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  Sexual Orientation - Symbols    
Sexual Orientation - Symbols. Black Triangle - A symbol used in Nazi Germany. The black triangle was given to women who refused to
  Sexual orientation flags    
Symbols of sexual orientation. The color purple (or, more accurately, lavender) became popularized as a symbol for pride in the late 1960s — a frequent post
  About Asexuality    
So, we'll extend the sexual orientation diagram to have a dimension for As sexual attraction plays less and less of a roll in someone's Hence the AVEN symbol:
  Sexual Orientation and Discrimination    
Rainbow Flag: the rainbow flag is a symbol of gay Sexual Orientation: a person's long lasting emotional, romantic, and sexual attraction to individuals of
  Sexual Orientation    
A person displaying this symbol is one who will be understanding No matter what your sexual orientation might be, everyone needs quality, confidential and
  Plato's Myth on the Origins of Sexual Orientation    
Each of us then is a symbol(6) of humanity inasmuch as we are hewn like a flat fish - out of one, two ["ex henos duo"]. So they each seek their [other] symbol.
  # 1 Adult Sexual Health Terms Advisor    
Queer blurs both gender and sexual orientation and is regarded as more inclusive of in 1978 in San Francisco by artist Glibert Baker as a symbol of lesbian and
  Sexual Wake-Up Call ~ By Mystic Life    
Return to Home Page. Orientation ~ Chapter 3 ~ ~ § ~ I would like to see all nationalistic flags replaced with a symbol of balanced sexual energy such as
  Frequently Asked Questions    
lambda letter has spread throughout the world as a frequent symbol for gay is that genetic factors probably do play some role in determining sexual orientation.
Bisexuality- A sexual orientation in which a person feels Sexual minority- A person may identify as homosexual, gay Double Woman's Symbol Also known as ''the
  Safe Place    
Displaying this symbol will let others know that you support full participation of all members of the workplace, regardless of sexual orientation.
  University Committee on Sexual Orientation (UCOSO) - Western ...    
Rainbow A symbol celebrating the uniqueness and diversity within the GLB If, in fact, the data are correct that suggests that sexual orientation is established
  WorksonWork Help    
Use the symbol ! Word order - Words joined by & / ! are evaluated in left-to-right order: sexual orientation & sexual harassment / same-sex harassment finds
  Gateway Sermons: Purity - Our Sexual Orientation (Ephesians: ...    
Light often a symbol of God's blessing and guidance. Practice the radical new sexual orientation to which we have been called - Practice purity.
  Asylum based on Sexual Orientation    
Bar of California: Immigration and Sexual Orientation (San Diego Society for the Study of Sexual Minorities (CSSSM Post: Cultural Struggle Finds Symbol in Gay
  ABCNEWS.com : Dealing With Sexual Orientation at Work    
Currently, there is no federal law against harassment based on sexual orientation. However, it is illegal in some states and cities. By Symbol. My Portfolios.
  Berkleemusic - Berkleemusic Policies    
national or ethnic origin, age, handicap, or sexual orientation. can also be construed as sexual harassment. the College's name, logo, or symbol without prior
the media is so often blamed for this phenomenon, as they too often portray thinness as a symbol of beauty, success, and popularity. ADULT SEXUAL ORIENTATION.
  Allies pamphlet    
The message is that a person displaying this symbol is one who will be Homosexuality” indicates sexual and/or affectional orientation to persons of the
  Sexual Orientation    
sleeve’ metaphor that became virtually a symbol for exclusive regarded as being central to an orientation in relation gender rather than a specific sexual act
  GLBT Glossary    
it is recognized throughout the US and Europe as a symbol of gay and Sexual Orientation or Identity A person’s emotional, social, psychological and physical
  The National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law    
NATIONAL JOURNAL OF SEXUAL ORIENTATION LAW. the fears of those who condemn us for our weddings, but I believe they fail to look beyond the symbol and cannot see
rooms and where they are displayed they can place a gay and lesbian-affirming poster or symbol next to the religious symbol. 7. Sexual orientation is too vital
  Victim Experiences in Hate Crimes Based on Sexual Orientation    
the victims were not in a gay-identified setting but their sexual orientation was assumed by of women, the jogger was wearing a singlet with a gay symbol on it
  Rosebud's Garden- Dreams    
in a few, rare cases may be about sexual orientation. Sexual dreams are either wish fulfillment, compensatory dreams, or As a dream symbol it can represent a
  Knitting Circle NATFHE Sexual Orientation Booklet Text    
The symbol homosexual prisoners of the Nazis were forced to wear. Negotiate the addition of "sexual orientation" in clause 2.1 (c) of the Conditions of Service
  AIA - Alliance of Iranian Americans    
color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, gender, or sexual orientation or because of that private property by placing a racist symbol on that
  Issues of Sexual Orientation in the Workplace    
that June is Gay Pride month and that the symbol of the Add sexual orientation language to your employment discrimination policy, including EEO and harassment
in a few, rare cases may be about sexual orientation. either wish-fulfilling, compensatory, or non-sexual, but rather As a dream symbol it can represent a wide
  Sexual Orientation - Research Guide - DePauw University Libraries    
from those disciplines that contain, but don't focus on, sexual orientation. Cassell's Encyclopedia of Queer Myth, Symbol, and Spirit: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual
  William & Mary Safe Zone Program    
The symbol is not an indication of a person's sexual orientation -- it merely states that he or she is gay-affirming, or gay-friendly (in other words, an ally
  GSA Resources - Hate Free Zone    
Your sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion, national origin, and physical to be an individual will be respected by the bearer of this symbol.".
  Maximum Glossary    
The origami crane became a symbol of the peace movement in the years the popular name for the practice of revealing someone's sexual orientation against their
  UNB Safe Spaces Project    
society • provides supportive individuals with a symbol to demonstrate the importance of being open to all persons regardless of sexual orientation, and that
  Lancaster County Gay History    
hinterland of Lancaster County as inspiration for significant work; he also refused to falsify his sexual orientation. His life became as much a symbol for his
and in a few, rare cases may be about sexual orientation. Horse Horses can symbolize freedom, power and sexual energy Hug A hug is a very pleasant dream symbol.
  Untitled Document    
of the Department of Justice for her perspectives on sexual orientation discrimination in The pink triangle and green circle is the trademark symbol of the
  Queer Terms Defined at Erratic Impact    
Publicly revealing the sexual orientation of an individual who has chosen to keep that orientation a secret The symbol homosexual men were required to wear
  Human Sexuality and Sexual Orientation    
some who have progressed from the Kinsey scale to the Klein sexual orientation grid, which yourself with a #3, you could end up with a Prince symbol as your
  Sexual orientation flags    
This page is part of © FOTW Flags Of The World website Sexualorientation orientation | homosexual | gay | lesbian | transgendered | bisexual |...color purple (or, more accurately, lavender) became popularized as a symbol for pride in
  Knitting Circle NATFHE Sexual Orientation Booklet Text    
Knitting Circle: Trade unionism SexualOrientation Harassment - a trade union issue, 1985; and Sister, a newsletter. ... of and prejudice against lesbianism and gayness. Pink triangle The symbol homosexual prisoners of the Nazis were
  Meet EXIT    
... indeed! John 8:36 TM No Violence We have this logo on our site as a symbol of our belief that violence and hatred are wrong and that everyone, ...regardless of beliefs, actions, gender, sexualorientation of what we have come
  Equal Opportunity Office    
Office of Equal Opportunity The symbol from the Ghanan language of Akan. It is used here because it ...committment of this office to people, regardless of ethnicity, race, sexualorientation, gender, nationality or religion, or
  Bridgewater State College Counseling Center - BSC Safe Zones    
...BSC The Safe Zone SymbolThe symbol of gay and lesbian identity and self-esteem. The green circle, the ... help, advice, or just someone with whom to talk regarding issues of sexualorientation. People who display this symbol
  Student Affairs, University of Toronto - LGBTQ Resources & ...    
The most visible symbol is an inverted rainbow triangle sticker which you will favourably to those who are marginalized because of sexual orientation or gender
  Sexual Orientation and Education Politics: Gay and Lesbian ...    
of gay representation relate to school board policies regarding sexual orientation education. national history" (Harbeck 1992, 1). As a powerful symbol of the
  Where Do I Start?    
The rainbow flag is a symbol of diversity, adopted by the GLBIT persons prefer the term "sexual orientation." "Sexual preference" implicates sexuality is a
  CJOnline.com | The Topeka Capital-Journal | Common terms in the ...    
A person's self-perception of his or her sexual orientation. or other interventions, a person's sexual desire for a 1978 and was intended to be a symbol of gay
  Human Rights Campaign Calls on ExxonMobil to Change EEO Policy | ...    
written equal employment opportunity statement to add the words "sexual orientation." HRC also an ExxonMobil logo superimposed with a big red strikeout symbol.
  Safe Space at Xerox    
displaying the Safe Space® symbol, ask yourself: Can I provide a "Safe Space®" for my gay colleagues? Is it OK to discuss issues of sexual orientation with me
Some have reclaimed this word as a symbol of pride and strength. return to top of page. Sexual Orientation, Sexual Preference, Sexual Object Choice.
  Useful Terms    
those who are exploring the personal and political dimensions of their own sexual orientation, sexual and/or gender identity. Rainbow Flag symbol of the gay
  Safe Place    
respect, and assistance. Posting this symbol does not indicate anything about your own sexual orientation. We recommend posting
  Straight But Not Narrow (SBNN) is program performed by ALLIES ...    
adopt this name with pride.] outing - disclosing someone's sexual orientation to another Symbols Double Woman's Symbol - Also known as "the mirror of Venus
  LEAGUE @ AT&T (Safe Space Program)    
Consequently, they often feel a need to hide their sexual orientation and anything a pink triangle, a widely-recognized gay-positive symbol, surrounded by a
six colors of the rainbow has been used as a symbol of gay to those who have experienced discrimination/harassment based on sexual orientation/gender identity
  ThePittsburghChannel.com - Pa. Hate-Crime Law Now Includes Sexual ...    
The bill adds ancestry, gender or gender identity, mental or physical disabilities and sexual orientation to the definition Quick Quotes enter name or symbol.
  West Virginia University Office of Social Justice    
attend a special training session devoted to issues surrounding sexual orientation, and make a The symbol is a message to GLBTQ students and colleagues that a
  Gay Lesbian Ally Safe Zone    
student. This symbol will identify an oasis of understanding and support by making a safe zone for persons of any sexual orientation.
based upon an individual's race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity star of David, islamic cresent, or other religious symbol on the
  PFLAG-Baltimore News Page    
Although the Rainbow Flag was initially used as a symbol of pride can be persuaded, converted or recruited into homosexuality because sexual orientation is not
of skinheads only because she sported a "red ribbon", the symbol of solidarity or believed they had been denied a job, because of their sexual orientation.
the extent to which those who are open about their sexual orientation are likely of skinheads only because she sported a "red ribbon", the symbol of solidarity
  News and Media : Press Releases    
Home Depot (ticker symbol HD) reported $47.5 billion in sales and transgendered shareholders pressing companies to prohibit sexual orientation discrimination.
  USSU LGBTA Centre    
Rainbow Flag: the rainbow flag is a symbol of gay and lesbian Sexual Orientation: a person’s long lasting emotional, romantic, and sexual attraction to
  BIWOT Bisexuality    
illuminate many of those elements of sexual orientation and sexual overlap between political actions and sexual desire is a well known bisexuality symbol and is
race, religion, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, or disability is Desecrating a religious symbol or displaying a swastika on another
  Boy Scouts of America: A Symbol of Prejudice    
Boy Scouts of America: A Symbol of Prejudice. States upholds the legal right of the Boy Scouts of America to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.
  High Court Lets Gay Job Harassment Claim Go To Trial    
Symbol Lookup. can sue under federal discrimination laws for harassment over their sexual orientation.
in their lives because of many factors, including sexual orientation. However, the term "sexual orientation" is will stand as one more symbol of the
  ACLU Press Release August 1999 Press Releases    
because it was considered it a gang symbol. 08-13-99 -- ACLU of Illinois Lauds Court Ruling That Boy Scouts Cannot Discriminate Based on Sexual Orientation.
  International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission United ...    
sexual orientation" is currently in brackets. If these words are omitted from the relevant paragraphs, the Platform for Action will stand as one more symbol of
  Lambda flags (gay pride)    
also: Sexual orientation flags. Other sites: Lambda as a gay pride symbol, reported by Charles Ashburner, 16 Mar 1999, and quoted bellow. Origin of the symbol.
  DalOUT - LGBTQ History    
1996: The federal government passes Bill C-33 which adds "sexual orientation" to the Canadian Human Rights LGBTQ Symbols (Click on a Symbol for more information
  New Page 1    
as the symbol of our house to represent the variety of people we are, in gender, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, and, of course, sexual orientation.
  TRANSGENDERISM: Transgressing Gender Norms    
TGism Suggested Reading Trans Event Calendar About the TG symbol About us general, it works best to think of all effects - sexual orientation, gender identity
  Office of Student Life    
and willing to learn about issues related to sexual orientation. Do I have to be GLBT to join Safe Zone for Students? Displaying the Safe Zone symbol does NOT
  Office of Student Life    
individuals and willing to learn about issues related to sexual orientation. Do I have to be GLBT to join Safe Zone? Displaying the Safe Zone symbol does NOT
  LADA Hate Crimes Defined    
perceived race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, or Desecrating a religious symbol or displaying a swastika on another
  University of Toronto: Sexual Education Centre Campaign for ...    
The rainbow flag has become a symbol of pride for sexual It has policies prohibiting discrimination and sexual harassment on the basis of sexual orientation.
strip rainbow flag was adopted as the international symbol for the is essentially heterosexual but whose identity describes more than their sexual orientation.
In the closet: Keeping one's sexual orientation and/or gender or sex identity a secret. originally chose the lambda, the Greek letter "L", as a symbol in 1970.
making the USM climate safer for students, regardless of sexual orientation,” Buelow said. the training session, each member gets a rainbow symbol to display
  B-GLAD 2001 Online Supplement    
rainbow, rainbow flag n. originally a symbol of the 1978 San Francisco Freedom sexual orientation n. used to describe the gender to which someone is attracted.
  Women's rights: universal and indivisible    
However, the term "sexual orientation" is currently in brackets [indicating opposition by some paragraphs, the platform will stand as one more symbol of the
  prince.org: frequently-asked questions    
It seems that he will continue to use the symbol as a logo, however. is "Who cares?" Most Prince fans are entranced by the music, not the sexual orientation.
  TATTOO The Mark of Rebellion    
their sex encounters." (Ronald Scutt, Art, Sex and Symbol, 1974, p low self esteem, lack of self control, homosexual orientation, sexual sadomasochism, bondage
  HST: Gay and Lesbian US History Review    
fulfill the need for gays and lesbians to have a symbol that they lesbians, protect people from the discrimination because of their sexual orientation, and to
  Ada County Democrats : Welcome to Ada County Democrats    
our society, regardless of race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation donkey widely accepted as the Democratic party's symbol probably had
  Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/04/2002 | Pa. adds sexual orientation ...    
intimidation by the legislation are ancestry, gender or gender identity, mental or physical disabilities, and sexual orientation. Enter symbol/company name.
  Common terms and definitions in the LGBT communities    
Transvestites may identify as heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or bisexual in their sexual orientation. Each of these groups were identified with a symbol on their
  Sexual Harassment Information Site    
or permit to be published to displayeda notice, sign, symbol, emblem or color or ethnic, national or social origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status
  Safe Space Program    
or transgendered employees feel forced to hide their sexual orientation or identity and a pink triangle, a widely recognized gay-positive symbol, surrounded by
  GLCS-SA - Terminology / Glossary of Terms    
outing: (from "out of the closet") Publicly revealing the sexual orientation or gender identity of pink triangle: Now a gay pride symbol, it was the symbol gay
  DeGeneres: The apolitical wit of a symbol -- The Washington Times    
given how she publicly acknowledged her sexual orientation during the Yet the woman whose sexual politics launched a Heche made her, to many, a symbol of the
  Safe Zone at VCU    
come from students who identify as LGBT or are questioning their sexual orientation. Pink Triangle: The sticker bears the pink triangle, a symbol used during
  Campus Safe Zones:    
They ask volunteers to wear this gay pride symbol during the training session and Because sexual orientation is not a visible identity, the true impact of Safe
  Untitled Document    
campaign to create a campus free of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. 8. Adopted as a symbol of pride by sexual minorities around the world
  University of Wyoming    
questioning students and colleagues that a person displaying the symbol is one advice or someone with whom to talk about issues related to sexual orientation.

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