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  Sexual immorality, divorce and committing fornication before ...    
a lot of questions regarding the sexual immorality were discussed before their marriage a lot of fornication? The meaning of that is sexual intercourse, that is  
  Sexual Immorality: Fornication, Adultery, Homosexuality    
Keep away from sexual immorality. the sins of homosexuality, adultery and fornication if the The answer is: they are all sterile forms of sexual intercourse.  
  Probe Answers our E-Mail: Unmarried Sex    
term fornication, or in more modern translations, sexual immorality, simply refers to In both cases fornication refers to voluntary sexual intercourse of an  
  Probe Answers our E-Mail: Sex Outside of Marriage    
Since two women are unable to have sexual intercourse with each other in and make a case that lesbian sex is not fornication or immorality simply because of  
  Welcome to YouthBuilders    
Bible translations even use the word "fornication" instead of "immorality." Fornication occurs when two people who are not married have sexual intercourse.  
  Strengthening Family Relationships:    
Immorality, which is synonymous to fornication, is a plan or purpose with wickedness and evil mischievous intentions. 3) Consensual sexual intercourse between  
  Why I Prefer the KJV over the NKJV (Part One)    
3 According to current usage fornication means, "Human an unmarried person: Sexual intercourse between unmarried people." 4 Sexual immorality must be  
  The Vice of Sexual Immorality    
2. HETEROSEXUAL IMMORALITY. A sin. (a) The sin of fornication. Fornication is illicit sexual intercourse among the unmarried. Those  
person who commits fornication.". IMMORALITY: "Wickedness; Wrongdoing. Lewdness; Lack of Chastity. Unchastity (impurity through sexual intercourse with someone  
  On translating "sexual immorality" instead of "fornication"    
With porneia we felt that "fornication" is an in English and that "sexual immorality" covers the to premarital or extramarital intercourse, prostitution, incest  
  Fornication: Grounds For Divorce, by David Padfield    
fornication, of every kind of unlawful sexual intercourse" (Shorter Lexicon of the Porneia does not here mean 'fornication' (KJV) but 'immorality' (NASB) or - Adultery: Is There A Loophole?    
having sex -- one place called fornication (GK: "porneia Adultery is sexual immorality too, it is just a with the connotation of intercourse being between  
  Reverend John Wiley Nelson on Fornication    
sexual immorality," or just "immorality," while the biblical concept of fornication fits the AmericanCollege Dictionary: "voluntary sexual intercourse on the  
In the Old Testament, fornication includes various acts of sexual immorality, especially being Incest is sexual intercourse between persons so closely  
Immorality: State or quality of being immoral Immoral: Not moral Fornication: Illicit sexual intercourse on the part of an unmarried person.  
  What is "sexual immorality"    
on sexual acts which are broader called sexual immorality. in some bibles as fornication was actually the heterosexual male by anal intercourse after capturing  
  A Word About Words -- Fornication    
word is used of illicit sexual intercourse in general. The NIV reflects this fact when it translates the word "fornication" with the word "immorality." It can  
4. So we know that sexual immorality is not included in the category of "fornication?" While there between humans initiated by sexual intercourse should never  
  Sexual Immorality Biblically Defined    
adultery is defined as sexual intercourse between two for sex, the terms for sexual immorality including the terms "adultery" and "fornication" must be  
  fornication -    
32) for unchastity (as in RSV) or immorality (as in husband and wife or concubine 2 : sexual intercourse on the RAPE Just because the word "fornication" is not  
FORNICATION / SEXUAL IMMORALITY. NEW TESTAMENT GREEK WORDS: porneia - fornication - illicit sexual intercourse; pornos - a man who indulges in fornication, or a  
the Bible the Greek definition of the word "fornication" means to commit illicit sexual intercourse. However, immorality is not only found in the US but is  
  What Does The Bible Say About Moral Issues? --- Fornication    
Fornication is defined as "unlawful or illicit sexual intercourse." (Webster five sins mentioned here are actually "fornication." "Flee sexual immorality.  
  Lesson 15    
The Bible uses the word "fornication" when speaking about sexual immorality. By definition the word means ‘sexual intercourse between a man and woman NOT  
  Porneia - Greek Lexicon    
18; sexual intercourse with a divorced man or woman; Mk. 10:11,. metaph. NAS (25) - fornication, 4; fornications, 2; immoralities, 1; immorality, 16; sexual  
  Is Pre-Marital Sex Always A Sin? - Article    
sex, to commit fornication, sexual immorality, fornication, prostitution.'"(1 prostitution, unchastity, fornication, of every of unlawful sexual intercourse."(2  
  The Flesh And The Spirit - Sins Of Moral Impurity    
therefore includes any sort of sexual intercourse between partners 4. God's disdain for such immorality is seen the writings of Paul b. Fornication is listed  
  # 1 Adult Sexual Health Terms Advisor    
Sexual immorality. A general term in scripture referring to intercourse between unmarried persons; fornication. Sexual intercourse, conjugation.  

Galatians Chapter 5

adultery ( moicei,a) in the same context extramarital intercourse, sexual immorality, fornication (MT 15.19); (3) as a synonym for moicei,a (marital  
  Divorce allowed?    
Sexual immorality in Matthew 5:32 is translated fornication in the KJV. Fornication by some has been misinterpreted as being intercourse before marriage during  
  Sex For Christians- Adultery & Fornication    
does not have to have sexual intercourse to commit sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication. Those who continue in immorality after receiving the  
  Premarital Sex/Fornication: An Interview With Jesus    
Old Testament adultery is sexual intercourse with another Fornication is a sin against one's own Those who practice unrepentant sexual immorality ('porneia' 1  
  Christian Character - Sexual Purity (Official A/G Perspective)    
What constitutes sexual immorality? to the Bible it includes adultery, fornication, homosexuality, incest voice that anything short of sexual intercourse is not  
  Bible Law    
NIV usually translates porneia as ''sexual immorality'' and moicheia between adultery and fornication among nations married man has criminal intercourse with a  
  Emotional and Sexual Purity Before Marriage    
concerns the intended definition of "sexual immorality", or "to any part thereof, ranging from kiss to intercourse. invisible line onto the fornication side of  
  SATAN USES SEXUAL DESIRE - (1 Corinthians 7:1-7) - John Piper    
2. "Because of the temptation to immorality, each man prior to marriage justifies the act of sexual intercourse. dam against the flood of fornication in the  
  Rhythm Magazine - Online! Summer 2001 "Sexual Purity"    
adultery appear together, with fornication meaning sexual handed down to Moses, sexual immorality of all for the purposes of sexual intercourse]," is strictly  
  / Community - Pre-Marital Sex    
18 c. sexual intercourse with a divorced man or occurrences, 17 are translated as immorality/immoralities, and 6 are translated as “fornication(s)”. The  
  Marriage Form - Sexual Immorality    
of the idols were hothouses for immorality of all Adultery commonly describes sexual intercourse between a married That terms as fornication, idolatry, adultery  
  Topical Sermon: Overcoming Worldliness - Fornication (Part 2)    
IMMORALITY. A. Distinguishing Biblical Terms For Sexual Immorality - cf. Heb. 13:4. 1. General term: FORNICATION (porneia - "illicit sexual intercourse in general," Thayer, 532). Includes all    
should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; 4:4 That each of you that we get the word pornographic. Fornication is: Human sexual intercourse other than between a man and  
of this arrangement are considered to be "fornication" or sexual immorality. D. 1 Corinthians 6:18. The of the same sex engaging in sexual intercourse. This activity was declared to be immoral  
  What does the Bible Teach? By Pastor Pat Bennie    
light. It means "illicit sexual intercourse, including prostitution, whoredom, incest physical relationships?Gods Word ties fornication or sexual immorality to idolatry, most often because  
  Mountain Top Walk to Emmaus® | Ten Commandments 7 & 8    
Mountain Top Walk to Emmaus® is a 3 day event for Christian leaders serving spouse. Fornication, on the other hand, is voluntary sexual intercourse between avoid sexual immorality; that  
  Sexual Sin    
fire, that there may be no immorality in your that is, that you abstain from fornication, that each a[rshn male, of the male sex & koivth sexual intercourse).  
  Topical Teaching - Sexual Sins    
Immorality, - moral behaviour that is contrary to Adultery, - sexual intercourse with a person other than Fornication, - illicit sexual intercourse when you aren  
  Turning Point    
defined by Webster’s dictionary as: “Sexual intercourse between partners fornication (the NIV usually says sexual immorality instead of fornication.    
THE CAPABILITY OF PRODUCING CHILDREN BY MEANS OF SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. Now the body is not for sexual immorality but for the Lord for the body." FORNICATION IS A  
  Resolution No. 1 Student Forum Atlanta, Georgia Call to Chastity ...    
have the ability to willfully refuse sexual intercourse. that evil intentions come: fornication" (Mk 7 meat of strangled animals and from sexual immorality.  
  Sex Outside Marriage: A Biblical View    
Sexual immorality is serious because it affects the on the personality as the sin of fornication. fail to recognize that sexual intercourse before marriage is  
  A Christian Handbook of Topics & Issues - by J. Nation    
Fornication is a general word encompassing any an unmarried person having sexual intercourse with a blood, from things strangled, and from sexual immorality.  
  Fornication And Adultery Biblically Defined    
broad term which encompasses all of sexual immorality including adultery Fornication can be committed, when adultery is not by law or by sexual intercourse, to a  
  Homosexuality according to the Bible    
here has the older meaning "to have sexual intercourse" (Random House in every passage that condemns fornication (Gal It is a form of immorality like drunkenness  
  Sexual immorality, divorce and committing fornication    
Sexualimmorality, divorce, the meaning of marriage and committing fornication freedom, this means total sexual immorality. There is nothing taboo ... of they will become one (flesh) ?. The meaning of that is sexual intercourse  
  Marriage Bed Is Pure! AAAAA    
kind of unlawful sexual intercourse” “Impurity of Especially of sexual sins” “Indecent males and females” Fornication Immorality Uncleanness Impurity  
Without sexual immorality AIDS would not have spread Sexual fornication is a great way to spread sore throat, painful sexual intercourse, generalized symptoms  
  How to Stop the AIDS Epidemic    
of, and obsession with sexual immorality, or fornication. Fornication is used two ways in the New Testament. It can mean sexual intercourse between unmarried  
of Truth Christian Ministries Adultery, Fornication& Immorality and IMMORALITY, and we will examine just what it says about them ... of a married man to his wife or his wife to him; Voluntary sexualintercourse by a married  
  Works of the Flesh: Fornication ~ Jarrod Jacobs    
fornication together, calling it "immorality." Nevertheless, to defined, the word fornication (porneia) means porneia" as: "illicit sexual intercourse in general  
  Maxey Two    
fornication"; "unchastity"; "sexual sin"; "immorality"; "illicit marriage"; "sexual immorality"; it is used of illicit sexual intercourse and it includes  
  Thomas One    
to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries Fornication: Vine's says it is used of illicit sexual intercourse and it includes  
  Coffee Talk # 68    
era, the word fornication meant general sexual immorality, including adultery What was this fornication? Was it sexual intercourse between unmarried persons?  
  When is sex before marriage acceptable? Fornication (premarital ...    
is a sexual offense as serious as adultery or fornication. 1 Corinthians 6:18 Flee from sexual immorality. between humans initiated by intercourse should never  
  IMMORALITY. An outline study of what the Bible says about ...    
variables 1. KJV translates as "fornication" a. English enough to be synonymous with "immorality" 2. porneia refers to sexual intercourse outside of  
  The Destructive Nature of Immorality    
struggle with sexual sin, from fornication and adultery is when you develop a lifestyle of immorality, it is is a merger of two people in sexual intercourse.  
  Quodlibet Online Journal: Luther's Contribution to a Christian ...    
From this fact, fornication arises and presents of marriage will inevitable encounter immorality working within or even perverse views of sexual intercourse.  
  Biblical Issues Regarding Fornication (Singles Sexuality)    
all forms of premarital sexual intercourse." Some modern versions translate "porneia" as "sexual immorality", a term obscure and dated "fornication", but is  
  New Covenant Church of God: FAQ 276. What is Fornication?    
combining them together as simply "sexual immorality" - so beware Anything else is fornication and/or adultery. is consummated by the act of sexual intercourse.  
  St. Paul's Argument From Nature Against Homosexuality (Romans 1)    
One might say that fornication is an "ontological that all forms of sexual immorality are a normal practices of sexual intercourse" ----something which  
  / Community - Pre-Marital Sex    
is, how, specifically, does sexual immorality = fornication = premarital sex? definition #1): fornication n 1: voluntary sexual intercourse between persons  
  What Does the Bible Say About...    
shuhn) Various acts of sexual immorality, especially being a porneia, most often translated fornication, in at four ways: 1. Voluntary sexual intercourse of an  
  ST : SM    
porneia (por-NAY-a) = illicit sexual intercourse As used it is usually translated as "fornication" or "unchastity then it is translated "immorality" - there is  
  What is Fornication?    
should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; 4:4 That each of you that we get the word pornographic. Fornication is: Human sexual intercourse other than between a man and  
  The Christian Examiner    
Mikell Works of the Flesh: Sexual Immorality/Fornication, by Ethan R. Longhenry Billy defines porneia as: 1) illicit sexual intercourse 1a) adultery, fornication, homosexuality, lesbianism  
  What Is Porneia? ::    
in Matthew 19:9, translated "fornication" or "sexual immorality," meant sexual relations with someone that porneia applied only to actual intercourse. Sadly, now there are reports that  
  Living in a Sex Saturated World    
The word, porneia, translated "sexual immorality" and traditionally rendered "fornication" (see for term "fornication." The word fornication in English means sexual intercourse between a man  
  Lesson 15 offers free Bible lessons and sermons by Pastor Tony Cirigliano and word "fornication" when speaking about sexual immorality. By definition the word means ‘sexual intercourse between Morality.htm    
I. Definitions - A. Fornication - porneia is used of "illicit sexual intercourse," in John 8:41; Acts 15 that are conducive to sexual immorality. Flee fornication! 1 Corinthians 6:18  
  Immorality still viewed as crime if it is reported -- Appeared August 4, 2000 - News articles from The Dominion Post    
Immorality still viewed as crime if it is reported not his spouse, that person has committed adultery. Fornication is sexual intercourse of two persons who are not married to each other
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