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  How Frequency Affects A Woman    
showed a strong cause and effect between the frequency of intercourse Interestingly, it was heterosexual intercourse, with or without female orgasm, that
  Frequency of pubic hair transfer during sexual intercourse. ...    
This study measured the frequency of pubic their pubic hair combings immediately following intercourse. observed simultaneously between both male and female.
  Female Fertility Starts Declining From 20s    
in Italy, aimed to evaluate the effects of male and female age on in fertility cannot separate effects due to reduced frequency of intercourse from effects
  Question Response Points    
15. >>>15.28.03 Female Sexual Function Index. Overview: (3) attempts at sexual intercourse. (4) frequency of sexual desire. (5) level of sexual desire.
  IndiaParenting.com - Methods for Planning the Baby's Sex    
If a female child is desired, then the couple should have intercourse frequently (Note: Doctors seem to differ on the frequency of intercourse for choosing
1 FEMALE MEDICAL HISTORY loss: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Frequency of intercourse: _____ times
  Female, 29    
A 29-year-old female presented with urological disturbances consisting of frequency, urgency, post dyspareunia (pelvic pain with intercourse) and leukorrhea
  Female, 41    
A 41-year-old female was seen for low Urinary frequency, urgency, dribbling, incontinence and pain had Intercourse became pain free and the ability to achieve
  Conference Report - Third Annual Female Sexual Function Forum    
This survey reports a lower prevalence rate for female sexual problems than African Americans reported a higher frequency of sexual intercourse, while white
  Education - 24 September 2002    
put forward to justify the practice of female genital mutilation questioned the women about their sexuality, including frequency of intercourse, the most
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constant or does it increase with time since previous act of intercourse? Changes in Coital Frequency in US Couple by Age of Male & Female Partner.
  Female Sexual Problems    
et al., 1994) Pain during intercourse 14.4% includes above: General Factors that Contribute to Female Sexual Disorders Problems with Sexual Desire and Frequency.
  1Up Health > Gonorrhea - female > Causes, Incidence, and Risk ...    
may spread up the female reproductive tract note vaginal discharge, increased urinary frequency and urinary may result in painful intercourse (dyspareunia) and
  Infinite Thinkings Survey Results Ver. 3    
orgasm? Female Orgasm Frequency from non-Intercourse Sexual Contact. 517, 0. orgasm? Female Orgasm Frequency from Intercourse. 549, 0.
  Smart Stork - baby gender selection, fertility advice and ...    
Frequency of intercourse for gender a baby girl, with the idea that the least amount of sperm present, the higher the likelihood that female producing sperm
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TABLE 3 Gynecologic Causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction and Method of Gynecologic 18 A decline in desire, arousal and frequency of intercourse and an
  sex dys female    
3, Has there been a change in frequency of intercourse? 5, Has there been a change in frequency of masturbation? 2 Gender: Male Female.
  Polynesian, Neoteny, Heterochrony, and Human Evolution    
expectations for female orgasm have led to high rates of female orgasm." (Margulis We inspected a section on cross-cultural intercourse frequency in a review by
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Heterosexuality is a more important element of the male role than the female role. Number of sexual partners Frequency of intercourse.
  Sexual Arousal & Behavior    
of about 30 % among male and female college graduates; Over-emphasis on Intercourse & Orgasm: everything else is NOT frequency of sex or variety of techniques.
  THE MERCK MANUAL OF GERIATRICS, Sec. 14, Ch. 116, Sexual ...    
testosterone may increase sexual interest and frequency of fantasy even in women who regularly engage in sexual intercourse maintain a Female Orgasmic Disorder.
  Womens Satisfaction    
Men expect to experience orgasm with intercourse Therefore, men equate intercourse with experiencing orgasm. Sexual Activity Frequency. Female Orgasm Occurrence.
  Intimacy & Depression: Guided Questionnaire for the Female    
activity? Has there been a change in frequency of intercourse (sex)? Has there been a change in your initiating sexual activity?
  Frequency of pubic hair transfer during sexual intercourse. Exline DL, Smith FP, Drexler SO . 1998;43(3): 505-508.    
Smith FP, Drexler SO Title: Frequency of pubic hair transfer during sexual intercourse Keywords: criminalistics, forensic between both male and female. A total of 28 exogenous pubic hairs
  Frequency of pubic hair transfer during sexual intercourse. Exline DL, Smith FP, Drexler SO . 1998;43(3): 505-508.    
Smith FP, Drexler SO Title: Frequency of pubic hair transfer during sexual intercourse Keywords: criminalistics, forensic between both male and female. A total of 28 exogenous pubic hairs
  Frequency of pubic hair transfer during sexual intercourse. Exline DL, Smith FP, Drexler SO . 1998;43(3): 505-508.    
FP, Drexler SO Title: Frequency of pubic hair transfer during sexual intercourse Keywords: criminalistics, forensic science simultaneously between both male and female. A total of 28 exogenous
  Female Viagra Alternatives Substitutes    
Free Viagra information on price, ordering, research, side effects, prescription Please Click Here Female Viagra Viagra May to 3.9, 3.5 and 2.3, intercourse frequency from 1.5 to 3, 2.4
  The Impotence Association - 0208 767 7791    
of ability to orgasm Pain on intercourse (dyspareunia) Vaginismus Female Sexual Problems Just like men, women can of "ups and downs" and their frequency of lovemaking may vary greatly. For one
  Using my 3-point excitation principle for Prolonged Intercourse ...    
Reader 3 (female, 1/28/98): DURING SEX I HAVE FOUND IT VERY HARD TO make it by the power-up method, you have to reduce your intercourse frequency, to practice
  M1 HUMAN SEXUALITY: I Theory/Psychosexual Development November 4 ...    
4. Use of birth control at first intercourse 5. Number by gender in individuals over 18 D. Frequency of history clear rearing as a male or female by caretakers
  Sexual health with LoveRX    
published an important clinical study on the role of nutritional supplementation in female sexual health An increased frequency in intercourse was reported
2. The sperm must be deposited in the female vagina at the time during the menstrual cycle when they can penetrate. FREQUENCY OF INTERCOURSE.
  Female Sexual Dysfunction -- eCureMe.com    
of the physical aspects of female sexual dysfunction by psychological factors and emotional exchange during intercourse. In other words, the frequency of sexual
  Female Genital Mutilation and sex    
Female circumcision does not reduce sexual activity 12:30 24 September 02 The researchers also found no difference in the frequency of intercourse or age of
  Endotext.com - Female Reproductive Endocrinology - Evaluation of ...    
fertility of the male roughly lags behind that of the female by 10 to women younger than 30 would have to be surveyed for intercourse frequency and conception.
  Birth Control Guide    
Must be taken on daily schedule, regardless of frequency of intercourse. Instructions from health-care provider Surgical Sterilization -female or male Over
  His and Her Health: Female Sexual Dysfunction: Definitions, ...    
increased libido, and decreased pain during intercourse. dryness, burning, and urinary frequency and urgency. substances for treatment of female sexual arousal
  Seasons India :: Infertility Treatment - Male & Female ...    
It is also the cessation of the production of the female sex hormones decline in fertility are the quality of the ejaculate and the frequency of intercourse.
  Intimacy & Depression: Guided Questionnaire for the Female    
...engage in any type of sexual activity? 3. Has there been a change in frequencyof intercourse (sex)? 4. Has there been a change in your initiating sexual activity?...5. Has there been a change in frequency of self-pleasuring (
  Male Circumcision and Sexual Enjoyment of the Female Partner    
and rats are a strong attractant for female mice and 1 and 2, Table 3) during intercourse than their to detect a difference in orgasm frequency, coital duration
  Women at Barcelona    
inequality, unequal power in negotiating the timing and frequency of sexual intercourse, and fear Available data on the female condom suggest that it often
  In Zimbabwe, Sexual Relationships with Older Men Put Young Women ...    
relationships in the past month (frequency of intercourse, type of relationships, frequency of condom Male and female respondents did not differ in their
  Infertility and Conception    
Frequency of Intercourse: Many couples simply don't Timing of Intercourse: Intercourse just before ovulation is the about 72 hours in the female genital tract.
  Chapter 3    
sexual intercourse and involve organisms colonising the colon and perineum (other factors associated with increased frequency are first degree female relative
  ??? ?? ???    
Intercourse classified by female youth's group; Major of sexual violence classified by female youth's group Violence: Frequency of occurring violent injury which
  Consumer Information Center: Birth Control Guide    
Availability: Nonprescription. Female Condom. Convenience: Must be taken on daily schedule, regardless of frequency of intercourse.
  Female Sexual Dysfunction - HerTurn Orgasm Solution    
Female Sexual Dysfunction - HerTurn is Female Orgasm Solution. as well as to induce frequency of orgasms from clitoral and only 25% achieve with intercourse.
be caused by: – Sexual intercourse (untreated STDs Female Sexuality – Pt bleeding • Discharge • Pain • Urinary frequency • Constipation • Tenesumus
on the four phases of female sexual response contractions, which gradually subside in frequency and intensity less reduction with frequent intercourse) 2. incr
  Female's Proceptivity and Receptivity as a Function of Hormonal ...    
Proceptivity is the female's use of active behavior to solicit approaches from males. Using frequency of intercourse confounds and obscures these underlying
  the body female    
The female reproductive system, as all adults should know, consists of the not hamper your chances of conceiving based on your frequency of intercourse.
  January 2001 Fact Sheets    
of frequency of condom use, number of partners, and frequency of heterosexual anal intercourse. ? are the same for both male and female facilitators, the
  female sexual dysfunction Erection Problem Female Anatomy Condom ...    
This helps to maintain female sexual response over time. loss of desire, decreased frequency of sexual activity, painful intercourse, diminished sexual
C. Stimulation of female breast is common precoital activity, but does not occur in Kwakiutl of Vancouver Island E. Frequency of intercourse varies greatly
  ! 0 nline Female Viagra Viacreme Vitara 4 Women    
Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) under Female Sexual Aids Intensity of Orgasms Greater Frequency of Orgasms orgasm and only 25% achieve orgasm with intercourse.
  Current Issues in Reproductive Health: Preventing Pregnancy    
methods, ranging from over-the-counter male and female condoms and None, Must be taken on daily schedule, regardless of frequency of intercourse, Prescription.
the Americas, Australia, white South Africa), female orgasms now orgasms at a higher frequency than in of the assumption that sexual intercourse is something
  "Best Bets" to Delay the Initiation of Sexual Intercourse: Promote Girls' Participation in Sports    
of Sexual Intercourse: Promote Girls' Participation in Sports For female adolescents, participation in sports on initiation of first intercourse, to lower the frequency of sexual intercourse
  Nationwide Study of Female Sexuality    
Do you experience female ejaculation? you participate in anal intercourse instead of vaginal intercourse? Are you experiencing the same frequency and intensity
Earlier studies, in which male- female pairs of Rhesus monkeys were isolated from other monkeys, did not show a clear pattern in the frequency of intercourse.
  HEALTH TALK - Dr. Bob Martin    
demonstrate that sildenafil may directly improve female arousal disorder fantasies and thoughts, and the frequency of sexual intercourse," the researchers
  JPMA - Full Article    
7th month, continuing coitus in cases where the child could be a female, leads to Various studies have already shown that frequency of intercourse is not
  Overview of Female Sexual Problems    
is considered normal or abnormal frequency and type group was identified as having female sexual dysfunction arousal problems and 7% with painful intercourse.
  What is Female Sexual Dysfunction - CRYSTAL ROSE    
of "ups and downs" and their frequency of lovemaking may all play a part in female drive disorder. Pain on intercourse (dyspareunia) Pain on intercourse can be
Investigations of male partner. Investigations of female partner. Sexual History: frequency of intercourse. knowledge of the fertile period.
  Coastal AHEC/Patnt Hist Female    
FEMALE PATIENT HISTORY I. IDENTIFYING INFORMATION Date Name specify: List the forms and frequency of regular do you and your partner have sexual intercourse?
  Dealing with Specific Female Sexual Problems - Psychological Self ...    
Other female problems include painful intercourse, vaginismus (closing This leads to more intercourse which neither and Kolodny (1985) say frequency is almost
  Related Health Topics: STDs Workshop Proceedings    
In North America and Europe male to female transmission frequency has been estimated at .001 per act of intercourse, although a recent Thai study of female to
  SU [Student Health Services: Injuries: Female Urinary Tract ...    
Bacteria are pushed into the bladder with intercourse. Urinating small amounts frequently (frequency); Occasionally, you may pass blood in the urine (hematuria);
  "Best Bets" to Delay the Initiation of Sexual Intercourse: Improve Educational Performance    
group (Manlove, 1998). For female adolescents, participation in sports has been effect on initiation of first intercourse, to lower the frequency of sexual intercourse, and to decrease the
  Basic Infertility Overview and workup    
Woman's Diagnostic Cyber Article about the causes of female and male infertility levels or ovulation predictor urinary tests. Frequency of intercourse around ovulation time Women who
  Page Title    
in achieving pregnancy is: a. time of exposure in the cycle b. female's desire or wish to become pregnant c. frequency of intercourse d. female's overall state
  Female Urology    
of the bladder with the female pelvic organs signs and symptoms of: Urgency; Frequency; Negative urine stress, the perimenstrual phase, and sexual intercourse.
  Vitatonic Infertility - Female Encyclopaedia Entry    
Infertility - Female Description. There are four main reasons why a woman of child bearing age, who is having unprotected intercourse with reasonable frequency,
  Androgens and Female Sexuality    
Androgens appear to be important in female sexuality, with reduced androgen is a poor index of response to therapy, since frequency of intercourse is often
  MCH Alert September 28, 2001    
of Socioeconomic Status on Health Service Utilization by Female Adolescents. that the Safer Choices program reduced the frequency of intercourse without a
  Feature: Review Article: Nicolette    
all STD prevention options, including the female condom, in reported using a condom at last intercourse (18). suggest an improvement in the frequency of condom
  Wedding Sutra.com :: Sex, Romance and Relationships - Female ...    
Female contraceptives at a glance. by any doctor since they can be cumbersome and place a lot of restrictions on the frequency and timing of intercourse.
  Female Sexuality and SCI    
The effect of SCI on female sexuality is far catheter could be removed before intercourse and replaced the best method, considering sexual frequency, level of
  iVillage.com: The Women's Network | Print this article    
In addition, the frequency of sexual fantasies, sexual intercourse, and enjoyment in this group of women." The Future of Female Sexual Dysfunction
  Provider & Patient: Making Sense of Contracaption    
4**. 19. Withdrawal. 5. 21. Female Condom. 6. 20. Diaphragm. 9. 20. . Factors: Intercourse Frequency. Fam Plann Persp, 1993. 9.7. Intercourse 3x or more / week. 3.4.
while only 1 out of 6 with intercourse once per 19- Menses- Describe the frequency, timing, color, pains etc. 21- Female Sexual- How is the sexual desire; any
  Condoms - ΖGIS    
HIV/sex education did not increase frequency of intercourse from start to finish with each act of intercourse. The female condom or vaginal pouch has recently
  Sexual intercourse enhanced with LoveRX    
during sexual intercourse, and female orgasm involves enhanced the sensitivity, intensity, frequency, and duration for fulfilling sexual intercourse with your
  ClinicalTrials.gov - Linking Patients to Medical Research: Study ...    
C, and D use the highest practical dose frequency. All female participants may be eligible for this study 14 Follow-up Visit: anal intercourse; douching; oral
  ArginMax - Natural remedy for sexual dysfunction and impotence    
By increasing circulation, erection frequency and duration are Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD), includes low sex in achieving orgasm and painful intercourse.
  Behaviour - Social Intercourse and Communication    
One of the causes can be a female dolphin, or can be disturbed by other (high-frequency) sounds in Back to Outline Social Intercourse and Communication - With
  Physical Fitness, Aging and Sexuality    
different. The cited Duke study revealed that female longevity was associated with enjoyment of intercourse rather than its frequency. 13.
  Men vs. Women    
= 867)* Sexual Activity Frequency Female Orgasm Occurrence Male Orgasm Occurrence 46.25 0 0 92 23.44 Anal Intercourse 11 1.26 0 0 11 100 Male Masturbating Female 46 5.30 38 82.60 0 0 Female Masturbating
  College Students' Assessments of Sexual Behavior Terminology    
Yes Male Actor % Yes Female Actor % Yes they engage in vaginal intercourse one time and never see The difference in the frequency of yeses between male and female actors was tested for
  Male Infertility - History and Physical Examination    
Physician's name -Timing and frequency of intercourse -Ovulation with technique to assess -Use of lubricants -Current status of female infertility evaluation e. Medication -Maternal (DES
  Infertility (Female    
to Z of Common Medical Conditions Infertility ( Female) Description - There are age, who is having unprotected intercourse with reasonable frequency, might not become pregnant. She may be
by a male [ ] h) oral sex done to you by a female [ ] i) anal intercourse with a Never - 1 Occasionally = 2 Fairly Often = 3 Frequency = 4 Unsure = 5 [ ] 87.
  Further reading    
Unexplained infertility Normal frequency and distribution of unprotected intercourse No obstructions of malformations in female or male genital tracts Normal
  Marriage and Family: Change and Continuity - Catalog    
Frequency of Marital Sexual Intercourse • Masturbation among Married Persons • Sexual Fantasies. Sexual Dysfunction. The Complex Issue of Cause • Female
  Birth Control Guide at StorkNet's Birth Control Cubby    
Female Condom Estimated Effectiveness: 79% Some Risks (c) : Irritation and allergic Must be taken on daily schedule, regardless of frequency of intercourse.

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