questia    
Questia online library has over 400,000 books, journals and articles. Subscribe now to read the full text online and gain access to a suite of writing tools.  
  American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)is the nation's medical    
to enter ASAM Online American Society of Addiction Medicine Click to Enter ASAM Online "The nation's medical specialty ... CiteLineAwd.gif (5212 bytes) The Mission of the American Society of Addiction medicine as a specialty recognized by  
  Center for Online and Internet Addiction - Help and Resource for    
Home Sitemap Search Opinion Poll Read our Welcome Message Healthcare Innovations for the Millennium  
  CAMH:Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, Canada    
the Centre About AddictionCommunity Health & Education Research CAMH The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) is a public hospital providing direct ...patient care for people with mental health and addiction and Mental  
  Web of Addictions  
  online technology    
The source for computing and technology at  
  online downloads    
Download online and other free software and games for PC, Mac, Linux and Handhelds at CNET Downloads.  
  American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP)    
professional membership organization. Includes the American Journal on Addictions. Yahoo! Directory  
  European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) Yahoo! Directory  
  Brown University - Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies    
promotes the identification, prevention and effective treatment of alcohol and other drug use problems in our society through research, publications, education and training. Yahoo! Directory  
  Internet Addiction    
resource for information about the theorized disorder. By Dr. John M. Grohol. Yahoo! Directory  
  Caffeine Addiction Quiz Yahoo! Directory  
  Recovery Works Resource Center Yahoo! Directory  
  Addiction Search    
offers articles, statistics, population studies, and links about addictions, prevention, treatment, and harm reduction. Yahoo! Directory  
  Serial Addiction    
offering product reviews, articles, and news. Yahoo! Directory  
  Wired: The Quest to End Game Addiction    
examines the condition of gaming addiction and its effects on players and the people around them.,1882,48479,00.html Yahoo! Directory  
  America Online (AOL)    
provides services such as Internet access, email, instant messaging, chat, and other online services. Yahoo! Directory  
  PBS Online    
information and interactive activities related to public television programming, links to member stations, and educational resources. Yahoo! Directory  
  Britannica Online    
subscription service. Yahoo! Directory  
  Blue Ribbon Campaign for Free Speech Online    
fights internet censorship and protects online free expression. From the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Yahoo! Directory  
  Linux Online    
not-for-profit group of users whose goal is to centralize and organize communication between Linux developers and users alike, as well as be a focal point for Linux information via FTP, Gopher, and the World Wide Web. Yahoo! Directory  
  SAT Online Registration    
allows users to choose test dates and centers, and get registration confirmation. Yahoo! Directory  
  Library of Congress Online Catalog    
database of records representing the holdings of the library, including books, computer files, manuscripts, cartographic materials, music, sound recordings, and visual materials; includes searching aids for users. Yahoo! Directory  
  PBS Online Search    
Search PBS Online for information about its contents. Yahoo! Directory  
  Lonely Planet Online: The Thorn Tree    
travel-information exchange for over 50,000 users trading messages from around the world. Yahoo! Directory  
  PBS Online    
... Headline News audio link Hourly newscast Online Newshour Reports Arab World Reacts to US Moves Taliban Refuses Bush'... Curious: Interactive Feature Saturday, September 22, 2001 Explore online features by subject Arts & Culture Body &  
  ISO Online    
worldwide federation of national standards bodies promoting standardization with a view to facilitating the international exchange of goods and services. Yahoo! Directory  
  NOVA Online Teachers    
provides teachers with resources such as online activities, printable lesson ideas, and videos of past NOVA programs. Yahoo! Directory  
  America Links Up: a Kids Online Teach-In    
public awareness campaign to ensure that every child in America has a safe, educational and rewarding experience online. Yahoo! Directory  
  Grove Dictionary of Art Online    
subscription service including the complete, fully searchable text with images. Yahoo! Directory  
  SunService SunSolve Online Yahoo! Directory  
  U.S. News Online: Education    
lets users find colleges, grad schools, national rankings, scholarships, and job opportunities. Yahoo! Directory  
  STARS Online    
news and reviews of film, music, places, people, and life. Yahoo! Directory  
  access online    
magazine from NCSA. Yahoo! Directory  
... 2002 Sony Corporation of America shop sony electronics playstation online games movies, tv & dvd music corporate info more of sony join sony for Electronics Store Sony Music Store Sony Pictures Studio Store  
  National Geographic Online (maps, photography, travel, more)    
...More Water Than the Seas " Humanitarian Linus Pauling's Notebooks Now Online " Did Our Species and Other Human Species Mate? " Team Races to Catalog Every Species on Earth " Quake-Resistant Bridge Planned in San Francisco " Osama bin Laden: The  
  Hazelden - Pittman Museum of Addiction and Recovery    
contains online exhibits about the history of alcohol addiction, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Hazelden. Yahoo! Directory  
  Jane's Addiction    
official site. Temporarily down. Yahoo! Directory  
  Mothers Against Videogame Addiction and Violence (MAVAV)    
dedicated to educating parents about what this organization believes is an increasing threat and danger to children's health and way of life. Yahoo! Directory  
  Benefits of Zen Meditation in Addiction and Recovery Yahoo! Directory  
  Computer Addiction Services    
clinical psychologist Maressa Hecht Orzack treats addictive behaviors at McLean Hospital. Yahoo! Directory  
  Office of Mental Health and Addiction Services    
primary representative and the coordinating agency for state government in the area of alcohol and drug abuse issues. Yahoo! Directory  
  Justin's Jane's Addiction Page Yahoo! Directory  
  Internet Addiction Information    
includes an article from Air Force News Service and links to more information. Yahoo! Directory  
  Addiction Treatment Forum    
newsletter on drug addiction recovery. Yahoo! Directory  
  Women's Addiction Foundation    
committed to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness of dependents on alcohol, drugs. Promote education, foster prevention, provide treatment and conduct research. Yahoo! Directory  
  Addiction Help Line    
offers information about drugs/alcohol and referral to drug and alcohol treatment centers in the United States. Yahoo! Directory  
  Electronic Relationship Addiction Quiz    
how addicted are you to the 'net? Yahoo! Directory  
  Self Psychology Discussion Forum: Computer Game Addiction    
personal account of how playing computer games ruined his life, and a warning to others. Yahoo! Directory  
  Addiction Treatment Watchdog    
educates methadone maintenance patients and others about addiction and the treatment of opiate addiction. Yahoo! Directory
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