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provides information and links on sexuality, STDs, pregnancy, sexual orientation, and more.
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.Sexual Orientation.
  USATODAY.com - Who can be a priest? Sexual orientation an issue    
Who can be a priest? Sexual orientation an issue By Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA TODAY The Roman Catholic many fine gay priests," he says homosexuals molesting teen boys, not pedophiles attacking
  Sexual Orientation    
confusing if you’re unsure about your sexual orientation, which lots of teens are. As a teen, you’re trying to figure out who you Exactly is Sexual Orientation? Sexual orientation is who
  Teen Health website, Nova Scotia    
Whether it's puberty, relationships, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), sexual orientation, contraception or pregnancy you are concerned about, this
  Sexual Orientation    
laws against discrimination. Sexual Orientation - Sexual Orientation. Class Info Senior Health ] [ Teen Health ] [ Children's Health ] [ Sexual Health ] [ Reproductive Health ] [ Dental
  Sexual Orientation Answer    
of their sex. A professional counselor can help a teen sort out his or her feelings more students to be harassed based on their sexual orientation and that school administrators and teachers
  Teen Health    
Teen Health - A variety of links and articles regarding teen health issues related to sexuality and sexual orientation issues for young men and women, STDs
  Teen Advice | Help | Love | Dating | Relationships | Sexual ...    
Dear Dish-It is serving up hot advice on topics like dating, relationships, sexuality, sexual orientation and other teen issues. Click Here.
  Sexual Orientation    
on self esteem, smoking, drugs, weight loss, weight gain, teen dating and gender For Algernon, Mice And Men And moreb>Sexual Orientation gender home what is gender being a boy
  ... information from the Calgary Birth Control Association - Sexual orientation - counselling and education services ...    
CBCA offers non-judgemental support and information to help you make confident moved into their teen years. Being a teenager is a group "Questioning Your Sexual Orientation." This is an 8
  FreeToBeMe: The new numbers on sexual orientation    
and Lesbian People are There? The new numbers on sexual orientation Alfred Kinsey's research in the late sexually abused as a child or a teen? How many men said "yes" to having had homosexual
  Student Harassment and Sexual Orientation    
Concerning Pupil Harassment and Sexual Orientation ". . . uncertainty about sexual orientation is a normal part of refer to this study when discussing teen gay issues. Here are the facts
  http://www.reclamationrc.org/More Facts for Educators.htm  
  Why Teen Agers Should Not    
Why Teen Agers Should Not Experiment With Homosexuality There are so many reasons why teenagers should not declare their sexual orientation at an early age that it is difficult to know
  Adolescence, Sexual Orientation & Identity    
and understand that that person's uniqueness includes her or his sexual orientation/identity. Company, 1990; and Bidwell, RJ, "The Gay and Lesbian Teen: A Case
The three types of sexual orientation are: (www.siecus.org/teen/teen0005.html). Heterosexual people are attracted to people of the other sex.
  Teen Sexual Behaviors: Issues and Concerns    
are involved in the recent work on sexual orientation: neuroanatomy, psychoendocrinology, and Involving Males in Preventing Teen Pregnancy: A Guide for Program
  SHOP Talk - New Study Suggests Teen Women Who Identify As Lesbian ...    
New Study Suggests Teen Women Who Identify As Lesbian and Bisexual May Be women who identify as lesbian, bisexual, or unsure of their sexual orientation may be
  "Sexual Orientation," Sexual Addiction and "Coming Out" of ...    
like these, especially the "revelation" to the vulnerable teen by an to change, contribute mightily to the difficulty of abandoning gay sexual orientation.
  ReCAPP: Topic in Brief (October 1999)    
For the full study implementation and results, go to Promising Practices. · Sexual Orientation and Teen Pregnancy: Does It Matter?
  CNN.com - Teen lesbian sues school for bias - Dec. 17, 2002    
Teen lesbian sues school for bias. The suit alleges that a gym teacher said that Ashly's sexual orientation made other girls in the class "uncomfortable.".
  Affirmation - Parent's Response to Sexual Orientation Can Reduce ...    
But parents, in how they respond to their teen-ager's sexual orientation, can reduce the greater risks that gay youths face. The
  Society the Basics, 6/e Chapter 7 -- Overview    
Further, sexual orientation is probably not established exactly the same way for Teen Pregnancy Teens are biologically mature but many are not emotionally
  Sexual Orientation    
is a confusing time, but it’s even more confusing if you’re unsure about your sexual orientation. more ->, Help Us FAQ's, Know Yourself, Teen Health Centre
Gender Equity | Homelessness | Male Responsibility | Parenting | Sexual Orientation | Single Parenting | Southeast Asian Culture | Teen Suicide | Teen Parents
  Young Women's Health Site: Sexual Health    
Learn about respect, peer pressure, sexual orientation and more. Teen Advice Online - Dating http://www.teenadviceonline.org/dating/ This site provides
  Imprisoned Teen Challenges Kansas ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Law    
to the Kansas Court of Appeals, was to differentiate sex between a full-fledged adult and a young teen from sex Penalties far Different by Sexual Orientation.
  oneBYone - Is Sexual Re-orientation Possible?    
is too many. The suicide of any teen, over sexual orientation or any other factor, is tragic in the extreme. However, I cannot see
  Gay and Lesbian Adolescents - AACAP Facts For Families # 63    
may be helpful for teens who are uncomfortable with their sexual orientation or uncertain Therapy may also help the teen adjust to personal, family, and school
  Teen Advice Online: Stop these Emotions?    
religious beliefes, that sexual orientation is not the only choose in life, you can happens to have the same spelling as the abbreviation for Teen Advice Online
  OIA Newsdesk : Gay Akron! Welcome to Out In Akron - Gay Lesbian ...    
Murder > Los Angeles Explores 2010 Gay Games Bid > Rifle teen gets his gay porn star > Stonewall Awards announced > Cincinnati adds sexual orientation to hate
  Parent-Teen: The Sex Lives of Teenagers    
Parent-Teen is a publication of: some of the issues young people face around sexuality, including abortion, masturbation, sexual orientation, sexual abuse and
  Parents encouraged to talk to their teens about sexual ...    
Parents encouraged to talk to their teens about sexual orientation. The teen years can be tough for parents as teenagers come closer to understanding who they
  Ask NOAH About: Sexuality    
Helping Young People To Delay Sexual Intercourse - Planned Parenthood Teen Sex See Ask NOAH About Family Planning and Contraception) Sexual Orientation Gay and
  Tips for Talking with Sexually Active Teens about Contraception    
concerns. Do not make assumptions about the teen’s sexual orientation or about his/her sexual behavior based on that orientation. Do
  Tips for Talking with Sexually Active Teens about Contraception    
concerns. Do not make assumptions about the teen's sexual orientation or about his/her sexual behavior based on that orientation. Do
  Sexual Orientation    
Some people do not believe that we are born with our sexual orientation. Every 35 minutes there is a teen suicide attempt related to sexual identity.
  Nevada Matchiim Teen Pregnancy Module risk facts    
performance poor communication with parents peer pressure lack of a traditional religious/moral orientation sexual abuse victims 9 Previous teen pregnancy 5,10.
  Colleges Page - GAY TEEN MEETING PLACE    
Gay Teen Meeting Place. What the colleges look for "College admissions officers care less about student sexual orientation and more about how a student
  Adolescent Sexual Health    
It's free! CONTENTS 1. Teens' knowledge and attitudes about sexual health. 2. Teen use of home pregnancy tests. 6. Sexual orientation during adolescence.
  Center For Policy Research - Research on Teen Suicide    
Research on Teen Suicide. In addition to sexual orientation, there are other traits that independently put teens at risk for suicide attempts, such as drug use
  Sex Education    
Teen Health Web Site - Topics include teen sexuality, sexual orientation, STD's, pregnancy, and sexual assault. The site is maintained
Anger Management Emotional/Physical/Sexual Abuse Substance abuse Sexual orientation Suicidal feelings/self-mutilation Parent-teen relationships Criminal
  NARTH's Response to "Just the Facts about Sexual Orientation and ...    
Then the teen years aren't the best time to 'come out'?". Confusion about sexual orientation is fairly common during adolescence, and it is risky to label
  Understanding Your Gay Teen (Part 2)    
Sponsored by: Understanding Your Gay Teen Katy Abel Facts and Resources. Still, the causal link between sexual orientation and suicide has yet to be determined.
  Scott's Counseling, Health & Wellness Room: Sexuality Advice and ...    
information on sexuality and sexual orientation issues. Go Ask Alice: Sexual Health Information, from Columbia University's Health Education Program. Teen Sex &
  Anti-gay bullying is rife, teen survey finds    
Defying conventional wisdom, seven out of 10 victims of sexual-orientation bullying are straight, according to a 1999 Seattle Teen Health Survey.
  ChannelOne.com - Gay Teen Says School Violated His Rights    
Gay Teen Says School Violated His Rights. Should students be disciplined for talking about their sexual orientation? Yes No, Texas
  Bi the Way…    
One teen writes, "I started questioning my sexual orientation when I was at this party and I met a girl who was really cool — I couldn't figure out why I
be helpful for teens that are uncomfortable with their sexual orientation or uncertain Therapy may also help the teen adjust to personal, family, and school
  NotMyKid.Org Parent Articles: Sexual Issues such as Teen ...    
school are less likely to go to college than non-teen mothers. which particular factors determine absolutely the development of a person’s sexual orientation.
  Teen Pregnancy    
Teen Health Topics include teen sexuality, sexual orientation, STD's, pregnancy, and sexual assault. The site is maintained by Dalhousie
  Teen Web    
Teen Resources study published in Family Planning Perspectives ("Sexual Intercourse, Abuse and Pregnancy Among Adolescent Women: Does Sexual Orientation Make a
  NEA: Report of the NEA Task Force on Sexual Orientation    
31 See Massachusetts YRBS, supra note 6; Seattle Teen Health Survey, supra note 35. 34 See Developments in the Law -- Sexual Orientation and the Law, 102 Harv.L
  University of Minnesota School of Public Health Title: Adolescent ...    
PubH 5654 Section 1: Course Outline "Adolescent Sexual Identity: Teen Risk and Room 1250 8:00 -9:00 Race, religion, and sexual orientation Video Presentation
  Rapid City School Board Excludes Sexual Orientation Goal (August 1995)    
fax 605-394-2514.) SCHOOL BOARD EXCLUDES SEXUAL ORIENTATION GOAL by Erin Andersen, Journal Staff Writer people from discrimination and harassment? Should teen-agers be treated differently from
  Teen Tells of Harassment (March 2001)    
protection based on sexual orientation and disability. So Deal affiliation. Adding sexual orientation and disability to the to the bill's sexual orientation provision from the disability
  Sexual Orientation: More Internet Links    
Sexual Orientation: More Internet Links Atlantic Canada Web 15,000 readers a month. Return to Sexual Orientation Page Return to Teen Health Home Page This page was last modified: October 7
  Sexual Orientation    
Sexual Orientation Sexual Orientation Table of Contents Sexual Orientation: Questions and Answers for Teens Sexual Orientation Internet Links Back to the Teen Health Home Page This page
  Same-Sex Orientation Linked to Teen Suicide Risk    
Same-Sex Orientation Linked to Teen Suicide Risk NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Teenagers who have that characterize the lives of sexual minority adolescents,'' they write.Still, the study
  Q & A; Teen: Same Sex Curiosity    
Generally, it is not unusual for a young teen to be curious about their This is not usually an indication of sexual orientation at this age, just exploration.
  The Sexual Health Network - Sex Therapy, Expert Education    
G-Spot, Female ejaculation, Orgasms Blaise Astra Parker, MS Sexual Orientation Carolyn Gerdes McCaffree, Ph.D. Teen sexuality and Teen Sexual Health, Educating
  Trusting Planned Parenthood    
except sexual frustration, and that, as we all know, is a natural condition of the teen years. Sexual orientation develops naturally - perhaps even before birth
  Yahoo! Directory Teen Sexuality    
issues. Teen Health - provides information and links on sexuality, STDs, pregnancy, sexual orientation, and more. Teen Sexuality
  Sexuality Education    
of birth control, abortion, sexual orientation, pressures to 5. AGI, Teenage Sexual and Reproductive Behavior C, Abstinence promotion and teen family planning
  Global Reproductive Health Forum: Research Library: Gender, ...    
Sexual Orientation This section from the Teen Health homepage contains questions and answers on sexual orientation for teenagers.
  Straight or gay: How do you know?    
that a person's sexual orientation develops over a period of time. Sexual behavior, particularly among teens, does not necessarily mean that a teen has a
  Staff Training - Professional Development Training    
Sexual Orientation' - Pamphlet PM 063 S2 14056P. This teen-friendly, fact-filled pamphlet gives teens information to help them understand sexual orientation.
  Teen Sexuality - MavicaNET    
Through these links, the Teen Health Project hopes to provide some to find more information about healthy sexuality, sexual orientation, sexually transmitted
  Some say gay teen should face hate charge in slaying -- The ...    
November 26, 2002 Some say gay teen should face hate charge in slaying By Catholic woman who tried to persuade him to change his sexual orientation — a case
  David G. Myers Sexual Orientation    
textbooks, I document the corrosive effects of pornography, teen sexual activity, and data have, however, dragged me to a revised view of sexual orientation.
  Prevent Adolescent Pregnancy Plan, Factors That Have Been Linked ...    
Sexual Orientation: Questions about sexual orientation can be a legitimate, though subtle, risk factor for teen pregnancy. Adolescents
  GLSEN News    
Gay teen, parents file harassment suit Claim for $10M says Shenendehowa officials ignored abuse Student Discrimination and Harassment. Sexual Orientation and
  GLSEN News    
December 18, 2002 Teen Lesbian Sues School for Bias (CA) The following is an that she had been sent to the office because of her sexual orientation, which lead
  The Learning Center Essay: LGBT Teen Suicide    
4]. LGBT teen suicide is gay men and 25% of lesbians report suffering physical violence at the hands of a family member as a result of their sexual orientation.
  Egypt Teen Sentenced for ‘Immoral Sex’    
Egypt Teen Sentenced for ‘Immoral Sex’. from international rights groups, which say the men are being tried for their possible sexual orientation and for
  Teen Sex    
Teen girls are more likely to do this than teen boys. 1 in 4 gay, lesbian, or bisexual youth are forced to leave home because of their sexual orientation.
including theories of sexuality and gender, gender similarities and differences in sexual behavior, sexual orientation, sexual violence, teen pregnancy and
  Boston Globe Online / Life At Home / Online resources for gay ...    
ooking for more information on sexual orientation? The WebGuide lists sites on more than 100 topics including teen sexuality and teen issues.
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