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offers patches and pills for weight loss, as well as anti-wrinkle cream and male arousal products. Yahoo! Directory  
  "Constant Arousal" Swollen Bud Award (June 15, 2000)    
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  picture technology    
The source for computing and technology at  
  Kundalini Information and Warning    
investigation of 76 cases of Kundalini-arousal made in Denmark, and the results. Yahoo! Directory  
  Kundalini and Siddha Yoga    
personal story of Kundalini arousal in Siddha Yoga and the hard consequences. Yahoo! Directory  
  Process of kundalini awakening or arousal    
cit-sakti Programs and Events Vancouver BC Manifestations of Kundalini A personal story of kundalini awakening Kundalini Resources Kundalini Glossary cit~sakti Consciousness as power, the supreme energy, the female counterpart of Siva as Pure  
  LESMANIA: Sensibly CENSORED to avoid AROUSAL! ROCKculture! Evergrowing    
...! visits since may 26, 2000 can't be wrong; you too can now avoid arousal at LESMANIA! RIGHT HERE/BRAND NEW/RIGHT NOW/FACTS OF LIFE/BINGO!: LESMARRIED-MANIA! ROB & JEN LESMAN! from the days when LESMANIA updated more frequently: * fraudulent  
  "Constant Arousal" Swollen Bud Award (June 15, 2000)    
...Eyes in Texas by Linda Crist Icehole by Kiera Dellacroix "CONTINUOUS AROUSAL" / Series I Found My Heart in San Francisco: Books 1-12, by S. X. ...:// "CONTINUOUS AROUSAL" I Found My  
  Arousal and Memory    
Implications of Arousal Effects for the Study of Affect and Memory William Revelle and Debra ... (Ed.) (1992) Handbook of Emotion and Memory. Erlebaum. INTRODUCTION AROUSALAS A PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT Measurement of Arousal.
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