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  Shocked and Amazed - On and Off the Midway    
such as taxidermied or mummified freak animals, or other Also a type of sexual pervert. Human oddity afflicted with phocomelia, or foreshortened 'seal,' limbs  
  Carny Lingo    
preserved, such as taxidermied or mummified freak animals, or PINHEAD - Human oddity afflicted with microcephally, the head coming Also a type of sexual pervert Books: Sex Between Men: An Intimate History of the ...    
West Hollywood Space Oddity, June 29, 1999, History Sociology Social Science Gay Studies Human Sexuality ie Tigi Bed Head Control Freak Conditioner, 32 oz.  
  OverGround | Features | Art | Unexpected beauty    
in the setting of the lock of sexual preference that the fascination elicited by the freak show, that the guilty curiosity of staring at human oddity, would not  
  The Exponent Online    
evolution of human oddity during the of human oddity and how it relates to the "grotesque" and the "sexual." "The show was of the "freak" as a person without sexual boundaries and    
She found that many saw her as a sexual freak or exotic erotic oddity rather than a program for lesbian, bisexual and transgender human rights, said  
correct substitute for the term, “sexual freak”.] Previously known more accurate, Journal of Human Biology. the childhood trauma of being a sexual oddity?  
  Callan Williams: Answers 99    
to feel like they are in a freak show all the time, but seeing me not as an oddity, but as a human. If they just get a glance immoral?" 11) Isn't this sexual behavior that should be  
  Welcome to the Vancouver Courier - On Line - Entertainment    
out the boundaries of human sexual desire, and in the process he character rather than a freak, a post-interview run-through had its share of oddity. Both Hutchinson, who directed the  
  DVD Verdict Review - Mad About You: The Complete First Season    
of his wives having died in bizarre, freak accidents hoochies treating midtown as one big sexual salad bar to Mad About You and his human oddity persona really  
The title was meant to say that I am a sexual oddity, an androgyne. freak for sex,'" he wrote. it has raised awareness, and has perhaps put a human face on it.  
  D2 Press Stories Rigor Mortis Scott Heclmann    
the latest victim's autopsy didn't reveal sexual abuse and two gallons of fluid to embalm a human being. Monster, Freak, Oddity, 32, head mortician in Hollywood  
  ^^^^^summer camp 2002^^^^^[3rdpage-english]    
Enterprise Yourself. Governmentality of Sexual and Gender Dis/Identifications. Similarly, being a freak’, a ‘human oddity’, or a ‘human curiosity is  
  A Life of Confusion    
experienced loneliness, sexual and emotional confusion, and pain he states "she has transformed human oddity from a mark of the that she is indeed a freak. What other reasons would a "twelve  
  CNS: July 07, 2002: Transgendered people gaining acceptance in gay and lesbian community    
She found that many saw her as a sexual freak or exotic erotic oddity rather than a comrade-in-arms in the fight program for lesbian, bisexual and transgender human rights, said that there is  
  Elysian Fields Quarterly - The Baseball Review    
player for what he was. A freak. An oddity. He wasn't a normal man nor am I immune to human failings. The mask, you see, is and on the other, an illustrated sexual position that is
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