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  Motion Picture Act in British Columbia    
5: "The Director shall, before approving a motion picture in a sexual act, where the sexual act that was coerced is depicted in explicit sexual scenes;.
  explicit sexual picture    
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The board finds that the respondent, having determined that the film was an adult motion picture that depicts explicit sexual scenes, correctly assigned the
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  Film Classification - Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor ...    
Before approving an adult motion picture, the director may remove or to engage in a sexual act, where the sexual act is depicted in explicit sexual scenes,;
  British Columbia Film Classificatioin - Motion Picture ...    
explicit sexual scenes" means scenes in the motion picture that depict a sexual act, the occurrence of which is actually visible by the viewer;.
  13-3507 - Public display of explicit sexual materials; ...    
1. "Explicit sexual material" means any drawing, photograph, film negative, motion picture, figure, object, novelty device, recording, transcription or any book
  ARTICLE 2 RULES AND DEFINITIONS 2.01 Rules of Construction    
Bookstores, Adults- Only Motion Picture Theaters, Adult-Entertainment Centers, Adults-Only Nightclubs or Adults-Only Saunas, where explicit sexual conduct is
  Spam Laws: Pennsylvania    
or cause or permit the display of any 17 explicit sexual materials as display rack, billboard, 19 display board, viewing screen, motion picture screen, marquee
  SpamCon Foundation: to reduce spam (junk email)    
or cause or permit the display of any explicit sexual materials as display rack, billboard, display board, viewing screen, motion picture screen, marquee or
  SENATE BILL 262 PN 1745    
or cause or permit the display of any 16 explicit sexual materials as display rack, billboard, 18 display board, viewing screen, motion picture screen, marquee
  Pennsylvania Criminal Code 18 Pa C. § 5903    
Explicit sexual materials," as used in this subsection, means materials which are obscene or: (1) any picture, photograph, drawing, sculpture, motion picture
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  Spitting Image: Explicit Sexual Seduction Ritual for Men (work safe)    
Spitting Image « Midwest Pebbles/Egyptian Quarries | Main | Picture Australia Search Results "Deceased" » June 27, 2002 Explicit Sexual Seduction Ritual for Men (work safe) "In the battle of the
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  Chapter 9    
city. "Explicit sexual depictions" means any picture, photograph, drawing, decoration, or other illustration depicting: 1. Stimulation
gallery, explicit, graphic, pictures, picture, drawings, drawing mail, demon, sex, sexual, sexuality, sexy queer, homosexual, gallery, explicit, graphic, pictures
  Library Laws Chapter 650 - NHSL    
including, but not limited to, books, magazines, motion picture films, pamphlets (b) It depicts or describes sexual conduct in a manner so explicit as to be
  Net Nanny 4: How We Filter    
Any electronic data, picture or text depicting anyone or anything involved in explicit sexual acts and or lewd and lascivious behavior, including masturbation
photograph, drawing, sculpture, motion picture film or similar or narrative accounts of sexual excitement, sexually explicit conduct, sadomasochistic
  WCASA Fact Sheet    
or narrative account of sexual excitement, sexually explicit conduct, sadomasochistic Harmful material" means: (1) Any picture, photograph, drawing
(d) prescribing conduct or an activity for the purpose of paragraph (c) of the definition of "adult motion picture";. (e) defining "explicit sexual scenes" and
computer or computer-generated image or picture, whether or not made or produced by electronic, mechanical or other means, of explicit sexual conduct, where:
  The Last Picture Show (1971)    
and sexual mores (with full frontal nudity and explicit sexual situations) was The other six nominations included: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Jeff
  Grading The Movies Music & Games - Outkast - Stankonia    
THE BIG PICTURE feelings about an album containing copious amounts of extreme profanity, an overabundance of racial slurs, explicit sexual descriptions, and
  ME Sexual Exploitation of Minors    
means to make a print, negative, slide, motion picture, videotape or Sexually explicit conduct" means any A. Sexual act, as defined in Title 17-A, section 251
  MGL - Chapter 270, Section 31    
is simulated when it depicts explicit sexual intercourse which engaging in or witnessing sexual conduct or "Visual material'', any motion picture film, picture
motion picture film, or similar visual representation or image, book pamphlet, magazine, printed matter, or sound recording, containing explicit sexual or
  HB2509 - 421R - I Ver - Title: community standard; evidence of ...    
act is simulated when it depicts explicit sexual activity which the appearance of consummation of ultimate sexual acts given to a film or motion picture by the
  Faithful FAQ    
sexual content, R has major violence or non-explicit sexual content, NC-17 is explicit sexual content or I saw a really great picture on the site, can I have it
  Gay Picture Post    
Gay Picture Post contains Gay Picture Post, explicit sexual content! You need to be 18 years of age or older to access it! If you
  Prevention of Sexual Harassment    
A male supervisor has sexually explicit photos in his office. in mixed-gender groups of their recent sexual exploits employee has, on her desk, a picture of her
  dOc DVD Review: In The Realm of the Senses (1976)    
A mature, beautifully made motion picture." - The Chicago Tribune Review By Director: Nagisa Oshima MPAA Rating: NC-17 for Explicit Sexual Situations Release
  NH Child Pornography Law    
simulated when it depicts explicit sexual intercourse which the consummation of sexual intercourse, normal magazine, pamphlet, motion picture film, photograph
  World Wide Webb?    
pictures or texts depicting anyone or anything involved in explicit sexual acts and HATE: Any electronic data, picture or text that elevates intense hostility
  EEOC Determination That Net Porn Leads to Library Hostile Working ...    
out on Library printers sexually explicit and obscene picture [sic] and view computer screens filled with images depicting explicit sexual activity including
  Washington state "harmful to minors" bill    
(5) "Sexually explicit nudity" means the showing of the (6) "Matter" means a motion picture film, a publication, a sexual device, or any combination thereof.
  NACS, Retail Groups Join Forces to Oppose Hyde Amendment    
any picture, photograph, drawing, sculpture, video game, motion picture film, or recording, or other matter of any kind containing explicit sexual material or
  Culture Shock: Who Decides? How and Why?: Criteria and Codes    
anyone or anything involved in explicit sexual acts and disability or handicap, gender, or sexual orientation. Any picture or text that elevates one group over
(5) "Sexually explicit nudity" means the showing of the (6) "Matter" means a motion picture film, a publication, a sexual device, or any
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small-penis-picture-galleries.penis-enlargment.us contains Small Penis Picture Galleries, explicit sexual content! You need to be
  WillyWorries.com (.html) = SEXplained... Ltd's medical and sexual ...    
Sick Willy Gallery (STI picture gallery education related to contraception and sexual health related This site contains explicit colour medical pictures showing
  Sexual or Erotic Films    
the silent years were not known for explicit sexual content. dancers) and the breaking of a sexual tabu (filmed referred to as a "tramp" in a talking picture.
18 (2) includes obscene material or explicit verbal descriptions or 19 accounts of sexual conduct. 23 guardian a motion picture show or other presentation
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  V-Chip Update    
May contain mature themes, profane language, graphic violence, and explicit sexual content. which closely resembles the one used by the motion picture industry
  Obscene Publications:Chapter 29-Section 1    
(a) Explicit sexual material means: (1) Any picture, photograph, or other pictorial representation, which depicts actual or simulated acts of human sexual
  Statute: Virginia Code Ann. § 18.2-391 (Internet porn law).    
part, depicts sexually explicit nudity, sexual conduct or sadomasochistic abuse and which is harmful to juveniles or to exhibit any such motion picture at any
  Document: EEOC Complaint Against the Minneapolis Public Library, ...    
picture and materials from the Internet. As a result of this policy I have been forced to view computer screens filled with images depicting explicit sexual
  Review of Child Pornography and Obscenity Crimes    
sexually explicit conduct'' means sexual intercourse, including genital-genital, oral-genital, anal including any photograph, film, video, picture, or computer
  Prince William County Code Chapter 15, Obscenity    
in part, depicts sexually explicit nudity, sexual conduct or sadomasochistic abuse and which is harm to juveniles; or to exhibit any such motion picture at any
  Missouri Revised Statutes - Chapter 573 Pornography And Related ...    
rent to the public; (3) "Explicit sexual material", any deviate sexual intercourse, sexual intercourse, direct or written, or any picture, drawing, photograph
  Welcome to KSWB San Diego - Station    
will open that gives you an option to "save picture as." Select This program is designed for adults and contains graphic violence, explicit sexual activity and
  King County Libraries’ Filtering Policy    
of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct The term "harmful to minors" means any picture, image, graphic for minors, an actual or simulated sexual act or
  Minority Report (2002) - Family Movie Review    
THE BIG PICTURE But the frequent inclusion of gratuitous violence along with a couple of brief but needlessly explicit sexual moments prevents this fine
religion, ethnic origin, gender or sexual preference -- are sale or purchase of sexually explicit images, and photograph, film, video, or picture or computer
  REVIEW - Steve Rhodes    
R for explicit and constant sexual humor and for profanity. The film would be fine for mature teenagers. I recommend this sweet and captivating picture to you
  Inhope - Morphed Images    
It is also possible to change a picture of a naked man in a sexually explicit pose This gives the impression of a boy being involved in explicit sexual activity
  § 3.05 Sexual Crimes Against Persons - Definitions    
any play, video, motion picture, cartoon, graphic federal statute prohibiting sexually explicit conduct, which defined to include sexual intercourse, bestiality
  Sex positions    
beautiful clitoris picture clitoris and labia photo. Here's what we have to offer: Explicit pictures of Photographs of new sexual techniques and positions to
  The Better Sex Video Series    
larger Picture. Y9902- "Advanced Sexual Techniques", Discover more advanced sexual practices. Typical couples illustrate each erotic technique in explicit detail
  Fort McMurray - Discover Fort McMurray    
motion pictures", as defined in the Act, and may contain explicit sexual scenes, violence theme, subject matter or plot of the adult motion picture is artistic
  Sexual Offences Laws - Ireland    
represented as being engaged in explicit sexual activities,. child to participate in any sexual activity which public place, any obscene print, picture or other
  Virginia cracks down on sexual content - Tech News - CNET.com    
Virginia cracks down on sexual content A federal Amendment right to access "sexually explicit communication" on that was • Get the Big Picture While major
  Womans Pics    
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  FCC V-Chip    
of Broadcasters, National Cable Television Association, Motion Picture Association of more of the following: graphic violence (V), explicit sexual activity (S
  Guardian | 'I cannot admit what I am to myself'    
I remember a picture of a sad little Asian child prostitute in credit card subscriptions for its own photography that showed explicit sexual activity involving
  Inhope - Child Pornography    
defines child pornography as a picture that shows a person who is a child and who is engaged in or is depicted as being engaged in explicit sexual activity.
sexually explicit conduct, sexual excitement, or sexually explicit nudity; or (iii) Sexual acts that (2) "Matter" means a motion picture film, a
  Salon.com Arts & Entertainment | The original pick-up artist    
necessary to get an R rating from the Motion Picture Association of He favors direct, explicit sexual depiction over watered-down anesthetized scenes because
  Article 2: Public Rights­of­Way and Land Development Division 9 ...    
(c) Any pictorial material depicting explicit sexual conduct where such picture or illustration has as its purpose or effect sexual arousal, gratification, or
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  Debate Grows over Use of Sexual Assault Photo    
added, people tend to dismiss charges of sexual abuse at she felt, made the horror of what happened explicit. she decided that publishing the picture with the

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