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  Epidemiologic Notes and Reports Immunodeficiency among Female ...    
Conceivably, these male drug abusers are carriers of an infectious agent that has not made them ill but caused AIDS in their infected female sexual partners.
  Fact Sheet - HIV/AIDS & US Women Who Have Sex With Women (WSW) - ...    
Women with AIDS whose only reported risk initially is sex with women are female-to-female transmission of HIV apparently is rare, female sexual contact should
  -:¦:- She-Max HP Natural Vitality Enhancer for Women    
female sexual desire, female sexual disorder, development female sexual, female sexual pleasure, aids female sexual, female sexual satisfaction, female hormone
  EducationGuardian.co.uk | Special Reports | Drug firms 'invented ...    
and coordinated effort to have female sexual dysfunction recognised to prescribe drugs to change sexual function, when Special reports Aids Anthrax BSE crisis
  SocietyGuardian.co.uk | Society | Drug firms 'invented' female ...    
and coordinated effort to have female sexual dysfunction recognised prescribe drugs to change sexual function, when Aids Anthrax BSE crisis Medicine and health
  AIDS Council Project HOPE Articles    
newsletter on legislation, regulation, and litigation concerning AIDS) suggested that HIV transmission from bisexual men to their female sexual partners plays
Does edible undies ; have female masturbation? Along lesbian dildo sex toy marital aids adult toy. sexual massagers. But sex toy marital aids adult toy sex toys
  Sexual Health on C-Health: Your Health and Wellness Source    
Coping with female sexual disorders. No link between breast cancer and the pill: report. China on brink of 'explosive' HIV/AIDS epidemic: report.
  GENDER-AIDS - table of contents    
Gender and HIV/AIDS Julie Walsh 10 Dec 911. Report on gender and sexual health workshop with in dual protection and female condom in India Avni Amin 02 Dec 907. GENDER-AIDS FORUM UPDATE
  Lesbians, Injection Drugs and AIDS    
by the vast majority of AIDS research, education their sexual partners, or according to sexual identity, or of women who either have female sexual partners or
  The Sexual Health Network - Sex Therapy, Expert Education    
Cynthia Lief Ruberg, MSEd Female Sexual Dysfunction Daniel S. Stein, MD Sexual Dysfunction, Intimacy Health Georgan Gregg, MEd HIV, AIDS, Hot Safer Sex
  Online Pharmacy, Weight Loss Pills, Pain Killers, Human Growth ...    
is the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency women to balance the female system. Dropper) - Increase energy, enhance sexual performance, endurance
  AIDS in Nigeria    
Once a month by male PI, assisted by a male and a female health educator. Is AIDS a problem in Nigeria? Role of sexual networks in HIV transmission.
  pharmacies symptom education sexual aids    
New Products. US FDA Approval. pharmacies symptom education sexual aids !! site mandatory prevention facial exercise female body builder picture beauty aids loosing bought testing lose
  Sex Aids Adult Toys Marital Sex Aids    
Sexual Aids, largest friendly adult toy warehouse! Discount prices on vibrators, strap-on Lovers Visit our great selection of female , male , animal, and alien Love Dolls Chasey Lain
  Focus on female vulnerability to HIV/AIDS infection    
2.2 million people living with HIV infection or AIDS. to a high incidence of violent sexual contact wife-inheritance, coupled with beliefs about female roles in
research on HIV/AIDS, distributes treatment and clinical Gilden January 2003 Female Barrier Contraceptive Finds New 2002 New Research on Blocking Sexual Transmission by Bob Roehr
  MEDLINEplus: Women's Health Topics    
Pregnancy and AIDS see AIDS and Pregnancy; Sexual Health (General); Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Spouse Vaginismus see Female Sexual Dysfunction; Vaginitis see
  Marie Stopes International - Sexual health information, AIDS ...    
the uk, advocacy organisation, aids information, checking stopes, emergency contraception, female sterilisation, hiv safe motherhood, sexual health information
  Herpes and AIDS: The Spiritual Significance of sexual diseases    
related to sexual abuse and/or dishonoring of the female vessel--a sign of the physical body rebelling against violation. Although both AIDS and herpes have
  Open Directory - Adult: Society: Advice: Health    
has online shop providing marital aids, condoms, and all aspects of human sexual relations, by Female Circumcision Information - Information about the elective
  Fast Multiple Female Orgasm and Female Sexual Response    
The device and its attachments are ideal aids to locate and stimulate the erotic and sex response For the ultimate instrument for female sexual stimulation
  Viagra for Female Sexual Problems    
During sexual stimulation, nitric oxide is released which activates an enzyme called mildly inhibit phosphodiesterase type 6, the enzyme that aids in color
until African men drastically change their sexual activities and course assures the spread of AIDS besides African otherwise in societies where a female has no
  Asian AIDS/HIV Information Archive at Utopia    
Asian AIDS/HIV Information Archive at 0471-692-4422 Sexual Health Hotline 010-6827 workers and female sex workers. They also offer workshops, events and AIDS inforamtion materials
  Viacreme by Lexxus International a female sexual stimulant!    
plan Lexxus Management Team Opportunity Testimonial Center Order Viacream Now Distributor Sign Up Female Sexual Stimulant Products Sales Aids & Tools.
  Fast Multiple Female Orgasm and Female Sexual Response    
and its attachments are ideal aids to locate sex, frequent sex; women, attain sexual fulfillment and satisfaction with explosive, female multiple orgasm.
  Sexual Disorder NOS: Description, Criteria, Causes, Symptoms, ...    
New Research Tackles Female Sexual Dysfunction; New Views on Hormone Replacement Therapy; HIV/AIDS Research At the National Institute of Mental Health;
  Sexualhealth Front Page 2:05 AM ET Saturday, May 03, 2003    
An invisible gel containing antibodies to the AIDS virus might work as an After several years of research on medications for female sexual dysfunction, many
  Just For Women : Healthy Living, Diets, Exercise, Medical Advice    
also Slimming, Weight Loss, Diet Aids and Sports Supplements such as Anabolic Product Review of Various Female Sexual Stimulation Cremes and Gels - Click Here.
  HIV CENTER: People    
AS et al.: Determinants of condom use in female sexual partners of IV drug users in New York City. VIII International Conference on AIDS, Amsterdam, the
  HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and Sexual Health Website: Clinical ...    
for HIV as highlighted in recent (1999) court case where judge ruled a Dr failed in duty of care to a Hep B male patient’s female sexual partner because he
  Minicourse on Sexuality and Sexual Health - Moderation Team - Sun ...    
and physiology, stages of male and female sexual development, and sexual dysfunction, this working in reproductive health and HIV/AIDS programs.
  Reuters Wire | 01/03/2003 | Drugmakers Deny 'Creating' Female ...    
Sales & training aids for new For more information and pricing on reprints for the story "Drugmakers Deny 'Creating' Female Sexual Disorder", please complete
  Talking to Your Doctor About Sexual Desire and FSD    
a female doctor or, better yet, their female gynecologist Your doctor has seen syphilis, gonorrhoea and AIDS. Do you really think your sexual desire problem is
  HIV/AIDS: Are You at Risk?    
transfusion prior to 1985 1 HIV/AIDS: Are You I NTERCOURSE HIV can be spread through sexual intercourse - from male to male, male to female, female to male
  Nymphomax - Female Sexual Stimulant!    
Improved circulation is vital for normal sexual function and desire. Peppermint (leaf) - Peppermint leaf contains a warming oil which aids in increasing oxygen
  Harvard AIDS Institute: The AIDS Report-Spring 1993    
strained by economic crisis, AIDS is contributing husbands whose socially sanctioned sexual behavior involves Because male-to-female sexual transmission of HIV
  lberman cv    
3. Berman L: AIDS and safer sex education. SIECUS Report, 17(1), 24-30, 1998. 4. Berman JR, Berman L, Goldstein I: Female sexual dysfunction: Incidence
  SynergyAIDS - The Synergy Resource Center    
5, Sexual Behaviour Related to HIV/AIDS: Commercial Sex they are aware of the HIV/AIDS risks associated Needs ] [Condom Use (See also Female Condom) ], Vietnam.
  The Synergy Project    
based programmes of support to children affected by HIV/AIDS; to explore 7, Female Sexual Behavior and the Risk of HIV Infection: An Ethnographic Study in Harare
  HEALTH: Female HIV/AIDS Infection Rates On The Rise    
HEALTH: Female HIV/AIDS Infection Rates On The Rise with the HIV/AIDS virus and will educate women about sexual rights and HIV/AIDS, establish support
  SBHRARIHSS December 1999    
24% of female students and 42% of male students who or used drugs before their last sexual intercourse. people in their twenties have been diagnosed with AIDS.
  The Female Condom can prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS    
of HIV/AIDS NOW Women and HIV/AIDS FACT: Women more vulnerable to HIV infection from sexual intercourse than FACT: Expanded access to the female condom could
  The female condom and AIDS    
also Reducing women's vulnerability to HIV/AIDS:UNAIDS Point anatomy: the area of the female genitals exposed to semen and other sexual fluids during
  HIV/AIDS and gender    
Young people and risk-taking in sexual relations; Community responses to aids; Use of the female condom: Gender relations and sexual negotiation.
  aidsmap - News article display page    
should be advised regarding safer sexual practices Female-to-female transmission of human immunodeficiency virus One third of $15 billion US AIDS budget must be
  An Evaluation of AIDS Reported in Health-Care Personnel    
history. Four of his female sexual partners were interviewed, and all denied IV drug use; none had a history compatible with AIDS. The
  Dealing with Specific Female Sexual Problems - Psychological Self ...    
Vibrators are wonderful aids for most women (Blank, 1996 and Both the male and the female have to let really interested in sex." The best sexual adjustment (80
  NIDA - Research Monographs - Monograph 143: The Context of HIV ...    
Female Drug Abusers and the Context of Their HIV Transmission Risk Behaviors-----48 Karen Allen. Factors Associated with Sexual Risk of AIDS in Women-----64 Ann
  AIDS HIV - symptoms, blood test, virus and drugs information    
unprotected sex with sexually active homosexual men, prostitutes or the female sexual partners of What are the common symptoms and complications of AIDS?
  sci.med.aids FAQ:What about female to male transmission ?    
In article <31612@sci.med.aids>, Ken Williams wrote: >Have there been Lazzarin A. The efficiency of male-to-female and female-to-male sexual transmission of
  female sexual aids    
Warehouse selection of female sexual aids with many shapes, colors, and sizes shipped discreetly to the privacy of your home.
  Arousal & Orgasm    
The Complete Guide To Sex Toys & Devices* The ultimate guide to sexual aids. Secrets Of Female Sexual Ecstasy, Secrets Of Female Sexual Ecstasy A stunning guide
for all our work in HIV/AIDS/STI. The major issues Lack of control over own sexuality and sexual relationships (see above) Poor men seek ever younger female partners (younger than 15 years
  AIDS News: Laos    
have helped forestall AIDS epidemic hitting some of its neighboring Southeast Asian countries. A study of sexual behavior in Laos found nearly 75 percent of female sex workers reported that
  Herbs for Female Sexual Dysfunction, Aphrodisiacs for Women    
t rate the importance of the female orgasm very Improved circulation is vital for normal sexual function and contains a warming oil which aids in increasing
  Women and HIV/AIDs -- Preventing HIV/AIDS    
sexual experimentation while demanding female innocence. A belief that contraception is a woman's responsibility frees men from taking action against AIDS,
related to the multiple roles and status of women (ie, the role of drug use in female sexual activity, pregnancy, parenting, transmission of AIDS, stress and
  The Sexual Health Network - Sex Therapy, Expert Education    
Men's Sexual Health Orgasm Pleasure STDs, STIs, HIV/AIDS Sex Ed Sexual Dysfunction? Delayed, Retarded, or No Ejaculation Female Orgasmic Disorder Female Sexual
  Center for AIDS Prevention Studies- Materials    
use among Hispanic men with secondary female sexual partners" by from the following research study: "Sexual Negotiations Among in the Era of AIDS." Prepared by
  BBC News | HEALTH | Love rats point to female sex drug    
drug could aid male stamina 19 Nov 99 | Medical notes Female sexual dysfunction Internet symptoms Chicken checked for BSE New hope for Aids vaccine Campaign to
  Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada - HOT ISSUES    
The first case of a female-to-female transmission of the AIDS-causing HIV was documented as the "first reported case of female-to-female sexual transmission of
  Policy Updates: March 2002 - Ugandan Approach to HIV/AIDS ...    
For more information on HIV/AIDS prevention in Uganda, please visit the A fourth bill, the Compassionate Care for Female Sexual Assault Survivors Act, will
  Sexual Behaviour Among Female Sex Workers and Male Company ...    
Poster presented by FHI/IMPACT, Kenya at the IXV International AIDS Conference in Barcelona (July 7 – 12, 2002).
  BET.com - How Homophobia Affects Your Sexual Health    
is a fact we've all known about AIDS from the HIV tests, and discussing their past sexual histories with all of their intimate partners, male and female.
in other countries, about half the female respondents do respondents who knew about the sexual transmission of they had changed their behaviour to avoid AIDS.
  GENDER-AIDS Forum    
20 Dec 2002 12:04:31 +0200 [gender-aids] Female condom for HIV prevention: more 10:20:18 +0200 [gender-aids] Conference on African Womens Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights From
  [gender-aids] Sexual Activity among Street Children in Rwanda    
aids@lists.healthdev.net> Subject: [gender-aids] Sexual Activity among Street Children in Rwanda active boys and 8 percent of their female counterparts reported being capable of procuring a
  Ngo-list] The Female AIDS patients on the rise    
Ngo-list] The Female AIDS patients on the rise Najam najamisb@isb.sdnpk have got the virus through sexual contact with an infected person. The first AIDS patient that was detected in Pakistan
  Contraception & Sexual Health    
Kell P. Int J STD AIDS. 2001 Feb;45(Pt 1):83-7. Sexual desire. 2002 May;31(5): 433-9. Therapeutic options in female sexual dysfunction. Shepherd JE.
  Health-list] The Female AIDS patients on the rise    
Health-list] The Female AIDS patients on the rise Najam najamisb@isb.sdnpk have got the virus through sexual contact with an infected person. The first AIDS patient that was detected in Pakistan
  CDC: Female-to-Female Transmission of HIV    
from the CDC, at The Body, the complete AIDS and HIV information submitted by the CDC National AIDS Hotline concerning female-to-female sexual transmission of HIV. NAH Question: Female
  The Body: AIDS Action -- Policy Facts: Women and HIV/AIDS    
Women and HIV/AIDS, from AIDS Action, at The Body, the complete percent of the U.S. female population, yet they represent more than men) could use before sexual activity to protect themselves against
  Female Condom's Role in HIV/AIDS Prevention    
STD Prevention UNAIDS Recognizes the Female Condom's Role in HIV/AIDS Prevention The Joint United Nations in which women have limited control over sexual decisions." Dr. Mary Ann Leeper
  Treatment of female sexuality,female sex problem,girl sex problem,female sex problems treatment,sex clinic,sexy ...    
sexuality, genital organs, aids, penis, breasts, cancer, sugar unani medicine night discharge, FEMALE SEXUALITY It is considered that unlike man, woman?s sexual arousal is slow. Some women
  Welcome to World Online Tiscali - Dr Eve    
Your attitude towards AIDS Hormone replacement therapy Naming abuse what it is Diabetes & female sexual functioning Study in ageing effects Breast cancer Old
  Policy Updates: March 2002 - HIV/AIDS Programs Continue to Be a ...    
HIV/AIDS is now the leading cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa A fourth bill, the Compassionate Care for Female Sexual Assault Survivors Act, will reportedly
  ID21 - communicating development research    
However, the extent of the AIDS epidemic in Nepal will depend upon the largely unknown issues of: the sexual partner exchange rates of female CSWs and the men
  Women's Mental Health Consortium - Funding Opportunities    
level intervention strategies aimed at understanding and preventing HIV/AIDS in women injection drug-use and crack cocaine, for the female sexual partners of
  24-lesbian fact sheet (Page 1)    
13 Information on the actual number of WSW among AIDS cases will bring Accurate information on female-to-female sexual transmission and HIV incidence, as well
  EURWEB: More News: Black Men Infecting Their Women    
women of Afrikan descent have become the highest infected population of HIV/AIDS nationally. are at high risk for acquiring HIV to their female sexual partners
  Amazon.com: Editorial Reviews: Heterosexuality    
desire, male and female sexual dysfunction, and infertility, contraception, abortion, sexual aspects of sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, teenage sexuality
  Sexual Risk Behaviours of Canadians - HIV/AIDS Epi Updates - PPHB ...    
see Epi Update entitled "HIV and AIDS Among Men at least one episode with a casual female partner in in the past six months when having sexual intercourse with
  Open Directory - Society: Sexuality: News    
News Index - The latest in female sexual health news Sex, STDs File (including Chlamydia, AIDS, Syphilis, Gonorrhea Issues, Sex and Aging, and Sexual Dysfuntions
  2002 Kentucky HIV/AIDS Needs Assessment    
of their partners have been male but with at least one female sexual partner. fourteen percent (14%) of the gay male clients in the HIV/AIDS Care Coordinator
  Sexual Diversity Studies ~ Home    
social, economic environment, and cultural environments in which AIDS and HIV NEW 374H Female Sexualities An examination of female sexual practices, sexualized
  AlterNet: Buzz Off, FDA    
speak of "curing female sexual dysfunction"). And if it's government approved, it must be good. It must work. And by extension, other sexual aids are probably
  Young Women of Color and HIV/AIDS    
The impact of AIDS on an urban population of high Sexual initiation with older male partners and subsequent HIV risk behavior among female adolescents
  HIV & AIDS Statistics for Australia (summary & statistics)    
Australia continues to occur primarily through sexual contact between men. A history of male Top ] Number of AIDS diagnoses by year* Year AIDS Male Female Total <1992 4064 143 4207 1993 799 41
  AEGiS-MMWR: Epidemiologic Notes and Reports Immunodeficiency among Female Sexual Partners of Males with Acquired ...    
cellular immunodeficiency who have been steady sexual partners of males with that has not made them ill but caused AIDS in their infected female sexual partners. References CDC. Update on
  AEGiS-IRIN: Focus On Female Vulnerability to HIV/Aids Infection    
This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations When Focus On Female Vulnerability to HIV/Aids Infection UN Integrated to girls' early sexual activity. "The environment
  gender-aids] Focus on female vulnerability to HIV/AIDS infection    
Next][Date Index][Thread Index] [gender-aids] Focus on female vulnerability to HIV/AIDS infection To especially young girls - from risky sexual behaviour, sex education in both schools and
  allAfrica.com -- Uganda: Aids Common Among Female Youth    
allAfrica: African news and information for a global audience Sahara Zambia Zimbabwe Aids Common Among Female Youth Email for Maize-Meal Sexual Abuse in Fuels Girls' AIDS Epidemic Democracy
  allAfrica.com -- East Africa [press release]: Women AIDS Sufferers Lose Reproductive Rights    
allAfrica: African news and information for a global audience violations of their sexual and reproductive rights Wage the War on AIDS >> Practices such as female genital mutilation, early and
  Notification of AIDS    
Other National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research Notification of AIDS page 1 of 2 form Sexual contact with both sexes (If female see 8a) !
  AIDS Awareness News: Sexual Ethics in Matters of the Heart    
AIDS Awareness News: Condom Causualties - Odds 1/6 Bedroom Roulette Sexual Ethics in Matters of the Heart Discrimination and 69 percent male, 31 percent female, and 60 percent high school
  Healthy Living Calendar | AccessAtlanta.com's Health Channel    
Sponsored by the National Minority AIDS Council. 9 am- 5 pm Monday-April 11. Free. 404-350-7391. • Female sexual arousal disorder study.
  Kenyan men and HIV/Aids - Paul Udoto, sub-editor, East African ...    
and take responsibility for issues of concern in preventing HIV/Aids. Across the continent ideas and expectations regarding male and female sexual behaviour don

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