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  bmj.com Schultz et al. 319 (7225): 1596    
penis. During female sexual arousal without intercourse the uterus was raised and the anterior vaginal wall lengthened. The size
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Have you ever had regular male-female sexual intercourse (penis inside vagina)? How old were you when you first had male-female sexual intercourse?
  Circumcision affects Male Sexuality and the Female Partner's ...    
effects on the sexuality of both the man and his female partner and profound detrimental consequences on the way they experience intercourse, diminishing their
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Female Masturbation Techniques. Ok stimulation. There are a few who can achieve orgasm through intercourse alone and I’m jealous of them.
  Female Ejaculation - what is it is and how to do it.    
Be aware that the female is not only capable of multiple orgasms, but also Once she has ejaculated one or more times, you can continue with intercourse.
  Female Condoms    
The outer ring of the female condom will need to be held in place during intercourse, but may increase female stimulation. After
  Female Homosexuality    
does.) Texts even address the issue of whether an ablution (ghusl) is required after male-male intercourse, just as after male-female intercourse, before the
  Yahoo! Health Encyclopedia: Female condoms    
The estimated effectiveness of the female condom is between 75% and 82 for the male condom: A rip or tear in a condom (can be made before or during intercourse);
  Advanced Search    
Minimize dyspareunia Superficial: female astride for control of penetration, topical lidocaine, warm baths before intercourse, biofeedback.
  Female Infertility Center    
It can be a matter of a low sperm count or of having intercourse when the male's sperm are older and, therefore, less viable. Female reproductive disorder and
  Anatomy of the Penis and Mechanics of Intercourse    
Anatomy of the Penis, Mechanics of Intercourse This page presents information that most parents and stimulate the G-spot of the female partner. The above list was compiled from various
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  Female pain during intercourse    
BODY HUMAN 2000: Love, Sex & the Miracle of birth, explores the biology of human love and sexuality Sex & The Miracle of Birth. Female Pain during Intercourse Vulvodynia is a chronic vulvar
  Female Orgasm Aphrodisiac Libido Compare to Viagra for women    
Erostat™ is the only female aphrodisiac that has been clinically proven to unleash the 37% of women studied reported an increase in intercourse orgasm percentage. 41% of women studied
  Sexual Dysfunction Vaginismus, Painful Intercourse, General Dysfunctions    
Sexual Dysfunction links to areas of further information, research and academic interest Ejaculation | Male General | Vaginismus | Female Painful Intercourse | Female General | | Paraphilias | Sex
  Go Ask Alice!: No orgasm with intercourse (female)    
NO ORGASM WITH INTERCOURSE (FEMALE) Dear Alice, Well, okay. This is my problem. My boyfriend and I have been sexually active for love to him very much, but intercourse doesn't give me any
  Reality Female Condom press clippings    
5/93) Female Condom--FDA (AP, 12/93) Female Condom Is Winning Favor (New York Times, 12/93 device correctly each and every time they have intercourse can expect a much lower pregnancy rate
  Service Delivery Guidelines: Female Condoms    
Client Instructions: Use a condom every time you have intercourse. The female condom can be inserted up to 8 hours before intercourse.
  Frequently Asked Questions    
Because of differences in anatomy, women are at greater risk of acquiring an STD during male/female intercourse than are men. Women
  Female Sexual Dysfunction - Diagnosis & Treatment - ...    
Female orgasmic disorder is defined as the delay or absence of orgasm after "normal Dyspareunia is marked by genital pain before, during, or after intercourse.
  FC Female Condom - The Product    
WHO recommends use of a new male or female condom for every act of intercourse, where there is a risk of unintended pregnancy and/or STI/HIV infection.
  Body Piercing - body piercing, body piercing jewelry, body ...    
Penis jewelry rarely interferes with male-female intercourse. Comfort and stimulation are greatly influenced by the position of
  Reality 'Female' Condom Has Problems When Used for Male Anal Sex    
crossover study involving male homosexual couples, subjects reported significantly more problems using the Reality female condom for anal intercourse than with
  Fast Multiple Female Orgasm and Long Lasting Penis Erection    
Enjoy good sex, frequent sex, satisfying sexual intercourse; men, satisfy your women with explosive, multiple female orgasms and thereby enhance your own
  Sex Positions Guide - Illustrated sexual intercourse techniques ...    
Female Superior Positions (Woman on Top). For many women, this position is the only one through which orgasm is possible during intercourse.
  "Viagratization" of America    
Maybe the female partner was relieved that sex was no longer an issue because never knew she couldn't respond until they started having intercourse again and
  Female Genital Mutilation - A Human Rights Information Pack    
resulting from all types of female genital mutilation is that lasting damage to the genital area can increase the risk of HIV transmission during intercourse.
  Female Sexuality (pleasure) Abnormalized by Penis Circumcision - ...    
incompleteness, shortcomings, and dissatisfaction of circumcised intercourse can negatively And their female partners will be enthusiastically encouraging them
  Women's Sports Foundation Body & Mind    
Were More Likely to Be Virgins Female athletes were significantly more likely to report that they had never had sexual intercourse than female non-athletes.
  Table 5. Family planning objective status    
5.6 Contraception use by sexually active adolescents Female First intercourse (15-19 years) 1988 65% --- - 76% --- - 90% Recent intercourse (15
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  Intercourse Illustrated Book Sex Books Female Vibrators    
.Com - Female Vibrators Catalog Frames View Shopping Cart Acts Of Love Book Ebony ... Encyclopedia Sexualis Favorite Positions Book Illustrated Guide Intercourse Illustrated Book Interracial Sex Book Joys Of Masturbation Book Pleasure
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  PPNYC -- Reproductive and Sexual Health FAQ    
(This ring is similar to a diaphragm.) Since nothing restricts the man's penis, intercourse with a female condom may feel better to some men.
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  Female Celebrity Smoking List: Reviews - Social Intercourse (1998)    
The Female Celebrity Smoking List entry for Social Intercourse (1998) Female Celebrity Smoking List: Social Intercourse (1998) FAQ | By Female | Search | Missing information | Statistics
  http://smokingsides.com/asfs/m/S/Social Intercourse (1998).html  
  Female Barrier Methods    
of use Used near or at the time of intercourse. The diaphragm and cap must be left in place for percent (WHO, 1997). Re-use of the Female Condom Since its introduction in the early 1990s
  Re: Female pleasure from intercourse - (09:09:19 on 07/08/02) - sexymexy    
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  Sexual Health: Intercourse Disorder Personal Performance Stimulants    
Male female personal sexual intercourse performance stimulants energy enhancements for stamina disorders problems difficulty
  Most vicious form of intercourse    
Clothes Sexy humour and info Lovenet. Most vicious form of intercourse. A number of female insects eat their husbands during the coital act.
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  Overcoming female sexual dysfunction: body, mind and partner    
The Female Orgasm Many women do not have an orgasm during intercourse. If sex doesn't end in orgasm for you, do not be disappointed
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  Female condom    
The female condom is a strong, soft, transparent polyurethane sheath inserted in the vagina before sexual intercourse, providing protection against both
  Sexual Dysfunctions: Impotence, Painful Intercourse, General    
Sexual Dysfunction links to areas of further information, research and academic interest Ejaculation | Male General | Vaginismus | Female Painful Intercourse | Female General | | Paraphilias | Sex
  Male Circumcision and Sexual Enjoyment of the Female Partner    
Another weakness of the survey is its preoccupation with vaginal intercourse. complete penis offers a more rewarding experience for the female partner during
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  Sexual Health Index    
The female condom is a 7-inch-long pouch of polyurethane with two flexible rings. It is inserted into the vagina before intercourse.
  Overview of Female Sexual Problems    
Definitions of female sexual dysfunction may vary, but no one disputes that discomfort during intercourse, vaginal dryness, increased time for arousal, and
  Female Anatomical Problems, Stress Incontinence and more.    
its position enough so that it becomes somewhat of a barrier in the anterior portion of the vagina and makes penetration during intercourse more difficult.
  Review/Summary of Book on Male Multiple Orgasms    
this book contains a chapter devoted to issues surrounding gay sex, it made most of its partnered-sex suggestions in the context of male/female intercourse.
  The Condom    
and learn to enjoy using condoms by using them during sex play before intercourse. They may use animal-tissue or plastic male or female condoms instead.
  Female Reproductive System    
It has muscular walls lined with mucous membrane, and it serves as the female organ of copulation (sexual intercourse) as well as the birth canal.
  The sixteen-year-old female’s name is spelled two different ...    
1 The sixteen-year-old female’s name is spelled two different ways in Georgia’s fornication statute, OCGA § 16-6-18, by having sexual intercourse with his
  The Female Condom    
If the condom slips during intercourse, or if it enters the vagina, then you should stop immediately and take the female condom out.
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  The Female Condom can prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS    
use of the female condom is estimated to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infection (including HIV) by between 94% and 97% per act of intercourse.
  Female Genital Diseases and Pregnancy Complications    
in the 3rd world] - IWHC About Female Genital Mutilation - ReligiousTolerance.Org Female Sex Disorders Dyspareunia About Painful sexual intercourse (Dyspareunia) - Adam, via MedlinePlus
  The Female Condom    
What you should know about the female condom. of the pouch or on the penis. After intercourse, to remove the female condom, squeeze and twist the outer ring gently to keep the sperm
  THE MERCK MANUAL--Home Edition, Sec. 22, Ch. 231, Female Reproductive System    
Section 22. Women's Health Issues Chapter 231 Female Reproductive System The external female a fluid (mucus) that supplies lubrication for intercourse. The opening to the urethra, which
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  A Psychiatric Times Exclusive!    
reactions to female sexual coercion. In the 1988 study, 21 male victims were asked to categorize how they felt about being forced to have sexual intercourse at
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  Teenmag.com - Advice - Sex & Body    
When the male's penis is hard and the female's vagina is wet, intercourse can occur. WHAT HAPPENS DURING INTERCOURSE? When a couple
  Tower Urology Institute for Continence - Female Sexual ...    
However, due to the very personal nature of Female Sexual Dysfunction a woman has decreased vaginal lubrication or wetness this may lead to painful intercourse.
  ClinicalTrials.gov - Linking Patients to Medical Research: Study ...    
if female partner is HIV-uninfected (B) or be HIV-infected if female partner is HIV-infected (D). Able and willing to have vaginal intercourse with only the
  Sex Positions Guide - Sexual Intercourse Positions Pictures and ...    
other close during coitus. The drawbacks of such a position have largely to do with the position of the female. Her pelvic movements
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  Vaginitis and Yeast Infections n African American Women    
as implying or symbolizing erotic desires or activity; pertaining to or designating reproduction involving the union of male and female. Intercourse is defined
  Update on Contraception    
in the female's reproductive tract for up to seven days and the egg may remain fertile for about 24 hours, a woman could get pregnant from intercourse that
  fact sheet 2    
The female condom, like the male condom, is worn during sexual intercourse, providing a barrier to prevent the exchange of body fluids between sexual partners.
  Female Sexual Health And Sexual Response    
making session. In order to achieve multiple orgasms during intercourse good female sexual health is essential! Ejaculatory Orgasms.
  Barrier Methods for Women    
hours before intercourse but should be removed immediately after. Some women find the outer ring causes discomfort during use. Male and female condoms should
  Bibliography: Men Raped or Sexually Abused by Women    
Note: multiple categories possible. 3 of the female offender and 4 of the male offender (intercourse) cases used physical force.
  Education - Contraception - Female Condoms    
Do not flush down the toilet. Do not wash out and use again. Points to Remember: Use a new female condom with every act of intercourse.
  Female Sexual Dysfunction: Definitions, Causes and Potential ...    
of diminished vaginal lubrication, pain and discomfort with intercourse, decreased arousal, and difficulty achieving orgasm. Female sexual dysfunction is
  Intimacy & Sexuality: Full Sexual Satisfaction for the Y2K Female    
old sexual problem common in the lives of many women; namely no orgasm during intercourse. accurate in the past was that this is due to female "frigidity," a
  What is female genital mutilation?    
A 1998 WHO Overview on Female Genital Mutilation provides details of their formation, dermoid, cyst, keloids, scar neuroma, painful sexual intercourse, HIV/AIDS
  Female Condom    
Purchase the female condom and practice with it before you use it for sexual intercourse. The female condom may move around during sexual intercourse.
  PREVENTION NOW: Expanding Access to The Female Condom    
vulva. The female condom can be inserted up to eight hours prior to intercourse. It is odorless and causes no allergic reactions.
  Global Campaign for Microbicides : Female Condom    
The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends use of a new male or female condom for every act of intercourse where there is a risk of unplanned pregnancy and
  Young Women Who Have Sex with Women: Falling through Cracks for ...    
sex with other men. Unprotected intercourse with men may place YWSW and their female partners at risk for HIV. In a survey of 6,935
  FSD and your partner: female arousal and dealing with loss of ...    
other hand, has the same number of nerve endings clustered together in the clitoris, which is not stimulated during intercourse. During female arousal, whether
  News Story - Verizon Online    
suggests couples who rely upon the female condom may find its effectiveness reduced by a number of factors, such as improper use, vigorous intercourse or what
  Birth Control    
Female condom: may be noisy; may be difficult to insert; may irritate vagina, penis; may slip into vagina during intercourse. Spermicide:
  Survey of Human Sexuality    
8. Which of these best describes the last time you had sexual intercourse? Position: Male on top, face to face with female Female on top, straddling male Male
(Q&A) Masturbating a female — tips (JackinForHer) Masturbating despite frequent intercourse (Q&A) Masturbating even though you have a girlfriend (Q&A
  Kleptomaniac: Reality Female Condom    
It conducts heat, so sexual intercourse can feel very sensitive and natural. people with latex sensitivity won't have a problem with the Female Condom.
  Female, 39    
A 39-year-old female was referred to the author for the chief complaint of chronic pelvic pain and dyspareunia (pelvic pain with intercourse).
  SBHRARIHSS December 1999    
24 42 16 17 MALE FEMALE FEMALE MALE Of students who had sexual intercourse during the past three months, the percentage who used birth control pills during
  Diseases and Conditions of the Female Reproductive Tract    
PID) is a general term for a bacterial infection in the female pelvic organs Symptoms of PID include: persistent cramps; pain during or after sexual intercourse;

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