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  Rigimax for Erection Problem    
Corpustestrolic(TM) targeted to intensify male sexual arousal, boost stamina, heighten sensation and actually enhance your anatomy for greater sexual function.  
  function problem sexual    
Expand your search for function problem sexual on the web at  
  Frontal Lobe Function    
lobes are involved in motor function, problem solving, spontaneity, memory, language, initiation, judgement, impulse control, and social and sexual behavior.  
  NEWSHE Patient Experience Survey    
that he/she was earnest in appreciating the significance of this problem to me: f. I felt my physician thoroughly examined me re. my sexual function complaint,  
  NEWSHE Patient Assessment Instrument (NPAI)    
The NPAI is secure and private and is designed to provide you with a personalized assessment of your sexual function, its potential problem sources, and give  
  Letter to The Los Angeles Times on Sexual Function and Self- ...    
of difficulties in a person's sexual function that causes inadequacy and shame about the sexual difficulty which the person to conceal the problem, often with  
  What happens after prostate cancer surgery? [March 2000; 73-6]    
problems with sexual function were none, small, or moderate to big. Figure 2 shows the results over 24 months. The proportion of men with no problem dipped  
  Sexual Function    
However, if any phase of the response cycle doesn't occur, it can cause a sexual problem. Problems with sexual function are common in women, with studies  
  Nutritional supplement reported to improve women's sexual ...    
The participants used the Female Sexual Function Index questionnaire number of men who report sexual dysfunction -- 31 of options to treat the problem in women - Adult Conditions - Sexual Function - Male ...    
difficulty getting pregnant, the problem is related the sperm, they prevent normal movement and function. - Adult Conditions - Sexual Function - Surgical ...    
performance anxiety — in provoking this problem. with normal erectile function, particularly arterial  
  Network for Excellence in Women's Sexual Health (NewShe)    
operates clinics and provides resources for women dealing with sexual function problems. Yahoo! Directory  
  Sexual Wellness Center    
practice of Andrew Goldstein M.D. and Marianne Brandon Ph.D.. Provides a multi-disciplinary approach to treating women with sexual concerns and function problems. Yahoo! Directory  
  1st Viagra Pharmacy    
offers information and medication to treat male sexual function problems. Yahoo! Directory  
  Multiple Sclerosis Problem List    
If any of these things are occurring, further bladder evaluation and treatment of the problem needs to be done. 6: Bowel function: 7: Sexual function:  
  Diabetic Impotence: Sexual Dysfunction, Diabetic Impotence Causes ...    
sugars can lead to abnormal nerve function, leading to Switching medications may solve the problem. health problems can cause or worsen sexual dysfunction, as  
  THE MERCK MANUAL OF GERIATRICS, Sec. 14, Ch. 116, Sexual ...    
Because sexual function is often measured only by frequency additional perspective on the nature of the problem. The sexual history provides an opportunity to  
  Sexual Dysfunction    
of men whose problem is psychological — Viagra is more likely to help. The Truth About Sex and Aging. -March 1998-. Some reduction in sexual function is normal  
  Welcome to Ondrea's Coffee Club. Step inside, keep your shoes on ...    
dysfunction ssris book on sexual dysfunction erectile erectile disfuntion erectile problem erectile dysfunction cause index of erectile function erectile curve  
  Geriatric Times    
when shortness of breath is a problem. Appropriate treatment of mental illness can often lead to significant improvement in sexual function, assuming that the  
  Medem: Medical Library: Sexuality and Sexual Problems    
A woman's sexual function is not limited to sexual intercourse. If any of the stages of the cycle does not occur, though, it may cause a sexual problem.  
  Diabetic Impotence as a Diabetes Symptom - Joslin Diabetes Center    
and those who do not have diabetes but are having problems with sexual function. Why is sexual dysfunction, including impotence, such a frequent problem in men  
  Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Drug firms 'invented' female ...    
Drug firms 'invented' female sexual problem Sarah Boseley, health editor Friday to encourage doctors to prescribe drugs to change sexual function, when the,3604,867828,00.html  
  Guardian | Drug firms 'invented' female sexual problem    
Drug firms 'invented' female sexual problem as a dysfunction is that it is likely to encourage doctors to prescribe drugs to change sexual function, when the,3858,4575931,00.html  
  Alice Bailey - The Soul and its Mechanism - II - Pituitary    
The post-pituitary governs the maternal-sexual instincts and activity is accompanied by increased function of the Approaching the problem from a different angle  
  The Body's Experts answer your questions about SideEffects    
but I doubt that that explains all of your problem with sexual dysfunction. levels (to make sure your replacement is adequate), thyroid function and other  
  ACS :: Ways of Dealing With Sexual Problems    
of Concealment, May need special briefs; noticeable in locker room or at public urinal, Little problem, although self Function during sexual intercourse, 80  
  Sexual function    
The Center for Sexual Function provides confidential evaluation and of desire, pain during sexual activity, or approach depends on the problem, its underlying  
  Special Populations: Sexual assault is a major problem for ...    
Sexual assault is a major problem faced by as likely (odds ratio, OR 3.3) to have one or more limitations in their ability to function physically, nearly  
  Sexual dysfunction after prostate surgery    
Prior to the diagnosis of prostate cancer, nearly 18 percent of the patients felt that sexual function was a "moderate to big problem." Two years after  
  Sex advice and counseling! Your sex questions and problems ...    
If you have a question, concern or problem to ask Sexual Pain. Non-consummation of marriage; Concerns about sex organs and physical appearance and function;  
  Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Astrology - II - Libra, the ...    
to be a proper and divine function and will The teaching of wrong sexual habits, the example of chaotic and unintelligent handling of the important problem.  
Banks emphasizes that loss of libido and other changes in sexual function are only considered a problem when they interfere with the normal enjoyment of life.  
  StarNet Health - Men's Health    
only say there are mechanisms in sexual function we don antidote to this very serious problem in treating Sexual dysfunction - loss of libido, inability to get  
  Sex, sexual orientation and sex hormones influence human ...    
Sexual orientation is also associated with variation has lasting effects on problem-solving behaviour consistent differences in cognitive function between men  
  Center for Sexual Function - 1995    
Urological Institute’s Center for Sexual Function, one of As with any medical problem, accurate diagnosis Part of diagnosing sexual problems is determining  
  Impotence - Treatment and Information    
nervous system and poor nerve function can be impotence was mainly a psychological problem or , "all in The Association for Male Sexual Dysfunction cites well  
  Embarrassing Sex Questions -- Discovery Health -- sexual health    
more complex examination of urinary and bladder function and residual I have been having a problem of not being able I fake most of the sexual feelings when we  
  Veromax & ViriLife: sexual enhancers    
levels, and therefore, enhance sexual function, and increase women, and addresses the problem, allowing spontaneity drive and improving their sexual health, and  
  Ad = function statement, something about MCC, link to MCC web ( ...    
Function Statement/ Summary of Duties a particular cultural constituency or social problem with attention intersections of race, gender, sexual orientation and  
  Sexual Problems: Why Diagnosis Is Difficult    
levels of desire or changes in function that cause These changes would not then be considered a problem. or couples and would be considered a sexual problem.  
  Hypnosis for Better Sex, Love, and Sexual Freedom    
on command, you must find and release the underlying problem. If you masturbate and you function fine on your a partner with regard to your sexual performance.  
  Women and Epilepsy Information: Epilepsy and Sexual Relations    
anticonvulsant medication for your seizures if you suspect this is a part of your sexual problem. Hormones play an important role in sexual function and some  
Impotence/Sexual Dysfunction How does an erection occur? What is impotence? What can .... Impotence is not an inevitable consequence of aging. The age-old problem. The psychological causes may include marital and other mental problems that  
  female sexual dysfunction Erection Problem Female Anatomy Condom Frigidity Masturbation Homosexuality Menstruation ...    
female sexual dysfunction Erection Problem Female Anatomy Condom Frigidity Masturbation Homosexuality or attention that focuses on female sexual function. A s a result, our knowledge and  
  Journal of Sex Research: Female Sexual Function in Neurologic Disease.    
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next Female Sexual Function in Neurologic Disease.Author/s: Claire C. Yang Issue do not involve reversal of the neurologic problem. The emphasis here will be on medical  
  Vivace natural formula to increase sexual function & desire for    
Sexual Enhancers Veromax Partners Prostate HGH Vivace Breast Enhancement ... and restore sexual desire. Break-Through formula to support sexual function or disease, or prescribing any medication. If you suspect you have a medical problem,  
  Sexual Function Following Radical Prostatectomy    
Sexual dysfunction is a common problem in both men and women in the United States. Sexual problems we assess voiding and sexual function based upon baseline sexual function, patient age, risk  
  Sexual Violence Against People With Disabilities    
as "limitations in physical or mental function, caused by one or more health 6 Top of Page Magnitude of the Problem Comparing the percentages of sexual violence victims who have disabilities  
  Marshfield Laboratories: Sexual dysfunction is a common, treatable problem: Cattails March/April 2000    
Cattails: Health news and information for Marshfield Clinic patients and public health problem." Sexual dysfunction in females sexual desire and function. Loss of sexual function should be  
  His and Her Health: Cutting Edge Medical and Sexual Health News on Prostate Health, Prostate Cancer, Sexual Dysfunction ...    
Center for Male Sexual Function, Department of Urology for satisfactory sexual performance, has recently received considerable attention as a major public health problem if not medical issue  
  WebMD - Women's Sexual Function Improves After Hysterectomy    
...Sexuality I Aging I Alternative Medicine I Emotional Wellness Women's SexualFunction after surgery and 35% of women with vaginal dryness before hysterectomy reported persistence of the problem. Use of hormone replacement therapy or  
  Diabetes Education Network - Why is male sexual dysfunction a huge    
... Player Windows Media Player Real Player Windows Media Why is male sexualdysfunction a huge problem. Part of it has to do with the effect that diabetes can have on blood vessels and also the effect that diabetes can have on nerves. Dr.  
  age,aging,alternative,andropause,anti-aging,arthritis,chelation, ...    
and Herbal therapies directly with specific individual symptom or health problem (ie cognitive/memory, fatigue, decrease in sexual function, weight loss) It is  
  The Prepuce: Anatomy, Physiology, Innervation, Immunology, and ...    
prepuce: some aspects of structure and function United States: prevalence, prophylactic effects, and sexual practice 1989; 133-4; Patel H. The problem of routine  
  Every Man's Battle    
function as a Christian. Like the prodigal, you need to come to your senses and make a decision. Your own wife may not be aware of your problem with sexual  
  Yahoo! Health Encyclopedia: Impotence    
Alternative names Male impotence; Sexual dysfunction - male; Erectile than it is to discover why function has never seek counseling for this problem, which is  
  Male Erectile Dysfunction    
all inhibit the body's response to sexual stimulation it is not only a common problem, particularly among related to age, health status and emotional function.  
  R.Ruard Ganzevoort - Research on Sexual Abuse    
violence cannot be treated as an individual problem. Furthermore, sexual violence is connected with cultural and has been given to the function of religion and  
  His and Her Health: Female Sexual Dysfunction: Definitions, ...    
needs with her partner, all impact sexual function. studies are dedicated to evaluating the problem. medical management of female sexual dysfunction remains in  
ramifications sexual function is usually restored. Sexual dysfunction can contribute to psychological. discuss the problem with their partners and to promptly  
  Medical conditions and sexual problems --- HealthandAge    
however, persons without disabilities also listed the same problem as being most and sympathetic behavior by her partner should restore good sexual function.!gid2=759 : Overcoming Sexual Dysfunction    
all of whom are focused on women's sexual function complaints state any one norm for frequency of sexual activity couple is considered to have a problem in this  
  A New View of Female Sexual Problems    
don't work, there is a problem. But many women do not define their sexual difficulties this way. The DSM's reduction of "normal sexual function" to physiology  
  Men's Sexual Problems    
Women who function really well are easily brought to a in your mind embarrassing or unpleasant sexual experiences or embarrassment, that's where your problem is  
  Circumcision and Sexuality    
One problem is that some of the most vocal circumcised in adulthood for non-sexual reasons take Outcomes Study: Effect on Erectile Function, Penile Sensitivity    
regarding attitudes toward var- ous sexual practices Be aware that maximal function-so- denial and problem-solving ap- 2. Discuss findings with physician, since  
  Sexuality problems caused by female sexual dysfunction.    
Relationship: Sexual problems may be a function of relationship issues. Psychological: Yes, the problem may be psychological, but that doesn't mean you're to  
  Traumatic Brain Injury - Brain Map and Function    
important that you become familiar with brain function to better Difficulty with problem solving. term memory; Increased or decreased interest in sexual behavior  
  Good Health    
Counseling, Assess for Problem Sexual Behavior,Drinking, STD’s. Assess for Problem Drinking. assessment of dental prostetics for nutritional function.  
  InteliHealth: Peyronie's disease    
addition, men who are considering surgery may be asked to undergo specialized testing of sexual function to determine the best method of repairing the problem.  
and using a genetic crossover (sexual recombination) operator of the Boolean 11-multiplexer function, symbolic regression data, the control problem of backing  
  Home Page    
infrequently, being more prepared to live with the problem than younger adults vascular, and neurological disorders may interfere in sexual function, as may  
  International Impotence Education Month    
of Urology, University of California, San Francisco and co-chairman of the Sexual Function Health Council. "Very few couples talked about the problem with each  
  Prostatien has been shown to improve prostate function ...    
still researching the prostate's complete function, however it to develop some sort of prostate problem, some later the leading cause of male sexual dysfunction  
  Male Sexual Dysfunction - Triad Pharmacy    
The first step in diagnosing problems with sexual function is for you to talk to your family doctor about the problem. This may  
  Personal Sexual Health, Improve Your Sexual Health & Pleasure    
Most women don’t realize how their body must function in order improve and vaginal dryness can also contribute to this personal sexual health problem.  
  Circumcised? Foreskin Problem? In the UK?    
At last this book explained the function of the foreskin and the effects of its We believe that the skin or mucosa covering the sexual organs of the human is a  
  The Circumcision Problem: Inertia of the Scientific Community    
damage to the child's penis made future function as a iceberg in terms of the size of this problem. factors including early onset of sexual activity, multiple  
  Sex In Space: From Russia...with Love    
impact on a human sexual function if a person believes that there is no such impact. If a person -- a man or a woman -- had no sexual problem before the flight  
  National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Annotated Bibliography    
medications and their effects on sexual function: Diagnosis, biology Sexual side effects from psychotropic drugs are likely to be an increasing problem.  
  Penis enlargement pills and function    
Male Sexual Function Enhanced size Improved sexual performance Increased sexual control Prostate for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or  
  UCLA Healthcare -- Male Impotence    
skilled physician to tailor therapy to the individual problem and circumstances sexual performance can help maintain a healthy attitude toward sexual function.  
  Hormonal Theory of Female Sexual Problems    
the susceptibility to stimulation is a testosterone-related function. to contributing to proper sexual functioning, it has become a major health care problem. : Sex And Menopause    
the majority of women do not continue to function sexually following IS THIS A PROBLEM FOR EVERY WOMAN the transition to a state of lessened sexual interest may - Medications Prescribed Online and Shipped ...    
This medication has also been used to treat a severe form of premenstrual syndrome (premenstrual dysphoric disorder- PMDD) and a sexual function problem in men  
  His and Her Health: Erectile Dysfunction Treatment For Patients ...    
fibrosis, and loss of elasticity of the penis until normal function can occur after definitive therapy and are motivated to solve your sexual problem therapy is  
  Dr. Carter's Letter    
helps identify factors that might be important in predicting the return of sexual function after prostate cancer treatment, one potential problem with the  
  Smoking Causes Impotence And Sexual Dysfunction    
Blood flow is the main problem Circulatory arteries. Smoking inhibits sexual function in three ways: inadequate blood in-flow.  
  Erectile Dysfunction with Dr. Joel Gelman    
of sexual stimulation where the sexual stimulation is A patient with normal function will have erections an impairment, this indicates a physical problem.  
  Medicine Question of the Month    
For example, Viagra may be useful in women whose primary problem is decreased Treating these conditions or the underlying cause may improve sexual function.  
  JHMN: Sexual Healing    
is good for desire but not for function.” Wise is s middle-class background, then focuses on her problem. Her husband is the only sexual partner she’s ever  
  Zonagen Sexual Dysfunction Program    
Sexual dysfunction is a widespread health problem for both series of events triggered by sexual stimulation. In men with normal erectile function, the penis is  
  Sexual issues in chronic illness    
very sexually active and there is no interference with sexual function. marriages one element of my marital problem was a loss of some sexual activity on my  
  BBC News | HEALTH | Blood pressure drugs 'improve sex'    
However, it can also lead to difficulties with sexual function, and men who results in hypertensive men who had reported some sort of physical sexual problem.  
  Sexual Recovery Institute :: The Role of Grief and Loss in ...    
Public Figures and Problem Sexual Behavior Position Paper. to the depth and meaning of the addictive problem. Inability to function in job or family roles;  
  Male and female sexual dysfunction: Blockbuster indication for ...    
dysfunction, physiological control of sexual function, pathophysiology of The size of the problem and its 2. Background: Clinical aspects of sexual dysfunction.  
or libido. Only after treatment do some men realize they had a problem with sexual function. What Else Causes Prolactin To Rise?  
  Methamphetamine: Who Uses It, How Is It Used, and What Does It Do ...    
to stay awake; to enhance sexual experience; and functioning, executive functioning, problem solving, verbal of memory and learning function, psychomotor speed  
  International Medical Journal: Abstracts    
and criminal significance of sexual aggression are The importance of the problem of secondary neovascular Restoration of reproductive function in patients with
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