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100 links Schultz et al. 319 (7225): 1596    
images of the female sexual response and the male and female genitals during coitus are feasible and beautiful; that the penis during intercourse in the  
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Have you ever had regular male-female sexual intercourse (penis inside vagina)? How old were you when you first had male-female sexual intercourse?  
  Sexual Health at Sex Fitness-Com    
if you ever asked him to go buy a pair of male and female love dolls is true that extreme obesity can slow down or make sexual intercourse more challenging  
  Female Homosexuality    
does.) Texts even address the issue of whether an ablution (ghusl) is required after male-male intercourse, just as after male-female intercourse, before the  
  Circumcision affects Male Sexuality and the Female Partner's ...    
of both the man and his female partner and consequences on the way they experience intercourse, diminishing their book you'll ever read about the male sex organ  
  SBHRARIHSS December 1999    
24 42 16 17 MALE FEMALE FEMALE MALE Of students who had sexual intercourse during the past three months, the percentage who used birth control pills during  
  Trends, 1997: SD 4.3 Contraceptive Use by Teens    
Female students are less likely than male students to report having used a condom during their last intercourse (49 percent of females vs.  
  All About Sex - First Time For Intercourse -Alternatives To Full ...    
intercourse. The positioning is the same as in intercourse - with the same variety of positions (assuming male/female): Traditional  
  This is the tale of two children, born with the outward ...    
with a man, and they attempted intercourse, but without conceded that the construction of normal male genitalia in an intersexed or female patient leaves a  
  TRENDS . . . TRENDS . . . TRENDS . . .    
percent who used alcohol/drugs before last intercourse PHYSICAL ACTIVITY & NUTRITION 2001 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percent 12th 11th 10th 9th Female Male Total grade  
  Male female rela(MAHUSI)    
In order for sexual intercourse to be really enjoyable and in order to avoid having a child you Male female rela(MAHUSI) 16.05.2001 4:56 Uhr Seite 12 Page 16.  
  Review/Summary of Book on Male Multiple Orgasms    
this book contains a chapter devoted to issues surrounding gay sex, it made most of its partnered-sex suggestions in the context of male/female intercourse.  
  Female and Male Sexual Fitness and Sexuality Adviser    
Some will help slow the male down so that sexual stimulation and bring on faster female orgasms. before one progresses to actual intercourse - these techniques  
  Scene Cards    
The male and female have standard sexual intercourse. The male and female have anal intercourse (ie the male anally penetrates the female).  
  Male Circumcision and Sexual Enjoyment of the Female Partner    
of the survey is its preoccupation with vaginal intercourse. 219-23; Ninomiya K, Kimura T. Male odors that influence the preference of female mice: roles  
  Anatomy of the Penis and Mechanics of Intercourse    
arrangement for non-abrasive stimulation of the male and female genitalia than . I would hazard a guess, that dyspareunia [painful intercourse] is more  
  Questionnair e and Detailed Results    
72% 82% 66% d. Using birth control pills when having sexual intercourse 46% 49 effective Sexually Active Overall Sex Age (15-17 Only) (12-17) Male Female 12-14  
  Questionnair e and Detailed Results    
each of the following: Percent responding strongly or somewhat agree Overall Male Female 12-14 66% f. Oral sex is not as big a deal as sexual intercourse 38% 44  
think you will be when you first have sexual intercourse? TABLE A (circle one): pretest OR annual Date of survey (mo./yr.): ___ / ___ MALE FEMALE ALL STUDENTS  
  Yahoo! Health Encyclopedia: Female condoms    
fairly inexpensive (though more expensive than male condoms Currently, female condoms can be purchased at most have a condom handy at the time of intercourse.  
  Male and Female Sterilisation - fact sheet    
In the case of male sterilisation the testicles continue hormones, and fluid comes out in intercourse as before In the case of female sterilisation the ovaries, health and wellness site for girls    
When the male's penis is hard and the female's vagina is wet, intercourse can occur.back to top What happens during intercourse?  
  Beyond Understanding    
Footnotes: [ 80 ] The homosexual experience of male-male or female-female intercourse cannot really simulate the exclusive male-female experience.  
  Male-Female Friendship    
hand, some degree of physical intimacy can provide many male-female friendships with be anything from an occasional hug to regular intercourse, depending on  
  Sexual Dysfunctions: Impotence, Painful Intercourse, General    
| Erectile Insufficiency | Premature Ejaculation | Male General | Vaginismus | Female Painful Intercourse | Female General | | Paraphilias | Sex Therapy  
  Fast Multiple Female Orgasm and Long Lasting Penis Erection    
longer penis erection; male and female sex response enhancement; hard penis erections; stop premature ejaculation; satisfying sexual intercourse - all these  
  Barrier Methods    
Disadvantages: Male and female condoms should not be used at the same time; Reported as being noisy during intercourse; Possibility  
  Guyana - Age of Consent    
forms of child sex abuse ‘Incest by a male/female’ Section 65-68 CLO Act defines incest as following : Incest by a male person : " Sexual intercourse by a  
  Most vicious form of intercourse    
of intercourse. A number of female insects eat their husbands during the coital act. It has been argued that in the praying mantis, for example, the male can  
  Trends, 1997: SD 4.1 Sexually Experienced Teens    
Specifically, in 1995: 49 percent of both male and female white students reported having had sexual intercourse;; 62 percent of Hispanic  
  Body Piercing - body piercing, body piercing jewelry, body ...    
Penis jewelry rarely interferes with male-female intercourse. Comfort and stimulation are greatly influenced by the position of  
  Tantra Events    
Virato usually speaks to each participant privately prior to the event, and there is a male-female balance at all intensive events. Sexual intercourse is not a  
  Female Condoms    
and lessen noise during intercourse. Adding spermicide before or after insertion can reduce the risk of pregnancy. A female condom and a male condom should not - How HIV Is and Isn't Transmitted    
HIV can be spread through unprotected sexual intercourse, from male to female, female to male, or male to male. Female-to-female  
  Reality 'Female' Condom Has Problems When Used for Male Anal Sex    
male homosexual couples, subjects reported significantly more problems using the Reality female condom for anal intercourse than with the latex male condom.  
  intercourse -- Discovery Health -- sex, making love    
vaginal intercourse, involving vaginal penetration by the penis, possibly to the point of male ejaculation and female orgasm; oral intercourse, involving oral  
  FuckU-FuckMe. Changing the feel of communication.    
a real intercourse. The basic FuckU-FuckMe(tm) kit consists of two hardware units - genitalDrive(tm) model M (male) and genitalDrive(tm) model F (female) and  
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  Sexual Health: Intercourse Disorder Personal Performance Stimulants    
Male female personal sexual intercourse performance stimulants energy enhancements for stamina disorders problems difficulty  
  HIV/AIDS EPIDEMIOLOGY HIGHLIGHT APRIL 2001 1999 OHIO YOUTH RISK ... 1999 Ohio Youth Risk Behavior Survey: HIV and Sexual Behaviors High School Students Who have had Sexual Intercourse Sex Age in Years Male Female <16 16  
  AIDS & HIV Statistics for England (UK) (by age)    
HIV infected individuals : infections probably acquired through heterosexual intercourse by age until December 2002 Age at HIV diagnosis. Male, Female.  
  Male / Female Orgasmic Disorder    
Information on ongoing research, assessment, and treatment programs for Male / Female Orgasmic Disorder (OD) is a persistent or recurrent to reach orgasm during intercourse, although he can  
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  Love Tools for Male and Female Multiple Sexual Orgasm(s).    
Love Tools for Male and Female Multiple Sexual Orgasm Sexual KungFu for women's Multiple Orgasms, Tao for Prolonging sexual intercourse, and Recovering from - Advice - Sex & Body    
When the male's penis is hard and the female's vagina is wet, intercourse can occur. WHAT HAPPENS DURING INTERCOURSE? When a couple  
  What is a female condom?    
less need to persuade male partners to use male condoms; Less disruption during sex. Female condoms can be put on up to eight hours before intercourse and they  
  Cross-Cultural Comparisons Cross-Cultural Comparisons    
Intercourse Average Age at First Intercourse 17.7 16.8 Netherlands France Germany United States Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Source: United  
  Breakthrough: building human rights culture    
The information that is available on sexuality focuses on health and normative marital male-female intercourse. Pleasure is rarely talked about.  
  The Body: SIECUS: SHOP Talk -- Common Misconceptions About Condom ...    
33% of female participants and 40% of male participants who reported having had sexual intercourse and using a condom at least once, incorrectly identified the  
  Appendix - family    
behaviour: unlawful sexual intercourse; attempted unlawful sexual intercourse; indecent assaults; indecency (female-female); indecency (male-female); indecency (male  
  Infertile and infertility in men and women: a guide to ...    
has been no pregnancy after 1 year of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. The male partner has previously had testicular problems. The female partner is  
intercourse with other women produced male offspring; whereas the second group of men, who produced male offspring, have with yet other women produced female  
  UCSB's SexInfo - Female Condom    
a male and female condom at the same time? Absolutely not! Using these two methods at the same time can cause them to move out of place during intercourse.  
  Bibliography: Men Raped or Sexually Abused by Women    
Note: multiple categories possible. 3 of the female offender and 4 of the male offender (intercourse) cases used physical force. - Methods for Planning the Baby's Sex    
If a female child is desired, then the couple should have intercourse frequently so that the proportion of male sperms in the semen is reduced.  
  Sex Positions Guide - Illustrated sexual intercourse techniques ...    
For many women, this position is the only one through which orgasm is possible during intercourse. The male may wish to explore female anal stimulation  
  Women's Sports Foundation Body & Mind    
New York experienced their first sexual intercourse earlier than active adolescents in the nationwide survey, both female athletes (87%) and male athletes (85  
  NFPS-842 Fertility File 19    
She reported a male birth rate of 96.3%. A success rate of 88.9% for a female child was obtained with pre-ovulatory intercourse postponed until the appearance  
  CyberAstro Healthcare Services: The Right Choice for Alternative ...    
Vaginal intercourse can transmit HIV to either the male or the female partner, but a number of studies have shown that the risk is higher to the female partner  
  PPNYC -- Reproductive and Sexual Health FAQ    
similar to a diaphragm.) Since nothing restricts the man's penis, intercourse with a female condom may feel better to some men. Unlike the male condom, female  
orgasm; oral intercourse, involving oral caress of the sex organs (male or female), possibly to the point of orgasm; and anal intercourse, involving insertion  
  Transitions - I'm Coming Out ... I Want the World to Know ... ( ...    
Being male and wearing skirts or being female and having Abstinence from sexual intercourse is the surest way to avoid unwanted pregnancy, HIV, and other  
  Male Impotence - Erectile Dysfunction - Female Impotence - Sexual ...    
from other problems that interfere with sexual intercourse (such as Women are also affected by male impotence. Women themselves can develop female impotence.  
  Choosing Your Baby's Sex    
by the Billings Ovulation Method of natural family planning, there was an overall 95% success rate for male and female preselection if intercourse was carried  
  goats: The Pub forum    
In the normal course of Sleestak reproduction, a male-on-male intercourse must happen, followed by, for example, a male-on-female intercourse, followed by a  
  Global Campaign for Microbicides : Female Condom    
The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends use of a new male or female condom for every act of intercourse where there is a risk of unplanned pregnancy and  
  Howstuffworks "How Human Reproduction Works"    
One last male organ is a tiny, pea-sized set of glands believed that these secretions may lubricate the penis and female tract during sexual intercourse.  
  Healthbeat: Premature Ejaculation    
not only can you make the male last longer By sexually exciting your female partner she will be closer to orgasm when the time comes for the actual intercourse.  
male semen at ejaculation (the release of semen during intercourse), and, therefore involved in a sexual act, be it male to male; male to female, or female  
  Selected Behaviors that Increase Risk for HIV Infection Among ...    
students. About one third (33.5%) of male students and 20.0% of female students initiated sexual intercourse before age 15 years. Nearly  
  The Sex issue    
18. What do you prefer? Male, Female. oral sex, 36.3%, 30.8%. straight-forward intercourse, 56.0%, 58.2%. phone sex, 4.4%, 5.5%. cybersex, 1.1%, 1.1%. no sex, 2.2%, 4.4%. 19.  
  Health Education - Female Condoms    
to cause an allergic reaction than a male latex condom. The female condom will protect against most STIs if is used correctly and for every act of intercourse.  
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  The female condom is the first woman-controlled barrier method ...    
While WHO continues to recommend the use of a new male or female condom for every act of intercourse, the consultations did note that, for some people, the  
  Infinite Thinkings Survey Results Ver. 3    
orgasm? Male Orgasm Frequency from Intercourse. 694, 0. A an orgasm? Female Orgasm Frequency from Intercourse. 549, 0. %a0, A  
  Tao Sexual Yoga 1- introduction, the nature of male and female. < ...    
the male exists only to provide the seed for future generations and to protect the nest while the female nurses the young to maturity. Sexual intercourse  
  UMHS - Condom    
Do not reuse female condoms. Use a new one every time you have intercourse. Also, do not use a male and female condom at the same time.  
  Dr. Gary Alter, MD    
Many patients with a smaller penis will not have adequate depth for satisfactory intercourse, unless a Cost The cost of male to female sexual reassignment  
  HIV/AIDS: Are You at Risk?    
viruses. If a male latex condom cannot be used, consider using a female condom for male/female sexual intercourse. The polyurethane  
  Black Male Black Female White Male White Female Hispanic Male ...    
Juvenile Population Profile Fiscal Year 2002 Admissions (continued) Male Female Total Most 2 0.90% 0 0.00% 2 0.83% Involuntary deviate sexual intercourse 1 0.45  
  HIV transmission    
HIV is commonly transmitted sexually by penile-vaginal intercourse. The female is at more risk, but the male partner also can get infected.  
  Repromed - Guide for GP's    
alternate day intercourse across the fertile time is usually 30% of infertility is due to female factor eg 30% of infertility is due to male factor — sperm  
  Repromed | GP Guide    
of a 28 day cycle; alternate day intercourse across the 30% of infertility is due to female factor eg tubal 30% of infertility is due to male factor — sperm  
  Monash IVF Australia Back to Basics- male female infertility in ...    
be fertilised by sperm from the woman's partner if sexual intercourse has recently that 1/3 of this infertility is a female problem, 1/3 a male factor problem  
  Anatomy and Functions of the Male Foreskin    
and vagina, providing nontraumatic sexual stimulation of both male and female. and prevents both the dryness responsible for painful intercourse and the  
  The Female Condom    
After intercourse, squeeze and twist the outer ring gently and then pull the Then discard it as you would a male condom. The female condom should not be reused  
  Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Healing - I - Desire, ...    
to the medical man, is the growth of homosexuality, both female and male. urgent was the sexual appetite, the normal processes of human intercourse did not  
  The Things People Say About Sex    
if it is the girl’s first time, or she has not had intercourse often. if the female holds her breath when the male comes; if she douches immediately after
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