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  I think I might be gay!    
Gay men choose from a wide range of sexual practices, including masturbation (either alone or with another person), oral sex, anal intercourse, kissing, hugging  
  SF AIDS Fdn: Can We Talk? 68% Don't Know HIV Status of Sex ...    
In recent months, another cycle of news stories played out about rising rates of unprotected anal intercourse among gay and bisexual men.  
  SF AIDS Fdn: Guessing Partner's HIV Status Very Risky    
The target audience: HIV-positive and HIV-negative gay men who are engaging in anal intercourse without condoms with partners of unknown HIV status.  
  gay anal intercourse    
Expand your search for gay anal intercourse on the web at  
of Gay Slang]. kneeling at the altar: synonym for anal intercourse [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]. Knight of the  
rectify: synonym for anal intercourse [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]. redneck noun. A bigoted narrow minded person.  
  The Facts - Young Men Who Have Sex with Men: At Risk for HIV & ...    
with gay men significantly reduced sexual risk-taking behavior among the peer leaders. Peer leaders reduced their own unprotected anal intercourse by 15 percent  
  Gay Men, Sex, Relationships & AIDS    
For young gay men there is often a shift from a situation where again such that at certain times with certain people unprotected anal intercourse may take place  
  aidsmap - News article display page    
beneficial effects of more gay men knowing their HIV status. HAART would only fail to limit new infections when unprotected anal intercourse between regular  
  aidsmap - News article display page    
information in order to allow gay men to make their own decisions about sexual practices. The campaign noted that insertive anal intercourse is associated with  
  Beyond Tops and Bottoms: Correlations between Sex-Role ...    
now is what biological or developmental differences map onto sex role preference, and what leads some gay men to prefer insertive anal intercourse rather than  
  Roedy Green's Gay Essays and Links    
Ads, How to use newspaper and Internet advertisements to meet other gay people. buns, Anal Intercourse, The 16 rules of how to get maximum pleasure from anal  
  Health News - Watermark - Florida's Distinctive Gay and Lesbian ...    
Physicians in favor of this screening test recommend that all gay men, whether they HPV disease or who have been the recipients of anal intercourse should also  
  I Think I Might Be Gay, Now What Do I Do?    
Being gay will not infect you with HIV, but certain sexual practices and certain Avoid unprotected anal intercourse or other direct, unprotected anal contact.  
  ACLU Online Forums - Healthcare Issues - HIV/AIDS    
QUOTE Gay men who practice anoreceptive intercourse [being the receiving "bottom" during anal sodomy] may develop an acute fissure from direct injury  
  The Body: Health Concerns for gay Men    
Most cases of HIV transmission among gay men continue to occur through unprotected anal intercourse and, to a lesser extent, through giving oral sex  
  The Body: Barebacking in the Gay Community    
On the other hand, if two gay men have unprotected anal intercourse, and neither of them is infected with HIV, nor any other STD, then barebacking would be  
  Research on sodomy laws    
Surveys have shown that oral sex is a primary vehicle for sexual expression for both gay men and lesbians, and that anal intercourse is a primary means of  
  What Are Young Gay Men's HIV Prevention Needs?    
to drug, counseling and health services were reported to be an effective strategy for decreasing unprotected anal intercourse among gay male adolescents in  
Research findings showed unprotected anal intercourse among young gay men has increased by 50 percent since 1992, said Maria Ekstrand, PhD, a research  
  About the Pride Student Union    
Homosexual (gay) refers to people whose sexual and romantic feelings are of getting AIDS practice the following safety tips: Avoid anal intercourse or other    
  STD Explosion: The CDC worries about a new surge of AIDS among ...    
Yet another national study found that between 1995-96 and 1997-98, the proportion of HIV-positive gay men who had unprotected anal intercourse soared by more  
  ACON - Table of Contents    
campaign aims to do this by challenging the set of knowledge’s (Myths) on which gay men who occasionally engage in unprotected anal intercourse base their  
  GLBT Health - Anal Cancer Among Gay & Bisexual Men    
Men become infected with anal HPV through receptive anal intercourse. One study estimates that approximately 95 percent of gay men with HIV and 65 percent of  
  Young Gay Men Talking: Sex & AIDS    
There's a lot more to sex than anal intercourse and lots of gay men do not regard it as necessary to a really good sex life. If
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