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  sexual health clinic    
Expand your search for sexual health clinic on the web at  
  Charlottesville Sexual Health & Wellness Clinic    
offers sex therapy for individuals and couples, lectures, and training for health professionals. Topics can range from general problems to orientation, chronic disease, and physical handicap. Yahoo! Directory  
  Sexual Health Clinic    
includes safe sex and STD information. Yahoo! Directory  
  Family Planning Clinic    
providing sexual and reproduction health information and help. Yahoo! Directory  
  Sexual Health Program    
offers details of sexual health programs and clinic services. Yahoo! Directory  
  Network for Excellence in Women's Sexual Health (NewShe)    
operates clinics and provides resources for women dealing with sexual function problems. Yahoo! Directory  
  The Kinsey Institute - [Services & Events]    
The Kinsey Institute operates a Sexual Health Clinic and a Menstrual Cycle Clinic open to the general public. John Bancroft, MD, is the consultant in charge.  
  The Kinsey Institute - [Services & Events]    
The Kinsey Institute Sexual Health Clinic provides diagnostic assessment, counseling, and treatment for people with problems in their sexual lives.  
  Marie Stopes International - abortion in the uk, advocacy ...    
menopause signs and symptoms of sexual and reproductive health care in the world. Dr Marie Stopes opened the UK's first family planning clinic, the Mothers  
  Regents Park Clinic: London Based Sexual Health Clinic    
Regents Park Clinic, private facility specialising in the investigation and treatment of all areas of sexual health. Please Select ..  
  Sexual Health Clinics in Australia and New Zealand    
(A sexual health clinic locator for the USA is available on the web site.). The Australian and New Zealand sexual  
  Abortion Clinics OnLine    
Search For A Clinic. Read about "Bush's Other War: The Assault on Women's Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights" from the International Women's Health  
  Health Programs    
Sexual Health Outreach (includes STD Presentations), Kim Waller and Polly Chen. Sexual Health Clinic Aides, Kimmy Chela and Matt Schultzel. - Contraception, Reproductive and Sexual Health ...    
Cyber Clinic Moderator's Note: We do not have time to answer individual When using the Cyber Clinics, please ONLY ask contraception, sexual health questions.  
  Family Planning Program and Sexual Health Clinics in King County    
bottom) Family Planning Program Birth Control and Sexual Health. Find a birth control and sexual health clinic near you. Select a  
  LCSHC Sexual Health Clinic Home    
LCSHC Sexual Health Clinic Home. Sexual Health Clinic, 245-5738 Lauderdale Center for Student Health and Counseling 1 College Circle, Geneseo, NY 14454.  
  Queensland Health (Sexual Health Site - Site Map)    
Gold Coast Sexual Health Clinic Sexual Health Nurse Training Program; Princess Alexandra Hospital Sexual Health Training Program.  
the fpa helpline, this web site, National Aids Helpline or in the phone book under GUM (genitourinary medicine), STD, special clinic or sexual health clinic.  
  Dr Thom's Expert Health Clinic    
for example the West London Centre for Sexual Health at Charing Cross Hospital in London. Important points to remember when visiting a clinic: To gain the  
  Dr Thom's Expert Health Clinic    
DrThom offers a telephone advice service to individuals who wish to discuss their sexual health concerns directly with a medical professional.  
  Sexual Health Clinic    
358 9 645 017 The Sexual Health Clinic aims at promoting sexual health, improving sexual health services.  
  Health Services    
New Lesbian Clinic On 19th November 2002 the After 5 Clinic sexual health clinic will open its doors to women for the first time. - FFYR Protect Yourself    
Find an HIV Testing Facility Find a Planned Parenthood Clinic. Talk Show" hosted by SuChin Pak with Trishelle, Steven, and Leslie Kantor, a sexual health expert  
  Regents Park Clinic: London Based Sexual Health Clinic    
COUNSELLING If you have attended the Regent's Park Clinic for a sexual health issue, there might be other matters relating to your visit which you feel you  
  Keyword Search - Site Map    
Meet the Staff Clinic Staff Health Education Staff. Sexual Health Communication: Talking About Sex The Decision to Abstain From or Engage in Sexual Activity  
  Sexual Health Clinic    
Clinic Services> Sexual Health Clinic Sexual Health Clinic. We offer confidential counselling and clinical services concerning contraception§ion=BUS  
  Family Planning Program    
for King County residents in order to promote sexual health and well status, please seek advice from your health care provider, the clinic you already  
  List of Services    
on a drop-in basis in Clinic 3. Results Preventive health visits (men's and women's), Make an appointment Rape/Sexual Assault, See Sexual Assault/Rape Prevention  
  The Bure Clinic, Genitourinary Medicine Services    
Sexual health information for professionals and others;including Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club [ Home ] [ Clinic Information] [ Local STD data] [ STD's Info] [ Men's Health] [ Women's Health  
  Activities - frameset    
Fax: Int. +358 9 645 017 The Sexual Health Clinic aims at promoting sexual health, improving sexual health services. It offers services and research in the field  
  The Sexual Health Clinic    
The Sexual Health Clinic provide an assessment and treatment service for people who are concerned that they may have a sexually GP. New Plymouth The Sexual Health Clinic in New Plymouth is  
  Sexual Assault Clinic- Providence Health System - SWSA    
The Sexual Assault Clinic is part of Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia. Sexual Assault Clinic Business Health Services Regional Cancer Center Boldt Diabetes Center Diagnostic  
  Marshfield Clinic - Center for Sexual Health    
Marshfield Clinic's Center for Sexual Health is dedicated to providing patients with comprehensive evaluation Marshfield Clinic Specialty Areas Center for Sexual Health« Female Sexual  
  Stevens Point Journal - Clinic facility promotes sexual health    
Local, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Business headlines, weather, opinion, births and obituaries Talk Back Sun, Oct 6, 2002 Clinic facility promotes sexual health By Amy E. Bowen Central  
  Sheffield Centre for HIV & Sexual Health    
Sheffield Centre for HIV and Sexual Health's Web Site Clinic > Psychosexual Counselling Clinic > Sheffield Rape & Sexual Abuse Counselling Service > Relate Psychosexual Clinic > Share  
  aidsmap - News article display page    
anal sex and increased incidence of STIs was resulting in the increased spread of HIV amongst gay men, investigators at the sexual health clinic of the  
  Whitman-Walker Clinic    
provides health care and supportive services to sexual minorities and persons living with HIV/AIDS. Yahoo! Directory  
  NewShe - Network for the Excellence of Women's Sexual Health    
What you read here is based directly on our work when we were codirectors of the Women's Sexual Health Clinic at Boston University Medical Center.  
  Sexual health    
Links. Sexual health. Sexual Health Clinic, the Family Federation of Finland; Finnish Aids Council; Sexpo Foundation. Copyright 2000 City of Helsinki.  
What is important is that you contact your GP or a genitourinary medicine (GUM)/sexual health clinic as soon as possible. All treatment  
  Clinic Love    
featuring articles, information, jokes, and forum about sexual relationships, education, and health including pregnancy provided by a doctor. In Thai. Yahoo! Directory  
  WebMD/Lycos - Article    
concerned about your sexual health, or if you just want to learn more, this guide can help. WebMD has teamed up with experts at The Cleveland Clinic to bring  
  Health Center | Ralphie's Guide | University of Colorado at ...    
sexual behaviors, or have shared injection needles. A free, confidential HIV testing clinic is available during the fall and spring semesters at the health  
  Mind, Body and Soul: Sexual Health    
Help and advice about STI’s can be found at the doctor’s surgery, from a genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic or sexual health clinic.  
  New Zealand Public Sexual Health Clinics    
Southern Regional Health Authority. Central Regional Health Authority. Physical Address, Postal Address, Phone, Fax, Email, Staff. Gisborne Sexual Health Clinic,  
  Sexual health: An interview with a Mayo Clinic specialist    
Note: All links within content go to Features Sexual health: An interview with a Mayo Clinic specialist From Special to  
  STD Services: Home Page    
About STD Services | About Clinic 275 | STD Information | Your Sexual Health | STD Statistics | Health Workers | Students | Links | Site Map | Publications  
  Sexual Health on    
with food allergies, say experts at the Mayo Clinic. women on physical attraction and sexual performance, suggests more Read all recent health and medical news  
  KFL & A Health Unit    
and sexual health clinics at various times and locations. Visit our Services/Clinics page to view a complete listing of our program activities and clinic times  
  sex magazine    
tainted love — what happens at a sexual health clinic. by Harriet Yudkin. where can I go for a check-up? You can do this at any sexual health clinic.  
  Grey Clinic    
provides non-surgical and surgical treatments with attention to the medical, educational and psychological components involved in sexual health. Yahoo! Directory - FFYR Protect Yourself    
Get a list of sexual health terms and their definitions here. Testing Walkthrough and check out a clinic visit clip from our First National Sex Quiz.  
  Men's Health Clinic at McKinley Health Center.    
HIV Jock Itch Male Sexual Function/Dysfunction Mental Health Nutrition Sexuality Additional outside links for information: Mayo Clinic Men's Health  
  Ask NOAH About: Sexuality    
Later Life - SIECUS Staying Healthy If You Are Sexually Active - Planned Parenthood Sexual Health: Common Questions for Couples - Mayo Clinic Sexual Dysfunction  
  site map    
new/index.html. new/archive/evaluation.doc. Untitled Document. GUM & sexual health clinic locations - SHASTD. new/forms/receivejo.htm. new/clinics/clinich.htm.  
  FPWA Sexual Health Services    
Phoenix provides outreach, phone and drop-in information services along with STI workshops and a free, confidential sexual health clinic 2 days a week.  
  TheSite : : magazine : sex_and_relationships : A trip to the ...    
Peter Shields, at the Mortimer Market GUM Clinic in London, says that the sexual health profession is changing the way it works, and is making huge efforts "to  
  KFL&A Health Unit, Programs & Clinics, Lennox & Addington    
Sexual Health Clinic Counselling, information and clinic services for sexuality, birth control and pregnancy. Pregnancy testing available by appointment.  
  Sexual Health    
narrower. If you think you have been at risk contact your local NHS GUM (Sexual Health) clinic and make an appointment. Interhealth  
  AIDS/STD and Sexual Health Clinic Services - Health Department    
AIDS/STD and Sexual Health Clinic Services Contact the Halton Region Health Department, AIDS/STD and Sexual Health Clinic Services: Telephone: 905-825-6065.  
  City of Toronto, Public Health: Sexual Health    
If you live in the City of Toronto and would like to speak to someone in person or locate a Sexual Health Clinic in your neighbourhood call: 416-392-2437 AIDS  
  Men's Clinic    
5/14, the physician for Men's Clinic will not Men's Health Info Sessions that address health issues geared STD Prevention & Other Sexual Health Concerns; What's  
  About Us    
Clinic, Anonymous HIV Testing Clinic, Immunization Clinic, International Travel Clinic, Sexually-transmitted Disease Clinic, Sexual Health Clinic, and Family§ion=BUS  
  Health Information - HIV/AIDS    
for Students: Call UHS, Medical, Counseling & Sexual Health Appointments, (510 Berkeley City Public Health Clinic 830 University Avenue, at 6th Street 981-5300  
  UBC Student Services - Health and Wellness    
Sexual Health, Go to Sexual Health. Substance Use, Go to Substance Use. Q&A, Go to Q&A. Student Health Clinic, Go to Student Health Clinic.  
  Student Health - Trinity College Dublin    
Sexual Health Clinic. We provide a sexual health clinic every Tuesday morning during term time, 9.30am - 1pm. We are a satellite  
  STD Check-ups at Clinic 275    
This page describes the procedure at Clinic 275 for people who attend for a sexual health check-up. If you are unsure whether you  
  City of Ottawa - Health - Sexual Health    
Masturbation. Men's Healthy Sexuality. Sexual Health Clinic Hours. SITE Needle-exchange Program. Syphilis Alert. Tattooing & Body Piercing.  
  The Gold Coast Sexual Health Clinic is conducting a trial to find out how common herpes is in female sex workers    
New Trial for Herpes in Sex Workers The Gold Coast Sexual Health Clinic is conducting a trial to find out how common herpes is in to call the Gold Coast Sexual Health Clinic or talk to your Seroprev Flyer.htm  
  Lahey Clinic | Health Magazine: Female Sexual Dysfunction    
in the Center for Sexual Function at Lahey Clinic Northshore, call 978-538-4655. With for Women Related Story:Sexual Dysfunction in Men «« Back Next »» Search Health Magazine: Current Issue  
  Lahey Clinic | Health Magazine: Sexual Dysfunction in Men    
Women Related Story:Female Sexual Dysfunction «« Back Next »» Search Health Magazine: Current Issue Past Issues free subscription to Lahey Clinic Magazine Lahey Homepage :: Appointment  
  TIMES of Family Planning & Sexual Health Clinics    
Click on a day below to see times of Family Planning & Sexual Health Clinics available that day: Saturday 4.30-6.30pm: Emergency Only Clinic - Royal Maternity  
  Family Planning & Sexual Health Clinics by AREA    
Brook Advisory Clinic. 028 90 328 866. Health Promotion Agency. 028 90 321 313. Click a place name below to see times of Family Planning & Sexual Health Clinics  
  Lauderdale Center for Student Health and Counseling    
We have two fax machines in our department: Health Services, 245-5744 (also used for the Sexual Health Clinic and Dietitian), and Counseling Services, 245-5071  
  Mind, Body and Soul: Sexual Health    
From a doctor, a family planning clinic, or sexual health clinic such as Brook, who offer free confidential sex advice and contraception for young people up to  
  Callen-Lorde Community Health Center    
Clinical services offered through the Sexual Health Clinic include: Sexual Health Clinic hours are: Wednesday 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM; Friday 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM.  
  ASHA | Links    
Lesbian Health: Current Assessment and Directions for the Future, IOM Report. Whitman-Walker Clinic. Sexual Health Web sites. Alan Guttmacher Institute.  
  Sexual Health and HIV    
health services for those at greatest risk; studies to determine optimal sexual health care delivery in different community and clinic settings (including  
  Erectile Dysfunction Clinic    
Center for Sexual Health. at The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. Sponsored by Pfizer. The American Foundation  
  Sexuality Education: Sexual Health Promotion Programs    
for a variety of community- or clinic-based organizations AIDS Prevention and Health Promotion among Women in developing and following a sound sexual health plan  
  BBC - Teens - Virginity info for girls    
But you’ll only know you’re totally safe by getting yourself and your boyfriend checked out by a doctor or sexual health clinic to make sure you’re not  
  Sexual Health Clinic    
of Hamilton Social & Public Health Services Department The Waterdown Information & Sexual Health Centre provides a range here for information on the Sexual Health & STD/HIV Programs. Call  
  men's health centre - everybody - Health Information for New ...    
health contact: your nearest sexual health clinic; your family doctor; Family Planning (contact details in your local phone book);  
  Center for Health & Wellbeing : University of Vermont    
Sexual Assault/Violence: - Medical Help/ Rape Exam - Emergency Contraception Pills - UVM Women's Health Clinic. - Campus Advocacy Program - Victim's Advocate.  
  Positive Health Clinic - Homeopathy and Sexual Dysfunctions    
Sexual Dysfunction: Typically sexual disorders in women are sterility, dyspareunia (painful sex and problems of premature ejaculation. Sexual disorders very often arise from psychological  
  Sexual Health & AIDS Service - Brisbane Sexual Health Clinic  
  Sexual Health Clinic    
From Bundaberg Sexual Assault ServiceWide Bay Sexual Health Myths about Child Sexual Assault] [Our Library] [Membership Application] [Links to Other Services] [Sexual Health Clinic]  
  The Clinic: Sexual Health    
real, honest dialogue about sexuality SHAPE: Sexual Health Advocate Peer Education Peer support to be the leading educator of sexual health and contraception Coalition for Positive Sexuality  
  Clinic 275    
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clinic operated by the South Australian Health Commission's STD Control Branch. Yahoo! Directory  
  Educational Opportunities - Lectures and Workshops    
Lectures and Workshops. University of Alabama, Sexual Health Clinic, Division of Urology, Birmingham, AL. SEXUAL HEALTH CLINIC. DIVISION OF UROLOGY. Birmingham, AL.  
  The National Health Service - NHS update    
a GUM clinic will be offered an HIV test at their first sexually transmitted infection check. Useful website address: National Strategy for sexual health and  
  WECHealth Unit    
More Sexual Health Clinic Opens in Essex The sexual health clinic in Essex offers many services to county residents. More  
  LUUonline- Sexual Health Advice for Students    
safe sex. It's always a good idea to know your options when it comes to sex. For more information on safe sex and contraception, try the Brook Clinic, or Avert.  
  sex magazine    
tainted love What happens at a sexual health clinic. Read on. public enemy number one Fighting chlamydia — Britain's most common sexual infection. Read on.  
  RUthinking - links    
fpa can provide other sources of help including details of your nearest family planning clinic and sexual health clinic wherever you live in the UK.  
  Hassle Free Clinic: Site map    
Sexual education. Sexual health. Sites with good links. South Asian. Toronto abortion services. Walk-in clinics in the vicinity of Hassle Free Clinic. Women and HIV.  
Page 1. HISTORY FORM WOMEN'S HEALTH CLINIC PERSONAL HISTORY § Age at onset of menstruation Age at first Yes ¨ No § Are you currently in a sexual relationship  
  University Health Center | Sexual Health    
Self-Exam WOMEN'S SEXUAL HEALTH Pap Smear Pelvic Exam Colposcopy and Biopsy Cryotherapy Unplanned Pregnancy Vaginitis UGA Women's Clinic COERCED/UNWANTED  
  University Health Center | Phone Directory    
Travel Medicine Clinic, 542-5575. Women's Clinic, 542-8691, 542-8695. Information . Clinical Services . Calendar . General Health . Sexual Health . Related Links .  
  Intimacy and aging: Tips for sexual health and happiness    
Condoms: A users' guide; Midlife sexuality and women: Getting better with age; Sexual health: An interview with a Mayo Clinic specialist © 1998-2003 Mayo
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